David Jones Fights Back Against Simone Selkirk’s $16,000 Scam”

Simone Selkirk, who directed a small law practice in Sydney and had a special passion for clothing and accessories, was in charge of the business. However, in 2019, she returned goods worth $16,000 to a David Jones location across the city by employing misleading tactics, which led to the store filing a lawsuit against her.

Simone Selkirk formerly served as the managing partner of the Marc1 law company. Marc1 was utilized to provide its customers with a wide range of legal services, some of which included immigration services, company secretarial services, business consultancy services, and due diligence, amongst many others.

She was accused of dishonestly acquiring a financial benefit by fraud over various transactions with David Jones between November 2015 and August 2018. The time period covered by the allegations was between 2015 and 2018.

According to the allegations made by the plaintiff, Simone Selkirk made multiple trips to various David Jones locations in order to request refunds for a variety of products by returning those things without giving the employees legitimate receipts.

To put it another way, it is alleged that she was defrauding David Jones outlets by using forged receipts.

She presented the employees of the stores with a certain proof of purchase number, which was part of a set of facts that had been previously agreed upon. She was the one who conceived of this particular number.

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Simone Selkirk was successful in persuading the employees at the store to charge the value of the item to her credit card by providing them with that number.

According to the paper filed in court, “It is precisely this conduct that is dishonest.”

According to the public prosecutor who is conducting this case, Stuart Coote, some of those things included “a lot of sheets” and garments with the Country Road brand name.

How Simone Selkirk Performed This Scam

According to the records filed with the court, Simone had requested refunds on 31 separate occasions spread out over the course of three years. This included a stretch in which she made returns totaling over $6300 worth of merchandise on seven separate days in 2018.

In October, law enforcement officials made the arrest of the prominent attorney. She was granted bail on the proviso that she would never set foot inside a David Jones location again.

2019 marked the year that the proceedings came full circle. She initially attempted to dispute the allegations, but on the day before her case was supposed to be set down for hearing, she entered a guilty plea instead.

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Originally, the authorities had charged her with proceeds of crime offenses but they dropped them later on. 

What Simone Selkirk’s Lawyer Said on the David Jones Fashion Case

Simone Selkirk’s attorney, Al Karim, contended that despite the fact that his client acknowledged to producing bogus receipts, which she had delivered to David Jones stores, the store did not gain any advantage from the situation because the transactions in question were identical to those that would have occurred anyhow.

In addition to this, he stated that the stores had not experienced any losses and that the only benefit that his customer, Simone Selkirk, had earned was a reduction in liability.

The magistrate in charge of the case, Mr. Barko, inquired as to whether or not Simone Selkirk was in a position to “prove on the balance of probabilities that she bought any of those goods.”

In response, her attorney stated that the prosecution had the burden of proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the “advantage” she gained was the sum of sixteen thousand dollars.

Simone submitted an application a few days before the scheduled date for the sentencing hearing on June 21, 2018, in which she sought to withdraw her guilty plea. This gave the impression that she was looking for fresh legal counsel.

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According to the Downing Center, Simone always insisted that she was innocent, even after the allegations against her were made public. On the other hand, she did not wish to have a hearing. Therefore, she shifted her argument.

What the Magistrate Said on The Simone Selkirk David Jones Case

Simone was a worldly and intellectual woman, the magistrate said, who utilized her own knowledge of the law to contribute to the proceedings. The magistrate accepted her about-face and said that she was a worldly and intelligent woman.

In addition, he stated that he had the impression that she was dissatisfied with the manner in which the events were transpiring. In addition to this, he had the impression that she was dissatisfied with the fact that a guilty plea had been filed.

However, he also stated that as he looked through the facts of the case, he had the impression that something wasn’t quite right.

According to Mr. Barko, the purported business dealings that Simone Selkirk allegedly carried out with Mr. Jones are the source of his concerns. She bought some clothing from the store, but she ended up returning it later so that she could get a credit on her credit card.

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He wondered about the benefit and losses taking place in these transactions. 

Also, the magistrate found it curious that she had made returns of goods worth $16,000 on a regular basis. 

Conclusion: Where is She Now? 

On the “Simone Selkirk David Jones” case, there is no longer a great deal of material that can be found online. On the other hand, if you look her name up on a search engine, you will get the name of a new fashion designer.

Perhaps Simone used to practice law but she’s now transitioned into the fashion industry.

Because of this matter, there is a good chance that she was forced to give up her license to practice law, and she has since moved on to work in a different field.

In any event, this legal dispute will always be remembered as one of the strangest and most puzzling cases ever heard in Sydney.

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