Dr. Scott Loessin – Key West Institute for Plastic Surgery

Dr. Scott Loessin – Key West Institute for Plastic Surgery
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I am warning all of you out here- please DO NOT associate or visit Dr. Scott Loessin who has to be probably one of the most pathetic and worst doctors I have ever seen. My wife was completely disfigured after his shoddy work. She will never look nice again and had to get two more corrective procedures. This doctor DOES NOT know his stuff. He will only wreck your looks as he did to my wife.

In fact, I was digging around and came to www.miamiherald.com/news/local/article205980109.html where it is clearly reported how Delma Pineda, a patient at Loessin’s CG Cosmetic Surgery in Miami, died post undergoing plastic surgery. This also affected Cecilia Cervantes who had a similar horror story to share. She underwent cosmetic surgery under Dr. Scott Loessin which was initially postponed. She told the clinic that she desired all medical examinations to be ready prior to surgery. The clinic told her not to worry about the same at all. Although the results of the mammography were not yet ready by the surgery date, the employees at the clinic wanted to go ahead but she forced them to postpone the surgery. Post-surgery, Dr. Loessin stated that she would recover in a week and would be completely fit in 3-4 weeks. The doctor blatantly lied to her and she had a really horrible experience thereafter with insufferable pain and no help from the clinic. She eventually found out that she was suffering from an infection due to a suture that did not enable the incision to heal.

She still cannot sleep on her side and there are severe cramps in her arms while one breast continues to give her pain. Even though she paid for the same, liposuction was not done on her, something she is thankful for. Otherwise, she might have died as per her anxieties. Delma was under Dr. Loessin and died after undergoing surgery and the clinic rushed ahead with the procedure although an ultrasound was not taken. Delma Pineda was allowed to leave minus any medication for pain as well.

This just goes to show how incompetent and rash Dr. Scott Loessin is! Another complaint here talks about how this plastic surgeon has been raking money from unsuspecting patients and ruining their lives. He was sentenced to custody for 10 days in the Volusia County Branch Jail and twice ordered to stay 500 feet away from his wife. He has also been accused of domestic violence, drug usage, and extravagant spending for drawing down assets he might have had to shell out through the divorce settlement. The captain of the doctor’s 101-foot yacht has reportedly stated that he had an interest in hiring a person to kill his wife. The doctor also has anger issues towards women and has ruined several lives with his poor and erroneous surgeries. My wife is sadly one of the biggest victims of his incompetence.

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Anonymous Review On Dr. Scott Loessin

