Dr. Stephen Pincus – Overrated Quack Defrauding Patients

Dr. Stephen Pincus defrauds his patients with exorbitant fees and deceptive marketing. Read the full review here on Gripeo.

Dr. Stephen Pincus aka Stephen J Pincus is a notorious Beverly Hills surgeon. He has a ton of negative reviews online where patients complain about how he ruined their lives. 

The guy takes no responsibility for his procedures. And if he makes a mistake during the procedure or botches your surgery, you can’t sue him because of his legal disclaimers. 

The following review will explore the various shenanigans of Dr. Stephen Pincus. You’ll find out how he has ruined numerous lives and why you should think twice before going to his clinic:

Who is Dr. Stephen Pincus M.D., F.A.C.S.?

Dr. Stephen Pincus is a cosmetic surgeon based in Beverly Hills. Stephen J Pincus has FACS and MD qualifications. Some of the services he provides are rhinoplasty, facelift, lips, rhinoplasty revision, neck lift, and eyelid-brow lift. 

He claims to be a plastic surgeon who claims to have the experience and artistry necessary to perform proper procedures. Stephen claims that the photos and the detailed information he shares should build trust in anyone. However, he lies on his website and uses legal disclaimers to get away with it. 

Stephen J Pincus’s clinic is located at 465 N Roxbury Dr Suite 901, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. His online profiles would make him seem like a genuine expert. However, he has created such an online presence only to mislead consumers and patients. 

There are many negative reviews on Stephen J Pincus available online. He has botched numerous procedures but he doesn’t want anyone to find out about them. That’s why I wrote this Dr. Stephen Pincus review. 

The Hidden Disclaimer & Twisted Testimonials

Stephen J Pincus claims to be an honest man but his website indicates otherwise. His website has a legal disclaimer about the “Before and After Photos” he has posted there. 

The disclaimer says that individual results may vary and some images might be models. It means he has used fake images in his Before and After Photos section. Stephen should specify which images are models and which aren’t. 

This means most of the pictures present on his images are edited and of models. They are not his actual patients. 

Dr. Stephen Pincus has kept the disclaimer ambiguous on purpose. 

It allows him to stay immune from any lawsuits if the patient gets poor results. You can’t hold him responsible for giving you a blocked nose or scars on your face because of this tiny disclaimer. 

This is a very popular tactic among shady surgeons and doctors. They will keep a small disclaimer in their terms of service and use it to get immunity from any legal repercussions. Dr. Randal Haworth is a similar medical professional who uses legal disclaimers to get away with negligence. Countless people have complained about his poor service and lack of expertise online. However, he doesn’t face many legal consequences because of such a disclaimer.

That’s why you should be wary of any surgeon who uses this tactic. 

Dr. Stephen J Pincus and His Fake Reviews

Stephen’s website has a dedicated section for testimonials. These are unverifiable reviews with no pictures or proof of their validity. 

You wouldn’t find these reviews on any third-party website. This makes them more suspicious. 

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Why would any service provider have multiple unverifiable positive reviews on their own website? 

Certainly, they are trying to mislead customers. Because a good service provider wouldn’t need to use such a cheap marketing tactic to lure customers. Their work would speak for itself. 

This is another example of using unethical business practices to manipulate customers. Val Morgan Immigration is an online scammer that uses this exact tactic. They have created a page that has nothing but praises for their services. There’s no way to verify if those praises are from actual people or customers. You have to take their word for it. 

Stephen Pincus MD could have at least added a few images to add credibility to those reviews. It’s his own website after all. But there weren’t any images to add which is why not even a single review on his website has an image to support its claims. 

Obviously, Dr. Pincus has posted fake reviews on his website so he can bury the various complaints his customers have posted online on different platforms. 

Dr. Pincus’ Procedure Caused Permanent Facial Damage

Dr Stephen Pincus review

The reviewer’s surgeon had allowed Dr. Stephen Pincus to enter their surgery room with two fellowship students. They hadn’t given consent to any of this. Stephen had performed poor procedures on their ears, nasal cavity, and sinuses. The reviewer says that Stephen’s procedure was inhumane. And it inflicted substantial damage on their body. 

You can understand the pain this person must have went through. What’s worse is they aren’t alone. There are many other reviewers who had similar experiences. 

