Dr Payam Kahen MD – Dangerous, Shady and Highly Manipulative

Would you trust a doctor who works under an alias? After all, why would a doctor need to work under an alias? What could they possibly need to hide? Turns out, Dr. Payam Kahen MD is one of those doctors who have multiple skeletons in their closet. 

From unprofessional behaviour to giving a scar to a patient, Dr. Payam Kahen aka Dr. John Kahen has done it all. Read on to find out more: 

About Dr. Payam Kahen MD (Beverly Hills Hair Restoration)

Dr. Payam Kahen aka Dr. John Kahen is a hair transplant specialist at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. At a glance, he seems like a genuine expert who cares about his patients. But his patients tell a different story. His address is 50 N La Cienega Blvd #200, Beverly Hills, CA 90211, US. 

Dr. Kahen boasts of being an innovator and inventor on his website. And he claims that he was instrumental in the creation of Robotic Hair Restoration procedures. His negative reviews say that he is an unprofessional and inexperienced doctor who botches procedures. 

Below are some of the Dr. John Kahen reviews (or should I say Dr. Payam Kahen reviews?) to help you understand how dangerous this guy is: 

Disappointing Results Reported By Dr. Kahen MD’s Patient 

This reviewer was utterly disappointed with the results of Dr. Payam Kahen’s procedure. They point out that they would never recommend him to anyone else. The reviewer hadn’t heard of Dr. Payam before getting a procedure. 

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What’s worse is when they went to a follow-up meeting with Dr. Kahen, he proposed another surgery that cost $3,000. This was a discounted rate and the person had to “model” for Dr. Payam if the surgery succeeded. The reviewer says that they felt completely ripped off and advised others to stay away from this guy. 

Three Surgeries, Exorbitant Fees, And Horrible Results By Dr. Payam

As I have highlighted before, Dr. Payam Kahen now goes by his middle name, Dr. John Kahen. This reviewer had three surgeries with that guy for hair restoration. But none of them delivered the promised results. 

The person shared that they had spent a fortune on the procedures but the results were horrible. Now, they have a large and wide scar on the back of their head and they don’t know what to do with it. The reviewer points out that they wish they hadn’t gone to Dr. Kahen’s clinic at all. 

They say that he is a respectful and nice person. But also point out that Dr. John Kahen lacks experience. 

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Now, John Kahen didn’t take any responsibility for botching three surgeries on this person. Instead, he responded by blaming the patient for opening the wound. 

He posted a rebuttal to this review and said that the patient had a procedure with another surgeon which caused the scar. Then, Dr. Kahen revised the scar but the patient used home remedy powder without medical advice. This caused the wound to open and led to John performing another revision surgery. 

His response doesn’t address why the patient “still” has the scar. He has only posted a rebuttal to misguide people and make it seem as if he didn’t make any mistake in this case. 

Obviously, Dr. Kahen isn’t taking any responsibility for his botched procedure. This is a common tendency among shady and negligent medical professionals. Dr. Stephen Pincus is another surgeon who is notorious for taking no responsibility for his errors during procedures. 

Rude & Disrespectful Treatment From Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Staff

Dr. John Kahen, MD isn’t the only person with problems. His staff at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration has its own set of issues. The review I’m sharing here is  a 2-part review. Originally, it was about poor customer service. However, the staff at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration read their review and attempted to respond appropriately. But it was a terrible response. Hence, the updated review. 

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Also, the reviewer is ranked “Elite” at Yelp which shows that they have posted a ton of reviews on the platform. And they don’t post one-star reviews on the platforum usually. 

I’ll first share the original review to help you understand the context of the situation. This way, you’d know exactly how poorly these people treat their clients. 

Original review: 

The person highlights that the staff treats its customers poorly and disrespectfully. And that’s a huge red flag. 

They share that Beverly Hills-based service providers charge expensive prices but then there’s a standard of service quality which they must meet. However, this place doesn’t offer the “Beverly Hills” level of service like you’d expect. 

They had reached out to multiple clinics in the area to gauge their options. Most places ask for a down payment for an appointment and give a call back. 

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration also gave a call back to this person. They asked the person when they would like to come to the place and asked for their credit card number. However, the person didn’t have their credit card on them at the moment and told them that they can’t get to it right now. 

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Any normal clinic would ask for a better time to call back. But Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is no ordinary place. They told the person that he can give them a call back and hung up.

No one expects a clinic of such stature to treat its customers like this. 

Later, the clinic called this person again. This time they wanted to confirm the appointment. The person pointed out that they didn’t have an appointment as they never made the deposit. 

They also highlighted the reason why they didn’t get an appointment: the staff’s rude behavior. Again, the clinic hung up on them and behaved rudely. 

Update on the review: 

Dr. Payam Kahen’s staff read the original review and reached out to this person. They offered him a free consultation. However, the reviewer points out that it seemed as if the staff was reading from a script. 

Moreover, they never apologized for their rude behaviour. 

Instead, they sent an email to this person later as if he was a new client. The reviewer questions the data organization at this place. Certainly, the place doesn’t keep any records of its clients. Otherwise, they wouldn’t send him an email that makes it seem as if he was a brand new potential patient. 

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