Doug Kisker Ameriprise – Extremely Incompetent (Updated 2023)

Wealth management is handled by Doug Kisker Ameriprise, who has an office in Crestview Hills, Kentucky. Before you put your faith in him, it is important that you are aware of the problems that he is making an effort to conceal. He makes a number of brazen boasts about his talent and knowledge.

Doug Kisker has a lengthy history of legal conflicts, and his most recent terms and conditions are just as problematic as his previous ones. As a result, it is highly recommended that you investigate the following concerns first before making any significant choices:

Who exactly is this Doug Kisker Ameriprise character?

At Fidant Wealth Partners, Doug Kisker serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. His company asserts that it is dedicated to protecting clients from the effects of market volatility by providing sound financial guidance. They say that by providing their customers with individualized guidance, they are able to assist them in meeting all of their financial objectives.

His business can be contacted at the following number: 859-341-1841, and his office can be found at 740 Centre View Blvd Fl 5, Crestview Hills, KY 41017, US.

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Doug Kisker asserts that he is able to assist his clients in avoiding the distraction of short-term issues and in maintaining their focus on their long-term goals by working with them.

His team provides a variety of services, including complete financial guidance, retirement savings, education savings, cash flow, estate planning, and intergenerational planning, among other things. Other services include techniques for tax preparation, solutions for managing annuities, financial advisory services, and a multitude of other options.

You shouldn’t fall for these claims and services, despite the fact that they may appear to have a lot of appeal. Doug Kisker employs shady marketing tactics in order to conceal the many secrets that are buried deep within his closet. It is in your best interest to investigate the problems that are associated with his services before putting your hard-earned money in his and his team’s hands.

You will gain further knowledge if you read the following section of this analysis:

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The Problematic Track Record of Doug Kisker and Other Concerns

Visit a wealth advisor’s FINRA BrokerCheck profile to determine whether or not they are the right financial professional for you to work with. It is a sizable database that provides access to information regarding the professional background of the advisor. You also have the ability to investigate whether or not the advisor has been involved in any legal disputes with clients or regulators.

According to the information provided by FINRA BrokerCheck, Doug Kisker Ameriprise has been involved in a total of six different legal issues. The following are some of them:

Conflict in the Courts with a Customer

In 2008, Doug Kisker was involved in a legal issue with one of his clients. In this instance, the customer asserted that they suffered a monetary loss as a result of the delay in the requested account closure.

They asked for compensation in the amount of $23,500. The company, on the other hand, refuted the charges and stated that the advisor had made a request to redeem monies prior to the account being closed.

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There is no way to check if the request was sent to the client or not because there is no method to verify it. This quarrel is evidence that Doug Kisker demonstrates a casual attitude regarding his clients and the obligations that they have. Working with a financial advisor who lacks caring and responsibility can be tremendously harmful to your overall financial well-being.

A significant number of financial advisors try to avoid responsibility by exploiting the gaps that are present in their disclosures.

Morgan Stanley’s MCMP Retirement Planning Group is yet another example of a financial advisory firm that has exploited clients without accepting responsibility for its actions.

Watch out for advisors of this dubious nature.

Multiple Lien Judgements

Apart from facing a major client dispute, Doug Kisker Ameriprise has faced multiple lien judgments in the past few years. Doug Kisker doesn’t have a good record as a professional. It seems he functions very irresponsibly as evidenced by these judgments. 

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He works as a Broker and a Dealer.

Another significant problem with Doug Kisker and Ameriprise is that he is registered with both companies as a broker. This results in a number of potential conflicts of interest, including revenue sharing with securities, providing preference to associated investment products, and receiving asset-based fees as well as transaction-based fees from the same mutual fund.

According to research, dual-registered brokers do not meet the requirements of the fiduciary standard. Therefore, you shouldn’t anticipate that Douglas will provide you with recommendations or services of a high caliber.


Doug Kisker has already been involved in 6 legal disputes, despite the fact that competent financial counselors rarely confront even a single one in their careers. First, he needs to concentrate on improving his own financial situation before he can aid anyone else.

You shouldn’t entrust him with your money since you could wind up having to defend yourself in court against a lien judgment.

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