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It was tough to get in touch with Payam Raouf of Glendale Arizona Property Management & Investments on many occasions. They squandered the tenant’s security deposit as well as the money I paid them for maintenance repairs when the management period came to an end and I was no longer in need of their services. Both the management of the property and the cooperation with the tenant were done well, however, the customer service provided to the owners was appalling. Even when they fulfilled their obligations, Payam Raouf never kept his word on anything.

They have now accepted the monies that I have provided for maintenance repairs; nevertheless, they have not begun any repairs nor have they responded to any phone calls.

Your relationship with the person who manages your property is extremely important to the successful operation of the investment you have in that property. Maintaining a well-maintained property that is occupied by satisfied tenants and generating a good return on investment requires you and your property manager to keep open lines of communication at all times.

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The unfortunate reality is that this is not always the case. Accessibility, promptness, and dependability are not always guaranteed when dealing with property managers. Example: Payam Raouf in Glendale, Arizona, specializing in property management and investments.

Lack of capability to Contact Payam Raouf

Through Property Management & Investments, I had a tough time getting in touch with Payam Raouf, the manager of the rental property that I own in Glendale, Arizona. It was difficult to get in touch with Payam Raouf for any reason, whether it was a straightforward inquiry or to inquire about the current condition of a maintenance problem. Even when he did react, it could take a few days or even a few weeks to get a response from him. This lack of reaction can generate a great deal of anxiety among owners, especially when there are pressing matters that need to be addressed.

The Security Deposit was not handled properly

My biggest grievance is with the irresponsible way in which the security deposit that I was required to pay as a tenant was handled by Glendale Arizona Property Management & Investments. The security deposit was not refunded in a timely manner after the tenant moved out at the conclusion of the management period, and the amount that was returned was less than what was owed.

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In spite of numerous requests, Payam Raouf and his team did not respond, were of no assistance, and gave the impression that they had no interest in finding a solution to the problem.

Improper management of repairs and maintenance

My money and the money from the tenant’s security deposit were both lost by Glendale Arizona Property Management & Investments, even though I paid for maintenance repairs with both of our funds. The cash was collected, but there was no work done and no response was given to any of my calls. Unfortunately, accidents of this nature can cost property owners a significant amount of money, and it is imperative that these charges be avoided at all means. In addition to this, it highlights how important it is to be meticulous when choosing a property management business.

Glendale Arizona Property Management & Investments should be commended for their skillful management of the property as well as their transparent communication with the tenant. The state of the property was to everyone’s satisfaction, both the landlord and the tenant. However, this does not justify the irresponsible handling of the client’s money or the bad customer service that has been provided. If you are a landlord, one of the most important things you can do is look for a property manager who possesses the qualities of dependability, honesty, and communication.

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Payam Raouf’s habit of routinely reneging on his pledges was one of the many things that bothered me about him. Payam Raouf was notorious for not keeping his word when he promised to call back or repair a problem with the upkeep of the property. When renters lose trust in a property manager as a result of activities such as these, the business of the property manager may suffer as a result.


In conclusion, the success of an investment in rental property is highly dependent on open lines of communication between the owners and the managers of the properties. Unfortuitously, not all property managers are created equal. Some are more difficult to reach, slower to respond, and less dependable than others. One person who fits this profile is Payam Raouf, the inept property manager who works for Glendale Arizona Property Management & Investments.

The property management and tenant coordination, on the other hand, were done quite well. I had a hard time getting in touch with Payam Raouf as a landlord so that I could address his poor management of the security deposit and the maintenance work. If you want a healthy return on your investment in rental property, you should take the time to properly select property management, carry out the necessary research, and create open lines of communication with them. Only then can you hope to realize a good return on your investment.

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