At the age of 66, I opted to have cosmetic surgery in January 2017. I am currently 3 years post-op. The procedures I had were performed at Coral Gables Cosmetic Center by Dr. L______.
My reason for having this done was for the health benefit, having had gastric bypass 7 years early.
I am trying to refrain from releasing a diatribe on Dr. L_______ or Coral Gables Cosmetic Center.
The individual that processed my initial free evaluation was very mendacious. First, she advised me that due to my age I would have to be hospitalized for the procedures. I understood that and felt very comfortable when she explained that I would receive at least 23 hours of post-op care at Westchester hospital. She also informed me the total cost for this was $14,500 instead of the special for the mommy makeover. Also, because I was receiving GEL implants, I was paying additional. Second, she questioned my means for payment. I informed her that I hadn’t made up my mind, be it savings, check, sell a stock, or credit card. She offered to have their financial person speak with me regarding their interest-free credit card. Before doing so I had to sign papers stating I wanted the procedure done and the scheduled date. I asked if I had to lock in or was I able to cancel after the credit check etc. she informed me that yes this could be done. I ask her, if I don’t want to do this, you tear the paperwork up and no harm was done, correct? This is only to see if and how much I can qualify for on your credit card. She informed me yes. So, we proceeded to do just that.
I saw doctor Loessin for the initial consultation. He seemed very shy and coy and barely said two words to me. I explained to him one of my concerns which was the pelvic area was he assured me that he would liposuction.
I went back to the initial person C______. To inform her that I wasn’t certain about the procedure and I would like to cancel she informed me that I couldn’t. I asked for a manager she said she was one.
I left the office, in tears when I got home. I sent emails to the main office manager who informed me that I would lose all of my money if I didn’t go through with it. Well, needless to say, I went through with it.
I complained about the lump (fat) from the beginning. I was told to get ten lymphatic massages. I did, with no change. I was told it was fluid and would go away in a few months. After a few months I scheduled an appointment with Dr. L_______, when I got there, he was nowhere to be found, just the nurse. The nurse attempted to drain me. After a few more months, I attempted again to see Dr. L_____. Finally, I succeeded (after several tries to see Dr. L______ 30 days before my contract was up.
My contact with him that day was a waste of time. He ordered an ultrasound of the abdomen. By the time I went through the testing my contract was up. His response was it was my fault I had gained weight since the procedure. Well, I hadn’t, I had actually lost. (Now, I know the reason the scales the girls used to weigh patients with were 7lbs lighter than they actually weighed).
I am left with my right side larger than my left. I have a protrusion in my lower belly, which my personal doctor thought was scar tissue but after more testing found that Dr. L______ left visceral fat inside. The scars on my breast are still as large as when they were initially done. I have minimal feeling in my nipple area. My right breast nipple points up, my left points down, not dramatically. Due to my age, I can live with my current breast issues. However, if I was younger, I would be devastated. I have no feeling in my lower abdomen. I feel as if I had been put on a conveyer belt and sliced and diced. The level of the patients’ well-being from Dr. L_______ dropped dramatically as soon as the surgery was completed.
Oh yes, the 23 hours of aftercare never happened. I remember seeing the anesthesiologist immediately after the surgery from a distance. I guess I blacked out after that. My husband said he put me in the car and brought me home. He said never again!
Would I recommend Dr. L________? Absolutely not!
Please if you have a problem file complaint with the state attorney’s office. When I filed mine, they had no other complaints against him, and I was told they look for a pattern. Well, the pattern is there, they sell unethically, tell you, you will receive all kinds of service, don’t explain that once the surgery is done you are pretty much on your own, and seeing the doctor after surgery is almost impossible and when you are allowed to see him your contract is at its end. I think this is all intentional and really needs to be investigated. Dr. L______ needs more than a slap on the wrist this time.


Complaint Against Dr. Scott Loessin

I had a very unusual experience with Dr. Scott Jatos Loessin. I had bariatric surgery done a couple of years ago, and even maintaining the pounds off, I still had a lot of skin that needed to be removed. While doing my research I found Dr. Scott and decided to reach out for a quote. Since I live in a different state, I had to fly in and find accommodations as well. On his website they offer special deals for out of state patients and at the time it seemed as everything was going as planned.

I was given a date to come in and was told to get my blood work done and have the results sent into the office before the surgery. Normal procedure. I did everything as was asked of me. I called the office to make sure they got the results and everything was ready to go. I was told everything was ok and we had the green light for the procedure. I travelled 2 1/2 hours by plane with my sister who would help take care of me after surgery and to my surprise when I showed up at the office on the day of the scheduled surgery, I was told that the surgery could not be preformed because my bloodwork came back as anemic. I was told by the office I would need to take vitamins and increase my levels before I could get the surgery done.

What kind of an unprofessional office would make such a mistake? Have the person spend with traveling and accommodations only to find out the procedure couldn’t be done after telling me that it could??? I walked out of there furious! And decided that such an unprofessional place did not deserve my business and that I could not trust them to operate on me. I got the money back for the surgery, however, the money spent on traveling and accommodations were not refunded. Extremely disappointed in Dr. Scott James Loessin and his practice. Would not recommend to anyone out there. There are plenty of good surgeons around.

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Dr. Scott Loessin – Key West Institute for Plastic Surgery
Dr. Scott Loessin – Key West Institute for Plastic Surgery
Reported Loss $34,000
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    Wow, I’m horrified. I had surgery by this Dr at CG cosmetics. I almost did not wake up after surgery. I had a mommy makeover and ended up with wholes under each breast and a huge 2×1 inch in my stomach and CG had me go to the clinic weekly for care and convinced me it was an allergic reaction to the adhesive. I’m permanently scared and my breast have constant pain

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