Dr. Hayley Brown: Concerns over Professionalism and Ethical Standards

A plastic surgeon named Hayley Brown is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Her patrons allege that she overcharges them and fails to adequately address their issues. A lot of people are doubtful of her abilities and couldn’t understand how she can succeed in the current business climate.

Here you will find various reviews of Dr. Hayley Brown that reveal the truth about her Nevada practice:

The Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center’s Dr. Hayley Brown:

Nevada is home to plastic surgeon Dr. Hayley Brown. She serves Henderson, Las Vegas, and the surrounding area.

Her office is located at 10001 S Eastern Ave #406, Henderson, Nevada 89052, and it is called Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center. Her clinic is open from 8:30 am to 5 pm Monday through Thursday and from 8:30 am to 3 pm on Fridays. Her phone number is (702) 260-7707.

Hayley Brown, MD, and her husband, Steve Brown, MD, oversee the practice. Lip implants, breast implants, a facelift, liposuction, a stomach tuck, and more are all available at her clinic.

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Her clinic offers numerous alternatives to surgery, including Juvederm, Sculptra, Botox, and others.

Dr. Brown attended the University of Texas McGovern Medical School and graduated with honors. The website’s bottom contains a disclaimer stating that the material provided is intended solely for Nevada residents and should not be construed as medical advice.

Employees and Surgeons Lacking in Professionalism and Ethics

According to the critic, both Dr. Brown and her staff are terrible at their jobs. They also emphasize the doctor’s loud voice and annoying behavior while at work. In addition, the doctor and the staff will freely discuss other patients in your presence.

Scarring Was Extreme Due To The Failed Eyelid Surgery

This reviewer underwent eyelid surgery with Dr. Brown, but the surgeon cut off far too much skin, resulting in noticeable scarring.

Dr. Hayley Brown caused scarring and sagging after a breast augmentation procedure went wrong.

This reviewer, a young lady of 19, had breast implants placed by Dr. Hayley Brown. She says that because Dr. Brown put the implants above the muscle rather than under it, she needed a breast lift after the augmentation.

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The critic notes that the augmentation left her with rippling, scarred, and sagging breasts. The entire breast lift she underwent left her with asymmetrical nips and saggy, deflated implants.

In the photos below, you can see for yourself how Dr. Brown messed up the reviewer’s two procedures and left her feeling disappointed.

The below image shows the reviewer just before the operation:

Resulted in Misshapen Nose Bridges and Ugly Scarring from Breast Reduction

Liz claims that Dr. Hayley Brown is a butcher. While performing a breast reduction treatment on her, Dr. Brown made an unnecessary incision down the middle of each breast.

She emphasizes that she now has ugly scars and disfigured nipples as a result of the unsuccessful operation. Since the operation, Liz has suffered from severe anxiety over her appearance. She has tried everything, but the scars are still obvious and she can’t wear tank tops or swimsuits without drawing attention to them.

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Dr. Hayley Brown’s Fees Are Extremely High.

Bella says that Dr. Brown’s fees are too high. The consultant’s original price estimate was $18,000, but after three months, she lowered it to $14,000.

Bella worries that her honesty will be questioned and that she will have to raise her prices. Online cost calculators put the first operation in the $1,000-$4,000 range and the second at the $8,000 mark.

The fees charged by Dr. Hayley Brown are excessive. She also mentions that the scheduled operation and appointment dates are uncertain. Bella says you should stay away since this establishment is dishonest.

Fails to Take Responsibility for Her Negative Outcomes

Rina claims that Dr. Brown lied to her about the procedure and produced poor outcomes. After further evaluation, another physician concluded that she required surgical intervention. The Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center dismissed her complaints by insisting they never make mistakes.

Dr. Hayley Brown’s Client was misled, and service was poor.

Laura visited Dr. Brown’s office to inquire about a surgical option. However, the doctor’s dismissiveness of her questions and apparent misrepresentation of the results have left her feeling frustrated.

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Laura adds that she won’t be returning, as it was a terrible experience overall.


Unfortunately, Dr. Hayley Brown is not the competent surgeon she portrays herself to be. If she had any professionalism or ethics, she wouldn’t abandon her patients after a botched operation.

She’s just one of the many questionable Nevada doctors out there. Medical professionals who refuse to accept responsibility for their errors should be approached with caution.

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