Debt Nirvana: Exposing the Unlawful Extortion of Money from Innocent Individuals

How many of you have dealt with a debt collection agent? How many of you have ever owed someone too much money? I don’t think many people have had to deal with extortion, but those who have will be able to relate to this article a lot better, and those who have been lucky enough to avoid it should still know how the dirty, dark, and illegal web of extortion works so they can tell what is real and what is a scam.

Debt Nirvana is a great example of how these kinds of scams work. I almost fell for their nasty tricks when they tried to con me, but as a lawyer, I know the law much better than the newbies at Debt Nirvana, so I could tell they were just a bunch of con artists trying their luck.

My Experience with Debt Nirvana

Debt Nirvana is a name I’ve never heard of, and I couldn’t find much useful information about them on Google. All I could find was paid PR and fake reviews. So let me start by telling you what happened to me and how I found out about this scam. A few years ago, I got an office place at Regus, which is a co-working space with offices all over the world. Unlike Debt Nirvana, they are very well known and respected, but they also play a key part in this scheme that these debt recovery companies use to get money from people. You will learn more about it as you read on.

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So I had the Regus office for a couple of months, but I had to leave before the lock-in time because of work and personal reasons. I told the boss at Regus, and we both agreed that it was fine for me to leave. The security deposit I paid will be adjusted to reflect this, and the rest will be returned to me. I even got an email that said and confirmed the same thing.

When I went back to get my things a few days after leaving the space, I saw that the same place had already been given to another company. I didn’t pay much attention to that, and I was glad that they found a new renter so quickly.

About a year to a year and a half later, I got an email from Debt Nirvana asking me to pay for the whole lock-in time and warning me that if I didn’t, they would sue me. They have been sending me frightening emails, texts, and phone calls. They have no right to ask for money at all, and I still haven’t gotten the money I put down as a security deposit. Instead, they’re telling me to pay for the whole year I’m locked in. How does this trick even work?

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I can’t believe that they haven’t been found out yet. As a woman, I can’t stand getting calls from inexperienced salespeople who threaten and bother me every day. I will file a criminal case against them, and I will make sure to share my story on all social media sites and reveal them so they can’t trick, harass, and threaten any more innocent people.

The owners of the company

Shilpi Malhotra, who is a woman herself, gives her team permission to harass women in order to get them to pay money on false and bogus grounds. Even funnier is the fact that they both used to work for Google. What a shame and honestly, what a waste!

Regus has been sharing my personal and financial information with these scammers, which clearly proves that even they have a hand in this dirty nexus. This company operates as an illegal backend extortion service for various companies with the sole objective to threaten, harass and extort as as many possible irrespective of any legal grounds.

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Complaints on the Internet

Upon further research, I came across the following complaints as well on the internet –

Screenshot 2021 06 21 at 12.11.54 PM

Sahana Chattopadhyay and Anita Gupta from Kolkata share similar experiences to me. I am sure Debt Nirvana must be having hundreds if not thousands of cases like mine.

Screenshot 2021 06 21 at 12.09.45 PM

A sales manager in Faridabad, Haryana, says that this is the worst company to work for. This company has no trust at all. It is built on illegal extortion schemes and fraudulent practices.

Their only goal is to find naive and innocent people they can push and threaten into paying so they can go back to their bosses or white-collar companies and show them results so they keep paying them. They have to depend on their bosses like Regus and threaten and blackmail people every day to stay alive. They need to be shut down, and everyone needs to know about them.

I want everyone to say what they think and share their stories and proof in the comments below. They won’t give up until they’re caught. Please don’t do business with this company and don’t answer their emails, calls, or texts. People should not buy from them. If someone tries to collect a bad debt from you, you should talk to the company you owe money to personally. Don’t get involved with a third-party agency.

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