Dr. Labruna N. Anthony’s Controversial Practices Exposed

Dr. LaBruna N. Anthony runs the plastic surgery practice in Manhattan. Even though he holds two academic positions, he has no understanding of what he’s doing in terms of patient care. According to the patient, Dr. LaBruna N. Anthony cared more about the financial bottom line than he did about her health.

The patient went on to express his dismay at my having placed my hopes, resources, and health in his care. I erred horribly.

Dr. LaBruna N. Anthony’s Background

Weill Cornell University is where Dr. LaBruna N. Anthony, MD, earned his medical degree with distinction. For the previous few years, he has been included as one of America’s Top Doctors by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., a guide to the top 1% of American medical specialists. He spent almost ten years in that role at Weill Cornell Medical College’s Department of Otolaryngology as the Director of Facial Plastic Surgery. His credentials include Otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat) as well as Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.

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Dr. LaBruna has lectured on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery on a global scale. He has been an examiner for board certification in otolaryngology for the Otolaryngology Board of National Examiners. Dr. LaBruna N. Anthony has also participated as a task member in the creation of questions for the Plastic Surgery certification tests administered by the National Board of Medical Examiners. Commissioners Kelly and Scoppetta have recognized him as an Honorary Police and Fire Surgeon.

Since Dr. LaBruna and a few other careless people have such an advanced education, they are easily persuaded to pick LaBruna. However, the truth cannot be concealed forever, and there are always those sages who bring it to light. However, we’ve heard that a board-certified plastic surgeon can help us get the greatest outcomes possible. Surgeons like Dr. LaBruna are risky to go to regardless of their credentials.

Feedback From a Patient of Dr. LaBruna N. Anthony

Dr. LaBruna has been the subject of numerous reports of patient abuse. However, Dr. LaBruna’s reality has been exposed by multiple evaluations.

“Dr. Labruna and one of his colleagues were to do a rhino/septoplasty on me. I had faith in his ability to help me both physically and mentally. Neither problem, needless to add, was resolved. When I had trouble breathing immediately after surgery, Linda, Dr. Labruna’s unpleasant assistant, wouldn’t bend over backward to get me back in to see him for a follow-up appointment. Don’t let the attractive decor of his office mislead you. His lack of care for his patients is egregious. He is solely focused on being compensated. I regret having put my hope, resources, and recuperation in his hands. I erred horribly. I still can’t breathe since my nose is broken.

Is Dr. LaBruna N. Anthony someone you can put your trust in?

From what the patient has said, it is obvious that Dr. LaBruna cannot be trusted. Manhattan Plastic Surgery is led by Dr. LaBruna N. Anthony, who while holding two academic positions, has no concept of what he’s doing in terms of patient care. The patient claims that Dr. LaBruna N. Anthony MD was careless with her well-being and solely interested in making a profit. On the other hand, we may have better luck if we consult a board-certified plastic surgeon. Surgeons like Dr. LaBruna are suspect despite their extensive resumes. Patients need an accurate method of figuring out if their cosmetic surgeon has the necessary education and experience, making it essential that they read reviews written by other patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Who is Dr. LaBruna N. Anthony?

New York City’s Manhattan Plastic Surgery is led by MD LaBruna N. Anthony.

2. What do those who have seen Dr. LaBruna think about him?

Some of the few honest testimonials claim that Dr. LaBruna is nothing more than a money-grubbing huckster.

3. What medical issues does Dr. LaBruna specialize in?

Dr. LaBruna works as a plastic surgeon, repairing and reconstructing damaged tissue such as skin, bone, and muscle. He also performs craniofacial (hand and face) reconstructive surgery.

4. Is LaBruna N. Anthony, MD, a certified specialist by any relevant boards?

Dr. Labruna is a board-certified otolaryngologist and a graduate of Cornell University and the New York State Statutory Medical Colleges. He does cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery in New York.

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