Botched Rhinoplasty Results In Irreparable Damages

Stephen J Pincus review

Stephen J Pincus ruined this person’s face. They had a primary rhinoplasty with him in 2006. But the right side of their face started deflating after a few years so they went to see him about a revision. However, they point out that the revision surgery was the worst decision of their life. Dr. Stephen botched the procedure and their nose became 20 times worse. 

The procedure gave them a pinched nose and a very droopy tip. Moreover, they couldn’t breathe. They say their friends and family were shocked to see that Pincus had charged them for fixing his mistake and failing at it. 

The person didn’t want to take any pictures of their wedding because of the ruined nose. What’s worse is when they visited Stephen’s office for a follow up he behaved rudely and wanted more money. The person has contacted many surgeons to fix the issues of their nose but no surgeon wants to touch the case. You can understand how depressing this ordeal must have been for this person. 

The reviewer says that Dr. Stephen killed their self-esteem. 

Such surgeons are dangerous because they charge their patients exponentially and don’t take any responsibility for their misdeeds. Another surgeon who’s notorious for botching such procedures without taking any accountability is Dr. Dean Toriumi. He has done multiple rhinoplasties that ruined the appearance of the patient. Moreover, he doesn’t take any responsibility for his terrible procedures like Dr. Stephen Pincus. 

Patient Sued Dr. Pincus For Medical Negligence

Dr. Stephen Pincus review 2

Stephen had performed a surgery on this person’s eyes 2 years before the review. He didn’t give them any pre-op instructions. And it caused bleeding later when the patient took Advil. Stephen and his staff hadn’t informed them of any precautions. 

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The patient had to spend many months in pain with permanent damage after the surgery Stephen did on them. This person had filed a lawsuit against Dr. Pincus and won the lawsuit. However, Stephen won the appeal with his expensive attorney. The patient warns others that they should hire a specialist and not this guy. 

You can understand how careless Stephen J Pincus is by seeing how he handles his patients. This person had bleeding and instead of telling to go to the ER, he suggested to get some ice. Imagine the horror. He is an expert and this is the kind of medical advice he gives to his patients. Anything could have happened to this person because of his sheer negligence. That’s why I thought it was important to write this Stephen Pincus review. 

Rhinoplasty Results In Uneven Nostrils, Bumpy Nose Bridge, And  2 More Surgeries

Dr. Stephen Pincus review 3

This was a painful review to read. However, I must thank this person for their bravery. We need more people who share their negative experiences in such detail. It helps in holding surgeons like Dr. Pincus accountable. 

The reviewer updated their review twice. I’ll go through each one of them to explain how Stephen mistreated this patient. 

Originally, this person had a surgery from Dr. Pincus for correcting a deviated septum. They also wanted a minor cosmetic procedure to reduce their nose’s projection. He performed two surgeries on this person. The second one was a revision procedure to fix a mistake he made in the first surgery. 

They say in their original review that they feel it was a waste to spend thousands of dollars on his procedures. Because they traded one insecurity with another. They point out that they felt insecure about their nose’s projection since childhood. Now, the projection is good but they have uneven nostrils. Moreover, the uneven nostrils are visible from the front. 

Stephen says that nothing on their body is symmetrical and only the nostrils look symmetrical. The second surgery was to fix this issue but it didn’t do anything. They realize that no one can have the “perfect” nose but after spending $6,000 they felt betrayed. Moreover, a staff member called Wendy changed her behaviour after this person had paid the place. 

She seemed bothered by their calls even though they were only calling to schedule their appointments. They also highlight that Stephen doesn’t seem very informative during interactions. He seems always in a hurry. 

First update:

The reviewer updated this review a few weeks later. Obviously, Stephen and his staff had read their original review and didn’t like it. They did a 180 and completely changed their behaviour. Because of that, the person gave them a 4 out of 5-star rating in this update. Note that it’s not the last update.

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The person say that they met with Stephen for a post-op appointment. They wanted him to address their concerns about their uneven nostrils and other issues. Stephen gave them a steroid injection to reduce the scar tissue which might be responsible for their nostrils’ unevenness. 

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The reviewer was very hopeful in this update. Stephen and his staff member Wendy changed their behaviour. Wendy was very nice while Stephen was very informative during this visit. 

Second update:

Dr. Stephen Pincus review 4

This is the latest update on their review. All the healing, swelling, etc. has happened by now. However, the results of the surgery have been very upsetting for this person. 

They had two surgeries where the second one was to fix the mistakes of the first one. But it didn’t yield any positive results. They have uneven nostrils which they never had before. The steroid injections Stephen gave this person didn’t do much. 

