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Dr. Gary Motykie –  The Hobbs Clinic
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At center issue, is a corrective breast implant surgery I, Oksana underwent on February 1, 2021, performed by Dr. Garry Motykie.
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At center issue, is a corrective breast implant surgery I, Oksana underwent on February 1, 2021, performed by Dr. Garry Motykie.

On January 19, 2021, I underwent a pre-surgical consultation with Dr. Motykie. During the consultation, I explained that it was my desire to remove my then pre-existing old breast implants, and remove all internal scar tissues and capsulations present that had developed over time. Importantly, I did not consult Dr. Motykie to perform a cosmetic surgery for any aesthetic reasons, including changing the size of the then existing old implants. I made it clear and emphasized that the goal and purpose of the instant surgical consultation was to address the massive internal capsulations and scarring that had formed to prevent any subsequent complications in the future.At the conclusion of my consultation, Dr. Motykie reached a diagnosis of Bilateral Breast Capsular Contractures and assured that the massive internal capsulation and internal scarring wouls be removed.

The surgery proceeded on February 1, 2021. According to Dr. Motykie’s operative report, I underwent two procedures: (1) Bilateral Open Capsulotomies/Capsulectomies and a (2) Removal and Replacement of Breast Implants.Immediately after surgery, I developed massive swelling, inflammation, and was in constant and excruciating pain.

I returned to see Dr. Motykie three times postoperatively, February 8, 2021, March 9, 2021, and April 27, 2021 to address my postoperative symptoms. During each of these visits, I conveyed the new postoperative symptoms including increased sensitivity to touch with resulting debilitating pain. In response to my complaints, Dr. Motykie administered steroid shots and prescribed Singulair; neither offer relief.

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Notwithstanding my presenting postoperative complaints, Dr. Motykie’s office fallaciously documented that I was doing well and improving up to the April 27, 2021, visit, which marks my last office visit with Dr. Motykie.

After the April 27 visit, I reached out to Dr. Motykie via phone (all calls to his office handled by an outsourced call center) leaving multiple unanswered messages, begging for his professional care and assistance. I tried to contact his nurses and office staff multiple times requesting doctor’s professional help, but his staff responded only by email insisting that I continue to massage the unremoved damaged tissue or apply ice on the inflamed areas. I desperately conveyed that the pain is so severe that massaging the breasts and applying ice, at times, becomes physically unbearable, but my concerns fell on deaf years. Instead, Dr. Motykie, as evident by his April 27 note, provides that I was non-compliant with massaging of the breasts as instructed in a despicable attempt to fallaciously impute fault on his patient.

Dr. Motykie has refused to follow up on the prescribed medicine nor checked on my worsening postoperative condition to this day. Dr. Motykie never offered any emergency consultation and after countless desperate calls for help, finally offered an appointment for August 2021, which at the time was nearly five months away.

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To summarize, Dr. Motykie conduct amounts to nothing less but abandonment of his patient, a blatant refusal to provide postoperative management, refusal to speak or respond to my inquiries desperately seeking help to address the life altering symptoms I developed. The excruciating pain drove me to desperation and I, at one point, began to worry that I may have an unrelated underlying issue (malignancy, infection, etc.). Accordingly, I sought referrals for a mammogram, an ultrasound, and/or additional consultations, but never received a response or referral from Dr. MotykieAccording to a reputable plastic surgeon consulted with several times after the botched surgery with Dr. Motykie, I developed Baker Grade 4 capsulation and massive hematomas added to already existed scar tissues that needed to be removed, and continuing abnormal inflammation with the risk of following infection and seroma.

As a result of Dr. Motykie’s gross conduct, my physical health and emotional wellbeing are now compromised. The effect of the foregoing on my future is unknown, causing me constant anxiety and fear.

My medical records and surgery notes, which were finally provided by Dr. Motykie’s office after multiple requests, show that he did not remove scar tissues nor cleaned all the capsulation despite our agreement and his promise to do so. Moreover, based on my consultations with subsequent providers, Dr. Motykie erroneously utilized a wrong type of implant usually used for reconstructive surgeries, did not use the proper antibiotic, and failed to install the required drainage. Worse, Dr. Motykie completely abandoned my care as soon as he realized that the surgery was a complete failure. He kept avoiding all my attempts to reach him, and never, even once, checked on his patient’s worsening condition, or offered any professional help since the last appointment in April of 2021.

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This licensed surgeon did not perform the surgery as set out in the agreement between patient and doctor. As a licensed plastic surgeon, this doctor did not provide required and specifically requested by the patient treatment, and that is in not in line with the appropriate standards of care.

In addition, the doctor altered, falsified, and/or misrepresented his clinical and office charts. Dr. Motykie and his staff stated to a provider, per my request for medical records, that ” the patient happy with results of the surgery and has no complains”, yet on the next page his nurse records that the patient is in pain and the doctor has to prescribe a painkiller and steroids (!!!) to treat abnormal inflammation and massive capsular contractureDr. Motykie puts profits before patient care, as he continues advertising his services, and misrepresenting his expertise and abilities, basically playing Russian roulette. I urge . Medical Board, which is tasked with protecting the wellbeing of the public, to stop Dr. Motykie, before he causes more unnecessary harm. His incompetence, profit motive model, coupled with a careless attitude, results in actions causing physical, financial and the emotional devastation to his patients.

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Dr. Motykie has contracted with a PR company specializing in aggressive coordinated social media campaigns to reinforce and overwrite any negative reviews about this doctor on internet, and all available social media platforms. I can provide a digital record of such transactions to prove that this doctor is a fraud and he constantly falsifies positive reviews about his practice. There is a large community of patients hurt by this doctor who suffered grate physical, financial and emotional damage because of his negligence, ignorance and incompetence.

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Dr. Gary Motykie –  The Hobbs Clinic
Dr. Gary Motykie – The Hobbs Clinic
Reported Loss $22,000
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