Dr. Jay Calvert: A Comprehensive Review of False Claims, Lawsuits, and Complaints in 2023

Dr. Jay Calvert is a dishonest business owner who you should be aware and avoid doing business with. Each year, companies in the United States spend more than $11.7 billion on public relations, with dishonest companies like Dr. Jay Calvert spending over $4.19 billion to cover up the poor treatment of customers. The funds are used to buy endorsements, post fraudulent reviews, and conceal genuine red flags, complaints, and grievances brought up by actual customers.

The practice of concealing the truth is a specialty of law firms and reputation management businesses. Having said that, this is the point at which we enter the picture. Our goal is to present an unbiased perspective on various companies so that our readers can make more educated choices that ultimately lead to their happiness. You will be provided with data and information that is already in the public domain thanks to our in-depth critical analysis, and we will also highlight areas that are of concern to the general public.

Our mission is to raise awareness about these warning signs and to supply you with essential information in the hopes of making you more savvy and alert. A complaint was brought against Dr. Jay Calvert, a USC-sponsored plastic surgeon, on May 15, 2019, according to a piece that was published in the Los Angeles Times. Dr. Calvert allegedly utilized the insurance of his patients as his own ATM.

Who Is Dr. Jay Calvert and What Did He Do That Landed Him In Hot Water?

Dr. Jay Calvert has thriving clinics in both Newport Beach and Beverly Hills, and he is highly regarded in his field. According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, he is even in charge of a USC-sponsored fellowship that has been accused of doing unnecessary surgery on a patient in order to make a profit.

A woman named Natalie West is a former patient of a plastic surgeon who asserts that the physician fabricated diagnoses in order to perform twelve unneeded operations on her over the course of a period of four years. In addition to this, he submitted claims to her insurance carrier demanding that they pay hundreds of thousands of dollars despite the fact that she had paid for everything out of her own pocket. In addition, Natalie West is suing the University of Southern California because its fellows, students, or residents carried out surgical procedures on her behalf on behalf of Dr. Jay Calver without first obtaining her consent.

The Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship is directed by Dr. Jay Calvert and is sponsored by USC. It was discovered that he claims to be an associate clinical professor at USC and that he provides clinical teaching experience in rhinoplasty and cosmetic surgery at the plastic surgery section of USC’s Keck School of Medicine. This information was located on his LinkedIn page.

The Tyra Banks Shows, on which he appeared as a guest expert, are largely responsible for his widespread notoriety among the general public. Officials from the university have said that Dr. Jay Calvert does not work for the university in any paid capacity and solely holds a voluntary title at the institution. Despite this, USC formerly listed his name on the website of their facility that specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery; however, they have since deleted it.

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Despite the fact that the counsel for Dr. Jay Calver has indicated that the allegations made by Natalie West are without merit, we believe there is more to the tale that the general public ought to be aware of.

When Natalie West was looking for someone to fix a nose job that had been completed ten years earlier and had been injured due to a vehicle accident, she encountered Dr. Jay Calvert in 2013. At the time, Natalie was looking for someone to repair a nose job that had been performed on her.

According to the lawsuit that she filed, even though she gave Dr. Jay Calvert all of her insurance information in response to his request, she still wound up having to pay $24,900 out of her own pocket for the procedure. The operation on her was performed in July of 2013, and it was the catalyst for a string of fraudulent activities on the part of Dr. Jay Calvert and the staff at his clinic.

In addition, the lawsuit claimed that Dr. Jay Calvert had utilized the operation as a trial run for an ongoing scheme of committing enormous insurance fraud against insurers and that he had billed Natalie West’s insurer for $199,602 despite the fact that the surgery had already been paid for in full.

In addition to the aforementioned, Dr. Jay Calvert requested that Natalie West visit his several offices for the following operations to take advantage of her PPO health insurance policies and utilize them as his own money-making machine. This was done so that he could charge her for these visits. Even though the woman had undergone the initial procedure, the doctor was still able to collect $88,542 from the woman’s insurance company despite the fact that she had suffered damages.