They highlight that their appearance has become awful. And it’s sad. Moreover, Stephen read their review and printed it out for his meeting with them. He said he wouldn’t do anything else because of their comments. Imagine that. 

Stephen J Pincus didn’t want to take any responsibility for his actions so he blamed the reviewer instead. He wanted this person to delete their review if they wanted him to fix his own mistake. This is how selfish surgeons intimidate their customers. They force them to delete their honest reviews. I wonder how many people would have posted fake reviews for him just so he would fix his botched procedures. 

The reviewer says that they will need another surgery to fix the mistake. I’m glad they didn’t delete their review. Otherwise, no one could have found out about Stephen’s negligence and unprofessional behavior. 

Dr Stephen Pincus Molests Patients

<stephen review>

Dr. Stephen Pincus
A snippet of the complaint

This was a horrible review to read. It gave me chills. 

This person had seen Dr. Stephen to get an opinion on what procedure they should get. He said they had a deviated septum and needed a rhinoplasty. 

The reviewer points out that he is a monster. He told them that the examination wouldn’t hurt and so they wouldn’t need to have anyone by their side. The reviewer says that Stephen behaved very amicably during the start of their visit. He wanted to win their trust. 

Stephen told them about something called “clitoral-nasal reflex”. And he said that he needed to touch them there to check their blood flow. I wouldn’t go into much detail. All I would say is that he used the made-up reflex as an excuse to sexually harass this person. 

Note that very few people share their experiences online. Particularly, experiences like this one. There could be plenty of more victims but we never hear about them because they stayed silent. 

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Stephen J Pincus Doesn’t Listen to His Patients and Does Whatever He Wants

Dr. Stephen Pincus complaint

This is another example of how Stephen has been ruining lives through his Beverly Hills clinic.

The person highlights that every person should read the negative reviews on Stephen and study them. They spent $22,000 for a nose job and it went horrible. Stephen didn’t listen to what they wanted and did whatever he wanted to do during the surgery. 

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They wanted him to remove their nasal hump. He recommended lowering the nasal bridge by a bit and pushing up the tip to balance the hump. Stephen wanted to keep the hump intact. And the reviewer didn’t want that. They wanted the opposite. 

The reviewer wanted to remove the hump. Preservation is the opposite of removal and they highlighted this. He said that it’s fine and the patient doesn’t have to worry. 

Stephen did the “before and after” imaging. He explained that the reviewer should clarify any misunderstandings right now. Stephen explained the procedure and said that he will add a chunk of cartilage to their nose after removing the hump from their ear. 

However, Dr. Stephen revealed in the first post-op visit that there isn’t any increased tip projection. He said it was impossible and it couldn’t fit because there was no space. 

This is pure negligence. He would have known that the procedure was impossible during the consultation. Why didn’t he point this out beforehand? The patient found out the results a year after the surgery.

He didn’t remove the hump at all. Instead, he lowered the nasal bridge to push up the tip and balance the hump. Clearly, he did what we wanted to instead of listening to the patient. 

The reviewer has shared multiple images which I have added below. You can see that he didn’t remove the hump. The first two pictures are of the patient before the surgery and the rest are them after. He pushed the tip upwards to hide the hump. 

They say it’s like paying a dermatologist to remove a mole. And the dermatologist charges you for it. But instead of removing the mole they simply add concealer over it. 

Stephen said that he feels great about the procedure regardless of the hump. The patient pointed out that he did the opposite of what they had agreed on. Stephen replied by saying that there are no guarantees or promises and they have already signed his paperwork. 

The patient requested a refund but Stephen denied it. He said he has stopped issuing refunds to people. That’s why you should read the legal documents these Beverly Hills surgeons make you sign. They take zero responsibility for their actions. And you are left with the botched results. 

Dr Stephen Pincus Review: Verdict

Stephen has ruined many lives. He doesn’t listen to his patients, can’t control his sexual urges, and takes no responsibility for his mistakes. 

All of this suggests that it would be best to avoid this cosmetic surgeon. You should look for someone who cares about their patients and takes their craft seriously. It seems like Stephen is only in it for the money. 

2.9Expert Score
Best to Avoid

Dr. Stephen Pincus aka Stephen J Pincus is a dangerous medical professional. He doesn’t care about his patients, only their wallets. It would be best to find someone else in Beverly Hills.

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  • Doesn't listen to patients
  • Sexually harasses his patients
  • Takes no responsibility
  • Uses fake reviews to bury complaints
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