Dr. Steven J. White: Exposing Multiple Botched Surgeries and Fabricated Reviews”

Dr. Steven J. White is a plastic surgeon in the Texas city of Dallas. In his practice, USA Plastic Surgery, he does facelifts, breast augmentation, liposuction, and a lot of other things.

But this doctor might not be as good as he tries to make himself out to be. Too many people have bad things to say about the guy’s business. His people say that he is rude, makes mistakes, and charges too much. This Dr. Steven White review will tell you more about what it’s like to work with him:


What Dr. Steven J. White Claims To Be: Using Dirty Marketing Tactics To Manipulate Masses

Dr. Steven White is a plastic surgeon based in Dallas, Texas. His address is 8230 Walnut Hill Ln Suite 814 Building 3, Dallas, TX 75231, US. He offers cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for the body, skin, face, and breasts. He claims to be a perfectionist but his reviews tell a different story. His clinic’s name is USA Plastic Surgery

Reviews of his clinic, USA Plastic Surgery, said that he doesn’t respect his patients, who are mostly women, and that he has botched many treatments.

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Putting fake pictures in the “Before and After Photos” part of his website is a cheap way for Dr. Steven J. White to trick clients. At the bottom of his website, he has put a small note saying that his pictures “may contain models.”

According to the various reviews on his clinic, USA Plastic Surgery, this guy doesn’t treat his patients (who are mostly female) with respect and has botched many procedures. 

A cheap tactic Dr. Steven J. White uses to manipulate clients is posting fake pictures in his “Before and After Photos” section of the website. He has put a small disclaimer in the footer of his website which says that his images “may contain models”. 

This is the formal way for him to say that these pictures are not real. You can’t blame him for lying, either. You should be wary of any doctor whose website says things like this. For example, Dr. Randal Haworth is known for being a bad plastic surgeon who has messed up many operations. He also puts a warning like this to keep himself out of trouble with the law.

Dr. Steven Doesn’t Meet His Patients

USA Plastic Surgery - Dr. Steven J. White reviews

This reviewer had a meeting with Dr. Steven to talk about gynecomastia surgery. They didn’t see the doctor, though. Instead, they talked to a young girl who answered the phone there. She seemed new, and her answers to the reviewer’s questions were like they were read from a script. Also, she couldn’t answer some of the reviewer’s questions because she was reading from a script.

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When the reviewer asked how much their treatment would cost, she gave a range of $5,000 to $6,000, which was fine with the reviewer. But when they said that they had used steroids ten years ago, the young girl left the room and left the patient alone for 25 minutes. Then she came back and said the new price range would be between $8000 and $11,000. She didn’t say why she had nearly doubled the price she had set.

USA Plastic Surgery - Dr. Steven J. White reviews

This writer says that Dr. Steven White doesn’t work with people who don’t look like models. Normal people, especially those who are overweight, are hard for him to deal with.

Someone had called his office to talk to him. His staff asked them over the phone what their BMI was and told them it was too high for their center. Disappointed, they called three other plastic surgeons, but none of them asked this person about their body mass index (BMI) for the treatment they wanted.

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The staff at Dr. White’s office also told this reviewer to lose weight and call them when she did. The reviewer says that the woman’s height and weight are about right and that this shows how biased this surgeon is.

Botched a Procedure

USA Plastic Surgery - Dr. Steven J. White reviews

This person had a breast reduction done by Dr. White. But he left too much on the sides, so they had to go to another doctor for a second surgery. Also, they tell other customers that USA Plastic Surgery might try to cheat their insurance companies, so you should be careful when you share information here.

Insulting Clients 

USA Plastic Surgery - Dr. Steven J. White reviews

This person was at Dr. Steven J. White’s office for four hours. But none of his staff members helped the reviewer in any way. The writer wasn’t even asked if they needed water. The reviewer also says that Dr. White uses a lot of tricks to control people, which made the reviewer feel very uneasy.

The staff argued with them and used many insults against this reviewer. They even told the reviewer that they needed to wear makeup. 

False Promises and Botched Procedure

USA Plastic Surgery - Dr. Steven J. White reviews

Rude Staff and Terrible Pricing

USA Plastic Surgery - Dr. Steven J. White reviews

According to the various Dr. Steven White reviews, the most prevalent issues in his clinic are: 

  • Poor office environment
  • Rude and unfriendly staff
  • Difficult to schedule appointments
  • Rushing appointments
  • Forcing patients to wait for long periods
  • Doesn’t listen to patients or answer questions
  • Patients don’t trust Steven’s decisions
  • Dr. White doesn’t explain the conditions properly
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All of these are significant red flags. Such a huge quantity of issues suggests that Dr. White doesn’t focus on providing quality care to his clients. There’s a good chance that he only views his patients as ATMs. Keep these points in mind while considering USA Plastic Surgery as an option. 

Should You Hire Dr. Steven J. White? 

Avoid At All Costs!

Dr. Steven J. White of USA Plastic Surgery has too many complaints against his clinic. His patients complain of disrespectful & rude staff, botched procedures, and lack of attention. Moreover, this doctor uses a legal disclaimer on his website so he can lie to his patients as much as he wants. 
These are all huge red flags. All of this suggests that it would be unsafe to work with this doctor. You’d be better off at a clinic that has a well-behaved staff and whose doctor really cares about his patients. Certainly, Dr. White isn’t a good pick who wants positive results.

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