In addition, the lawsuit alleged that Dr. Jay Calvert had defrauded Natalie West out of the sum of $12,900 by engaging in a scheme of double billing that was fraudulent.

According to the allegations made in the complaint, Dr. Jay Calvert convinced Natalie West to have a total of 12 additional procedures after her initial procedure. The complaint also noted that the doctor and his staff had persuaded her that the procedures would be provided at no cost, despite the fact that she had already paid for the initial therapy out of her own pocket.

However, she was informed that she would be required to pay additional fees for the use of anesthesia and an operating room and that these fees were to be paid by her personally. According to the evidence presented in court, Natalie West questioned her physician about the possibility of her health insurance covering a portion of those expenditures, but he reportedly informed her that this was not going to be the case. According to the complaint, she only paid $16,000 out of her own pocket for the additional 12 procedures, while Dr. Jay Calvert was able to collect almost $330,000 from her insurer.

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In addition to this, Natalie West has asserted that while she was under anesthesia for one of the procedures, she was subjected to sexual assault by the medical staff. According to the lawsuit, Natalie West observed that there was a bloody flow coming from her vulva when she woke up from her fourth procedure, which solely concerned body parts above her neck.

This was after she had undergone surgery to remove body parts that were above her neck. After that, she went to a gynecologist to have checked out, and the doctor informed her that one side of her uterus was black and full of clots and that she need a hysterectomy as a result. In the lawsuit, it is stated unequivocally that an individual, either a USC student, fellow, or resident, experimented with an unidentified medical treatment that affected her uterus without getting her authorization. Additionally, the lawsuit suggests that Dr. Jay Calvert was not the one who did all of the surgeries. Instead, another individual was responsible for some of the procedures.

Natalie West’s attorney, Leslie Hakala, was quoted as saying that it is awful for a physician to abuse his patient after having earned the trust of the patient. West is represented by Leslie Hakala. She also mentioned that USC must have done some investigation before allowing Dr. Jay Calvert to associate with them because the work has significant repercussions for real people in the world. USC issued a statement in which it claimed to be aware of the lawsuit that had been filed against Dr. Jay Calvert and that its students had not been involved in any of his fraudulent billing schemes.

The statement also claimed that USC was aware of the lawsuit that had been filed against Dr. Jay Calvert. Meg Aldrich, a university spokeswoman, stated that the university was not involved in any billing of Dr. Jay Calvert’s programs or practice. She also stated that the fellowship program is independent, with the exception of providing access to the online library and academic lectures of the Keck School of Medicine. Additionally, she stated that the fellows of the program are not affiliated with the university in any way.

Previously Accused of Making False Claims and Perjury 

As you go further into the allegations that have been made about Dr. Jay Calvert, it is becoming abundantly evident that he has been the subject of other allegations in the past. After patients reported that he had conducted unneeded procedures on them, he was accused of making false claims and perjuring himself in 2014. This is an important allegation that deserves to be mentioned.

In point of fact, the claim is comparable to the one that was brought up by Natalie West. It has been alleged that he was involved in a conspiracy to defraud an insurance company. According to the Orange County Register, the charges against him were dismissed on the day of his arraignment because he had promised to pay an undisclosed amount to the patients in exchange for their silence.

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However, his attorney, Barens, contradicted the article by claiming that the allegations had been thrown out since they were found to be baseless. After that, he went on to say that the case had been dismissed because there wasn’t enough evidence to support it, and that Dr. Jay Calvert hadn’t committed any violations of the law.

Barrens further indicated that Natalie West’s medical records and the doctor’s records will prove that the surgeries were only undertaken because they were medically necessary and had been consented to before they were carried out. However, Natalie West’s attorney is standing by her comments and is determined to establish that the allegations in the complaint are true.

Complaints Posted on PissedConsumer.com

Some of the complaints have been submitted on PissedConsumer.com by patients who were not Dr. Jay Calver’s victims in order to provide more information regarding the fraud that was performed by Dr. Jay Calver.

