Dr. Joshua Fein – Misconduct, Hidden Fees & More

If you want to get a root canal in Fairfox Virgina or the DC metro area, there’s one clinic you should be skeptical about, Virginia Endodontics. It’s the brainchild of Dr. Joshua Fein. 

And it has horrible reviews on various platforms. 

Finding these reviews was a little tricky because of how much this guy has spent on promoting himself. However, reading these Dr. Joshua Fein reviews will help you make a better-informed decision: 

About Dr. Joshua Fein: Man Behind Virginia Endodontics (Vaendo.com)

Dr. Joshua Fein is the owner of Virginia Endodontics, a dental clinic based in Merrifield, Virginia. His clinic located at 3025 Hamaker Ct #320, Fairfax, VA 22031, US. 

Dr. Fein claims to be an expert in root canals in the Fairfax VA and DC metro region. He also claims to offer the best professional care in an amicable environment. They claim to offer endodontic treatment that lasts as long as any natural teeth. The clinic claims that they offer “totally painless” and “excellent” services. 

At a glance, the various Dr. Joshua Fein reviews might make it seem as if he is the best endodontist in Virginia. However, there are a ton of disgruntled patients who didn’t get the desired results no matter how much they spent in this clinic. 

I have shared those patient testimonials below to help you understand the truth behind Dr. Fein and Virginia Endodontics: 

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Rude Behavior Reported By Dr. Joshua Fein’s Patients

The reviewer said that the doctor behaved nicely with her. But she doesn’t recommend the palace because the front desk staff misbehaved with her. She had provided all the necessary information to her before scheduling the appointment. But the front desk staff denied having any information whatsoever. 

The staff also implied that the reviewer hadn’t submitted any information in the first place. Moreover, the patient highlighted that  the paperwork of Virginia Endodontics says that they can charge you later without your knowledge if your insurance doesn’t cover something. This is a major red flag as it can lead to hidden fees, a huge problem in the medical sector. 

There were plenty of other complaints where the patient had similar experiences: 

Here’s another one:

And here’s a third one: 

Using Fine Print Disclaimers To Overcharge Patients And Bypass Insurance Companies

This complaint is regarding the fine print disclaimers this Dr. Joshua Fein has. The reviewer shares that Joshua’s clinic can deduct any amount from your credit card if your insurance doesn’t cover it. 

The endodontics clinic doesn’t have to notify you for making the charges. This means they can deduct any desired amount from your credit card without being liable for this unethical practice. 

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This lady had called the clinic for a consultation on a tooth to know if she needed the root canal immediately. Dr. Fein only spent 3 minutes in the consultation. But she paid $299 because her insurance didn’t cover consultation. 

The front desk staff didn’t inform her about any consultation fee. They also avoided telling her that her insurance didn’t cover the consultation fee. Certainly, she wasn’t expecting a $299 deduction from her credit card when no one informed her about it. 

The reviewer says that it is a trap. She hated to be ripped off. Even though the front desk knew that her insurance wouldn’t cover the consultation, they didn’t inform her and forced her to pay $299 out of her own pocket. She’s lucky Dr. Joshua Fein hadn’t performed a root canal on her. Otherwise, she could have lost a lot more. 

Another patient complained about the poor terms and conditions of this place and how it charges hidden fees: 

Horribly Painful Root Canal: “Worse Than ChildBirth”

This review suggests that Virginia Endodontics might not be a suitable place to get a root canal. This lady had the most painful root canal possible at this place. She was tearing up, shaking and sweating during the procedure. And she was mortified as she was worried what might happen. 

She explains that the drill felt as if it was going straight into her nerve. The patient goes on to say that the root canal was more painful than childbirth. She still has residual anxiety because of how poor her treatment was. 

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Hiding Procedure Costs 

This person shares that Dr. Joshua and his staff try their best to hide their prices. They don’t share quotes over the phone. The patient shared that she considers it to be a bad business practice and suggests that Virginia Endodontics has something to hide. 

Dr. Fein’s Incompetence Results In Botched Root Canal

This person updated their 5-star review to a 1-star review because of the experience they had with this dentist. She had gone to Dr. Fein for her crown. But Dr. Joshua failed to explain to her any problems related to her tooth and how he had performed the root canal. 

Bullying Patients For Posting Critical Reviews

This is another complaint that I thought was necessary to highlight. 

Here, Dr. Joshua Fein and his staff misbehaved with the patient. And, he bullied this person because they posted a negative review on his practice. 

Now, this is proof of how unprofessional Dr. Fein is. That man doesn’t care about his patients but his reputation. The reviewer highlighted that the office environment is terrible, it’s difficult to schedule appointments, and Dr. Joshua Fein doesn’t listen or answer questions. They also pointed out that he doesn’t explain the conditions properly and so, they don’t trust him at all.

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Dr. Joshua has bullied plenty of his patients who didn’t like his services. Clearly, he doesn’t like it when someone disagrees with him. 

The review below says that Dr. Fein removes people’s comments and scares them to leave 5-star reviews. It’s a purely unethical practice. 

Dr. Joshua Fein Review Conclusion

You should always read the negative reviews of a medical professional before considering them. It would help you analyze the risks and understand what to expect. Because no dentist would want you to know the issues present in their services. You can only learn about them through their reviews. 

For example, Dr. John Kahen is a hair transplant specialist with a ton of negative reviews. Many of his patients consider hiring him a huge mistake. 

Dr. Joshua Fein also seems like a dangerous doctor you should avoid working with. 

1.6Expert Score
Not Trustworthy

Dr. Joshua Fein and his clinic Virginia Endodontics don’t seem to care about their clients which is a major red flag. Go there at your own risk.

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  • Mistreats clients
  • Hidden fees
  • Numerous patient complaints

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