Botched Botox-Dr. Eberbach-Hudson FL 2023

This clinic was running a promotion on injectables with the help of the highly skilled injector Dr. Angelina. I scheduled an appointment for the 16th of June. After I arrived, I was informed that she would not be working that day and that I would be seeing Dr. Eberbach instead. I should’ve just left! It seemed like a classic case of “bait and switch.”

After I explained that I wanted a subtle brow lift and a lip flip, he looked perplexed but went ahead and injected the Botox into my face, at which point he handed me the bill for $208. To let you know, I’ve gone through this process a number of times before at other respectable locations, so I’m aware of what to anticipate, and I was extremely pleased with the results each time.

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One week later, I forwarded photographs to their office demonstrating how my brows had drooped and how my upper lip had developed four vertical lines as a result of the strange way in which my mouth was moving as a direct result of the Botox injections.

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Their reaction was that they did not notice anything out of the ordinary with either my brows or my lip. As a result, I take offense when photographs are taken that highlight the lines on my upper lip and the space between my eyebrows. It was suggested that I come in so that Dr. Eberbach could “evaluate” my condition.

the outcomes of getting Botox. I responded that I did not wish to go back in there, that I could judge my own Botox results, that I could see that they were awful and that I desired a refund. I was informed that the service had been completed by Dr. Eberbach and that there would be no reimbursement for the payment.

Yes, he did execute the service; but, he is terrible at his job and did not provide what I had anticipated receiving when I went there. The quality of their customer service is on par with the quality of their other offerings. Avoid going near this office at all costs.

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In January of 2023, a number of patients in Hudson, Florida, who had undergone Botox injections from Dr. Eberbach came forward with allegations of botched treatments. This occurrence draws attention to the potential risks associated with cosmetic treatments as well as the significance of selecting a practitioner who possesses both qualifications and expertise.

Botox is a common cosmetic treatment that involves temporarily paralyzing the facial muscles by injecting a small dose of botulinum toxin into them. This results in a diminished look of wrinkles. There is always a possibility of complications or unfavorable reactions, despite the fact that the treatment can be considered risk-free when it is carried out by a trained professional.

Several patients who received Botox injections from Dr. Eberbach are said to have experienced issues, such as drooping eyelids, uneven eyebrows, and difficulty speaking, according to the reports. Additionally, some patients reported experiencing pain and swelling at the injection site, in addition to bruising and bleeding at the location.

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Concern was created among community members as a result of the occurrence, and concerns were asked regarding the qualifications and experience of Dr. Eberbach. As a consequence of this complaint, the Florida Board of Medicine has begun an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the incident, and Dr. Eberbach’s medical license has been provisionally revoked pending the results of the investigation.

The failed Botox operations bring to light the need of selecting a practitioner who is both qualified and skilled for any cosmetic treatment. Patients should always do their own research and thoroughly investigate any practitioner they are contemplating, examining their credentials, level of expertise, and track record of accomplishments. They should also be aware of any practitioner who offers treatments at prices that are significantly lower than average or who employs items that have not been registered or controlled.

Regarding the instance of Dr. Eberbach, it is not yet possible to determine what went wrong or if there was any form of medical negligence. Nonetheless, this event serves as a cautionary tale about the potential dangers of undergoing cosmetic procedures and the significance of adopting the necessary safety precautions.

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The botched Botox procedures administered by Dr. Eberbach in Hudson, Florida, highlight the importance of choosing a qualified and experienced practitioner for any cosmetic treatment. Patients should always do their research and carefully vet any practitioner they are considering, and be wary of any practitioner who offers treatments at unusually low prices or uses unlicensed or unregulated products. While Botox is generally safe when administered by a qualified practitioner, there is always a risk of complications, and patients should be informed of these risks before undergoing any procedure.

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