“Dr. Prabhjot Gill: Accusations of Domestic Violence, Abuse, and More update 2023

Even though his ex-wife accused him of abusing their children and physically abusing his ex-wife, Dr. Prabhjot Gill was able to keep his work as a physician.

During their marriage, the doctor’s wife asserted, she was subjected to physical abuse at the hands of her husband. She related the events that transpired during the medical disciplinary hearing that she had attended. In spite of the fact that Dr. Prabhjot Gill was exonerated of all criminal charges by the court in 2015, he still had to attend the medical disciplinary hearing where his ex-spouse testified against him.

The claimed victim stated that the offender had a history of punching her in the back, kicking her, and occasionally slapping her. In addition to that, she stated that he had shoved her into a radiator at one point.

She stated that on one occasion, Dr. Prabhjot Gill had allegedly assaulted her by shoving a dirty diaper into her face. After that, he confined her to the master bedroom of their home while he took their children into another room.

One of their intense arguments was caught on tape by the victim, who attempted to record it. She played the recording in front of the judge and the jury.

As a consequence of this hearing, the family physician’s ability to practice medicine may have been revoked for unethical behavior. He was enrolled in a general practitioner training program in Essex when all of these events took place.

However, despite the fact that the tribunal deemed the recording of the argument to be “disturbing,” it did not conclude that Dr. Prabhjot Gill was “impaired to perform his duty.” They determined that the only offense he committed was forcing the victim to run into a radiator.

It found no evidence to support the other charges against the physician.

The court was told that the pair had tied the knot in 2006, but that their marriage had become more strained over the years. They engaged in a great deal of conflict, particularly between the 11th and 15th of March in 2014.

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More Details on the Domestic Violence Case Against Dr. Prabhjot Gill:

The victim broke down into tears as she described the horrific events that had taken place during their marriage when she was testifying in front of the panel. She stated that most of their disagreements were about how they spent their money.

The victim stated that Dr. Gill would frequently insult her work and push her to get more money for herself.

She recounted the day that Dr. Prabhjot Gill had thrown a dirty diaper in her face. She said that it had shocked her.

The victim related that she had been explaining that she was in the primary bedroom of their home when the offender came up the stairs to the room. She had just finished changing their daughter’s diaper at the time. When he saw this, it made him angry, and he told her that what she was doing was terrible.

Dr. Gill asserted that precious stones might be found anywhere. The victim explained that she was just changing her daughter’s diaper on the bed at the time and that she had done something similar in the past.

The two of them immediately began to argue when he expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation. During the heat of the fight, he grabbed the dirty diaper out of the trash can and shoved it in her face. After that, he led their daughter and the other child into another room by themselves.

She brought up the fact that he had locked her in the bedroom while he confined the children to another space. The victim said that despite their children’s wailing, Dr. Prabhjot Gill did not appear to be concerned in any way.

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He did not allow her to leave the room to wash her face and instead shut the door behind her. He refused to comply with her request to open the door when she asked him to do so. In the end, he opened the main door and let her leave the building.

What Happened After the Nappy Incident:

The victim stated that his sister was currently residing with them, and she was always advising him to maintain his composure. Following the events of that day, the victim drove her children to her parent’s house in order to spend some time there.

Additionally, he began by apologizing to the victim, but then he began assuring her that he would come and fetch her together with the children if she did not come herself.

The victim expressed to the committee that the diaper event was extremely demeaning and a shameful act. She was adamant about not going back home. Because he visited her parent’s home and asked to take the children back at some point in the future, she did end up going back.

As soon as she arrived back at his residence, it did not take long for the pair to begin squabbling with one another once more. Dr. Prabhjot Gill clashed with her once more the day after she had returned home.

It would appear that he went inside the room where the children were and spotted them using a portable heater as they watched cartoons. The allegations against him state that he picked up the heater and hurled it down the stairs. After that, he confronted the victim by going into the bedroom where she was hiding.

This time, the victim decided to capture the fight because she was afraid the situation could “escalate.”

She revealed to the committee that she and her children were living in constant fear for their lives. Since he had previously assaulted her, she reasoned that filming the incident would be the most prudent way to handle the situation.

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Dr. Gill informed her that she is not responsible for the payment of the heater; rather, he is. After that, he gave her a push, and she went tumbling backward into a radiator. In addition to spitting on her, kicking her while she was on the floor, and throwing a slipper at her, he also hit her with the slipper.

The victim recounted that in an attempt to defuse the situation, she went downstairs; nevertheless, this was unsuccessful. As soon as he started yelling at her, she had no choice but to leave the house.

The footage captured the couple having a heated argument in both English and Punjabi. Her sobbing and repeated yelling of “leave me alone” can be heard quite clearly while Dr. Prabhjot Gill is heard saying “I will smash your face in.”

After some time had passed, she eventually dialed the police after Prabhjot started hurling her clothing across the room after taking it out of the wardrobe.

Dr. Gill later stated that he had lost his cool and was frustrated at the time of the incident, admitting that he had lost his composure.

The Divorce of Dr. Prabhjot Gill and The Tribunal’s Observations

The victim stated that they did their best to make their marriage work, but things started to go south after she accused him of abusing their little boy. This was the turning point in the situation.

Dr. Gill was found not guilty of any misconduct by a magistrate’s court in 2015, and all accusations against him were dropped as a result.

In the same year that the couple filed for divorce, he also filed for remarriage in the same year.

The victim’s evidence was described as being somewhat jumbled’ by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service. On the other hand, the chairman of the panel said that the audio tape had a tense conversation in which Dr. Prabhjot Gill appeared to lose control of the situation.

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The recording was unsettling to them, according to what they found.

In addition, the panel said that the video demonstrated an imbalance of power and that Dr. Gill must have been aware of how scary he was for his ex-wife because he must have been aware of how intimidating he was to her.

As a consequence of this, the judge issued a caution against him that would last for five years. That sums it up nicely. They said that he verbally harassed the woman and shoved her, which led to her falling and hitting her head on a radiator.

According to the panel, this behavior does not live up to the expectations placed on a physician and has the potential to bring the medical profession into disrepute. In its observations, the tribunal stated, “Whilst this failing in itself is not so serious as to require any restriction on his registration, it is necessary for response to issue this formal warning.”


Currently, Dr. Prabhjot Gill is working as a general practitioner at NHS England. He is also an OOH Clinician Supervisor and a MedCo Accredited DME. 

Based on the panel’s observations it’s obvious that Gill is guilty of domestic violence and abuse. He was abusive towards his ex-wife and his punishment was a 5-year warning. 

Do you think that’s a strict punishment for verbal and physical abuse of one’s spouse? 

Keep in mind, such cases are becoming increasingly common where the culprit of domestic violence faces negligible punishment for their behavior. For example, Brook Lang Seattle used to abuse his wife and that marriage ended in divorce. 

Beware of such people. Share your thoughts below.

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