Dr. Philip Henkin: Accidentally Caused the Death of a Man with a Tesla Car

Adam Hasebroock, a resident of Tampa, was taken in 2018 after he won the overall title at the TRI Pasco triathlon. On November 4, 2018, Hasebroock was killed when a car hit him while he was riding his bike on Lizards Tail Road in New Tampa.

The driver, Dr. Philip Henkin, was detained by police after being charged with vehicular homicide.

A surgeon and a banker were both heading in opposite ways around a bend in a New Tampa road as dawn broke.

On the morning of the fourth of November, Adam Hasebroock, a 43-year-old athlete and bank branch manager, headed out on his bike for an endurance ride. He took Lizards Tail Road southbound. Philip Henkin, a doctor in Tampa, is notorious for driving too fast, and he did it in a Tesla.

Authorities said the Tesla crossed into oncoming traffic and crashed into Hasebroock Square head-on.

A traffic murder detective would subsequently write that Henkin was going at least three times the legal speed limit of 20 mph, which would explain why Hasebroock was severely injured.

Newly released court documents confirm Hasebroock’s identity as the bicyclist, proving the detective’s suspicions were true.

The 80 mph crash puzzles us:

After graduating from Leto High School in Tampa, Hasebroock continued his education at the University of South Florida and received his bachelor’s degree. Candi Ashley, a professor at USF who had Hasebroock in a few of her lectures, said that Hasebroock studied wellness leadership for her undergraduate degree. The term “exercise science” now describes this field of study.

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Ashley, a fellow triathlete with whom Hasebroock competed, remarked that even when he settled on a profession in finance, Hasebroock never lost his passion for the sport.

According to Ashley, this was one way in which Hasebroock pushed himself and set goals for himself. Hasebroock was described by her as positive, helpful, and supportive.
Hasebroock and his wife Yvette settled down in New Tampa after their 2007 wedding. Hasebroock reportedly oversaw three different bank locations by 2011.

On the morning of the fourth of November, he left his position as branch manager at the Bearss Avenue office of Regions Bank, where he had worked since 2011.

As a two-lane road on the west side of Interstate 75 with relatively light traffic, Lizards Tail Road is likely one of the best choices for cyclists in the area.

The USAA campus may be found at the southern end of the roadway just north of West Tampa Palms Boulevard. Hasebroock was traveling toward that area, which is only a few miles south of his house, when the incident occurred at 7:32 a.m., roughly 10 minutes before daylight.

Court documents state that Dr. Philip Henkin was driving north on Park Centre Drive, which links to the USAA campus, in a 2016 Tesla Model S when he collided with a pedestrian. Lizards Tail Road is probably three lanes wide without any center line markings.

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Dr. Philip Henkin’s Driving Is Worse Than We Thought, According to Surveillance Camera Records

Video from a surveillance camera at a USAA entrance shows a Tesla “apexing” the bend “to such a degree that the Tesla was fully in the southbound lane of travel,” according to two search warrant affidavits submitted in the case.

In the clip, Hasebroock can be seen riding south toward the center of the road with his headlight on and taillight flashing. The affidavits state that as the Tesla came around the corner, it fatally struck Hasebroock in the head. The driver suddenly swerved to the left, lost control, and smashed into a grove of trees on the opposite side of the road.

According to documents filed in court, Dr. Philip Henkin’s arm and the blue scrubs he was wearing were coated in lots of blood after the incident, and body camera footage from an officer who reacted to the mishap showed this.
Dr. Philip Henkin, who turned 59 the day before, told the authorities that the Model S he was driving was a Tesla loaner car. His statements indicate that he believed he was traveling at or below the speed limit, which he stated to be between 35 and 40 miles per hour.

The Tampa Police Department’s Detective James Snell drafted an affidavit for a warrant to arrest Henkin on a charge of vehicular homicide the next day.

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Dr. Philip Henkin has turned himself in

Two days after the tragedy, Dr. Philip Henkin turned himself in, was detained, and was eventually released after paying $7,500 bail. His address is listed as being in the exclusive north Tampa golf and country club community of Avila.
A message for Dr. Philip Henkin was left at his office, but he has yet to answer. John Lauro, his attorney, would not elaborate on the case details.

Lauro expressed his condolences in an email to the family and friends of individuals who had just lost a loved one. We hope to be as sensitive as possible during this period of sadness and introspection.

Prof. Philip Henkin: Reviews

According to the NeuroSpine Center’s website, Henkin is a “groundbreaking neurosurgeon” with nearly two decades of experience in the field in Florida. Spine surgery is one of Dr. Philip Henkin’s specialties, and his website boasts that he is “the market share leader in spine surgery in Hillsborough County based on inpatient admission statistics.”

Henkin has a history of speeding violations documented by state and county authorities.

Additional Traffic Fines To Dr. Philip Henkin’s Face

Dr. Philip Henkin was pulled over by the Florida Highway Patrol on March 3 for driving 112 mph in his four-door Porsche on Interstate 75 near Apollo Beach. After first being threatened with a $353 fine, the case was dismissed.
On U.S. 41 near Lutz, Florida, a deputy issued a speeding ticket to Henkin in 2018 for going 78 mph in a 50 mph zone. The judge ordered him to pay a fine and complete a 12-hour defensive driving course.

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Two years ago, he was caught speeding on the Crosstown Expressway in Tampa in a Porsche at 87 mph in a 55 mph zone. Even that case was thrown out.
According to the data we have on file, Henkin has reached the lifetime maximum of five driver improvement courses and is therefore no longer eligible to enroll in one to avoid license points.

After the fatal car accident that claimed Hasebroock’s life, Henkin was charged with a felony of the second degree, which carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison. The Hillsborough State Attorney’s Office has not yet brought charges in this case.

Yvette Hasebroock and her family have declined to comment to the police or the State Attorney’s Office, according to her attorney Jim Magazine.


In light of the totality of the circumstances surrounding the accident, for which Dr. Philip Henkin bears sole responsibility, it is possible that he is an extremely dangerous driver whose license should be revoked. Because he is responsible for more than just one accident.

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