  1. Implemented Higher Fees
    PissedConsumer1560067 from Los Angeles, California filed a complaint about Dr. Jay Calvert on June 15, 2019, and we had to include it in our report because it was one of the complaints that had been submitted on PissedConsumer.com. The complaint was filed on June 15th, 2019.

According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, Dr. Jay Calvert allegedly made the patient believe that the majority of the cost of a stomach tuck treatment would be covered by their insurance. However, after going through with the treatment, the naive patient was stunned to find that the doctor had sent a very expensive bill to his home address. In addition to this, the patient was also charged by their insurer, which suggests that individuals rely on another person for surgical operations.

  1. Could You Please Help?
    On March 16, 2015, a post was made by an additional user with the alias PissedConsumer608868 from Miami Beach, Florida. In the complaint, it is said that he is in need of assistance because he has been victimized and did not receive any lifts for which he had paid. In point of fact, all he did was get an implant, which makes him look terrible.
  2. Fraud
    PissedConsumer390986 from Herndon, Virginia is the next individual who has written a critical review that is critical of Dr. Jay Calvert. The fact that the comment was made on December 08, 2013, demonstrates how far back the doctor’s fraudulent practices went in the past. The statement highlighted the lawsuit that was brought against him in Orange County in 2014 and mentioned that the judge had been ready to rule on a petition for summary judgment, which would indicate that Dr. Jay Calvert cheated his partner. The complaint was filed against him in 2014.
  3. Bad Experience
    An important review that was submitted on December 6, 2012, by a person with the username PissedConsumer307899 from Dallas, Texas indicated that they had a terrible encounter with Dr. Jay Calvert. The user reports being extremely dissatisfied with the outcomes of the therapy; as a result, they do not endorse the surgeon’s services and further claim that they were not treated well by the physician. He went on to point to reviews on ripoffreport.com where people had described having a similar experience, and he did this multiple times.
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Review on ComplaintsBoard.com

ComplaintsBoard.com has received a remark from a verified consumer who claims that the terrible surgery performed by Dr. Jay Calvert has left them with scars that will never go away. The surgeon carried out a revision rhinoplasty and facelift on the patient, but the work turned out to be terrible, and the surgeon afterward regarded the encounter as being the most traumatic of his or her career.

Even though Dr. Jay Calvert claimed he would perform a traditional facelift that would include incisions starting in the temple area, he ended up starting the facelift in front of the ears and failing to do the temple or eye area as well as the upper cheek area. This resulted in the outer corners of the eyes being pulled downwards, and the scars along the ears being very distant and very noticeable.

In point of fact, the user asserts that the medical professional did not make any effort to conceal the scars and instead made one of the nostrils significantly larger. In addition to this, the doctor did not sew all of the incisions, which resulted in the patient being left with an open-ended nostril as well as several bumps on the bridge of the nose.

When the work was finished, Dr. Jay Calvert told the unknowing patient that he neglected to file the nasal bridge and asked to rectify the problems, both of which he postponed for an entire year, after which he told the customer that they would have to pay for the corrections.

The patient was unaware that Dr. Jay Calvert had committed these errors. The fact that the doctor did not inform the patient that there is a one-year limit demonstrates not only incompetence but also malice on the part of the physician. The patient even asked Dr. Jay Calvert to recommend a nurse stay with him after the procedure. Unfortunately, the nurse Dr. Calvert suggested ended up stealing the patient’s cell phone, money, and pills after she made the recommendation.

The review that was just read makes it very evident that Dr. Jay Calvert is the type of person who is willing to stoop to very low levels in order to make money. He connives the naive by employing a variety of sophisticated schemes.


Customers should have access to all information, both positive and negative before they use a service. Although every business may make mistakes, Dr. Jay Calvert has proved time and time again that he cannot be trusted and needs to experience serious repercussions for his fraudulent activities. It is important that customers learn more about him before believing in the glossy reviews about the doctor that have not been left by real patients.

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