The Exquisite Experience of Divine Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Amit Gupta of Divine Cosmetic Surgery is perceived as an extremely incompetent plastic surgeon who engages in deceptive marketing tactics and disseminates fabricated reviews to deceive unsuspecting individuals. His professional shortcomings and inadequate customer service are glaringly apparent in his business operations.

While the user typically refrains from participating in online discussions, the level of fraudulent conduct exhibited by Dr. Gupta necessitates drawing attention to it. In the event that one lacks the time to peruse this comprehensive report, it is advised to proceed directly to the summary section. Having established this, let us now delve into the specifics:

The inception of this report stems from an email received from an individual who fell victim to Dr. Gupta’s practices. Should you have personally encountered any issues with Divine Cosmetic Surgery or its proprietor, Amit Gupta MD, it is encouraged to share your experiences in the comments section. The more people who come forward to disclose the truth, the better.

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Dr. Amit Gupta is a horrible quack – Review By Customer

The user was contacted via Reddit by an individual who had been a customer of Dr. Amit Gupta from Divine Cosmetic Surgery. This occurrence served as the user’s initial exposure to this fraudulent practitioner. The user actively participates in medical subreddits, offering their insights and advice to those seeking assistance. It is presumed that the sender of the message came across the user’s contributions through this involvement.

Witnessing the distressing reality of a world where charlatans like Gupta shamelessly exploit vulnerable individuals and manage to evade consequences is truly disheartening.

In accordance with ethical guidelines, the user refrains from disclosing the sender’s identity, as it would constitute an act of doxxing. All confidential information has been redacted. Provided below is the unaltered version of the message received, which may contain some errors:

Hello Sir/Ma’am,

I am R*** ****H. My uncle got a hair transplant from Dr. Amit Gupta from Gurugram and it went horrible!

My uncle came to know about him through Instagram, doctor posts many transformations there and he was interested from there. Then my uncle contacted the clinic and did the due diligence and got the paperwork done. Everything was perfect at this point, everyone was happy. But the procedure itself was extremely painful and unprofessional.

My uncle told me that the doctor was only sweet and kind in the beginning but once the paperwork was done his attitude changed and this clinic started treating him badly. The experience was very bad!

During the procedure, I think they didn’t provide enough anesthesia or something because it was pure pain for my uncle. He did not say anything to the doctor because it would not have done any benefit. The results are not good as well and the problem is the same as before.

Dr. Amit Gupta complaint

Dr. Amit Gupta Posts Fake Reviews & Recommendations To Mislead People

On their Facebook page, they have a 5 out of 5 rating from 32 reviews. Decent right? Well, not exactly.

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Avoid Dr. Amit Gupta & Divine Cosmetic Surgery!

People are being robbed by Divine Cosmetic Surgery. They charge outrageous prices for terrible service and don’t act in a professional way. Dr. Amit Gupta also puts up fake reviews on Facebook and on his business listings to make people think he is good at what he does. But the truth is easy to find when you look at the reviews with skepticism. I think everyone should stay away from this center and Amit Gupta MD.

Incompetent Quack

People are being taken advantage of by Divine Cosmetic Surgery and Dr. Amit Gupta. They demand expensive prices while delivering abysmal levels of service quality and showing no signs of professionalism. Dr. Amit Gupta is also spreading false reviews on Facebook and his company listings in an effort to trick people into believing that he possesses any kind of competency. However, a critical examination of the testimonials will unmistakably reveal the reality. I strongly advise anybody and everyone to stay away from this facility as well as Amit Gupta MD.

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