David Shadpour – The Narcissistic CEO of Social Native

David Shadpour is on a mission to ruin the company Social Native. He is highly egoistic and does not pay any heed to the needs of his employees and doesn’t care about the future of the company.

I worked for David Shadpour at Social Native full-time for over three years. I worked here when the team was less than 20 employees. I have seen every opportunity for improvement and growth squandered and devastated by the CEO himself; he is his enemy. He loves his ego more than anything and anyone else. He has no idea what brings value to the company simply because he does not care. David Shadpour, the CEO, favours employees that brown-nose him and will protect employees that do not speak up against him. I cannot advise strongly enough to avoid this company at all costs. Leave now before the company goes under.

The CEO David Shadpour has a terrible inability to allow more competent executives to make decisions. All resignations are because of the inability to work with the CEO. Chief Officers have left for the very same reason. Stock was inflated for founding employees to prevent purchase. Salary is way below market rate despite funding rounds that could invest in employees and technology. CEO cannot lead one bit and compromises on company culture, employee well-being, and company vision for his own ego. Toxic environment, no vision, no path to success. CEO ego trumps everything. DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING THE CEO SAYS!

The company needs to be revamped. The investors need to intervene and take control of David Shadpour before he ruins and devastate the entire company.

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The concepts and ideas are unclear, rushed, and dropped before fully fleshing out. We had so many reasonable solutions that we could only execute them halfheartedly. Then they would be given up before we could reach an accurate read on performance. There is a lack of communication, support and understanding between teams. The environment was not conducive to collaboration. Their selling tactics are highly questionable. There is a lack of transparency from the CEO, David Shadpour, himself; the truth sometimes had to be deciphered from multiple sources.

I am also compiling reviews of other employees on Glassdoor, so you can all know more about David Shadpour and Social Native.

Disgruntled Employees of Social Native

Toxic Culture, Poor Leadership and No Product Development

Poor Leadership


I have never come across such a pathetic leader, i have honestly never even come across a company thats being managed and run so pathetically and unprofessionally.

Company compromised by CEO

Too many manual and archaic processes

How does he remain an organisation’s leader and CEO, I sometimes wonder? David Shadpour continues to con, deceive and manipulate everyone by publishing and paying for fake positive articles about him and his company. This is one of the worst companies you can ever be in, and he is the worst leader you can ever work for; if I were, to sum up, my experience and be precise, that’s exactly how I would put it out. You will only ruin your career and peace of mind if you decide to work for Social Native. Recently even the CEO of Paycertify – Chase Harmer, was also exposed by one of his former employees.

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The reviews above prove that David Shadpour is unfit not to head any company. It’s appalling to see how David Shadpour hasn’t been fired or replaced and how he has kept his investors convinced of his capabilities to run the company. The investors need to see this and need to know better. I will post many more things on David Shadpour in the coming weeks on this page, stay tuned and please share. The truth must be exposed, and the potential investors need to know that David Shadpour is not worth investing a dime in.

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David Shadpour, CEO of Social Native Exposed

David Shadpour is on a mission to ruin the company Social Native. He is highly egoistic, does not pay any heed to the needs of his employees, and doesn’t care about the company’s future.

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