Dr. William Mooney: Kills Patients, Gets Banned For A Year

Dr. William Mooney
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Dozens of patients have reached out to A Current Affair over the years to discuss their allegedly horrible encounters with Dr. William Mooney.
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Dozens of patients have reached out to A Current Affair over the years to discuss their allegedly horrible encounters with Dr. William Mooney.

When A Current Affair previously questioned Dr. Mooney about some of the charges, he had nothing to say, but now the law has finally caught up with the star surgeon.

Dr. William Mooney scam

Two of Dr. Mooney’s patients died, prompting his dismissal and a one-year restriction from practising medicine.

Residents continue to lose money while their vehicles stay stranded for nine months.
After the Medical Council put a variety of limitations on Dr. Mooney’s registration in 2019, A Current Affair launched their investigation.

Almost three years later, a tribunal determined that he committed professional misconduct in respect to two of his patients who died after surgery.

The identity of the victims have subsequently been concealed.

Dr. William Mooney

“Patient A” was a 24-year-old student who maintained his family by working two jobs.
Shortly after his buddy’s death, A Current Affair met with a close family friend, who also cannot be recognised owing to the suppression.

The companion followed the sorrowful family to the attorney’s office.
In the midst of a storage dispute, a woman discovers her lost possessions inside a Mitre 10 retail store.
The patient’s companion told A Current Affair, “I would describe him as very cold and callous,”
“They (the relatives of ‘Patient A’) said, ‘We don’t want money; we want justice. “This individual must be stopped”
“Patient A” had sleep apnea surgery with Dr. Mooney in February 2018.
During the procedure, which according to specialists should have lasted around one and a half hours, Dr. Mooney nicked an artery.
Dr. Mooney’s operation lasted just 23 minutes.

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Dr. William Mooney

“He was released and within hours of coming home he was spewing and throwing up blood,” stated the patient’s buddy.
The patient had serious brain injury as a consequence of a massive haemorrhage and cardiac arrest.
His life support was disconnected one month later.

“Patient B” passed away the year before.
Dr. Mooney pierced the bone under the patient’s brain and ruptured an artery, causing haemorrhage.
Stephen, who claimed to be another one of Dr. Mooney’s patients, stated he was “psychologically not good” after placing all his confidence in Dr. Mooney.
“Under his care, patients have perished, which is rather frightening. Stephen said, “I’m among the fortunate.”
“It’s something I wouldn’t even want my worst enemy to go through.”
After visiting Dr. Mooney, he said, “I wasn’t feeling well, I kept on vomiting blood”
He believes that a one-year suspension is not severe enough.
Stephen said, “I don’t think this doctor should be operating at all,”
In 2017, Dr. Mooney was subject to weekly drug testing after AHPRA received a complaint that he had a sexual contact with a patient and used cocaine.
The panel determined that Dr. Mooney lied when he submitted medical certifications to justify his absence from 2018 drug testing.
The most severe consequence of a prosecution is the revocation of a practitioner’s licence.
A practitioner is not simply re-registered; they must first apply to the Tribunal for reinstatement, which may allow the application with or without limitations, or deny it outright.
If Dr. Mooney is restored, he will be required to reapply for AHPRA registration and demonstrate his fitness to practise.

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Dr. Michael Molton, president of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia, said that although a one-year ban may seem to be minor, this is not a criminal case.
Before undergoing these operations, patients should do research on the associated hazards and be informed of those risks.

Dr. Molton said that patients must speak up.

He said, “By making a complaint, they are protecting other people,”
Dr. Mooney told A Current Affair in a statement that he accepts the tribunal’s ruling, stating, “Surgeons are human, and errors may occur despite our best intentions and procedures.
Any unfavourable result is completely upsetting.
He said, “I hope to return to practise where I can continue to serve the community,”
After his trauma, Stephen’s advise to potential patients is, “Do your research, make sure you’re in safe hands.
Dr. Mooney may file an appeal against this verdict.

Dr. William Mooney’s Statement Regarding the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal’s Decision: April 22, 2022

April 22, 2022

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Dr William Mooney respects the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal’s decision and he hopes the measures being put in place will maintain faith in due process and restore confidence in his practice.

Over the last 30 years Dr Mooney has successfully operated upon more than 20,000 patients, many of whom suffered from extremely challenging and complicated medical issues.

As a fully qualified ear, nose and throat, head and neck oncology surgeon, Dr Mooney has always strived to perform to the highest local and international standards of care, particularly in recent years when he has operated under supervision without incident.

He said “I feel extremely privileged to have improved the lives of my patients with meticulous care and management. At all times my over-arching intention has been to heal my patients’ often severe and even life-threatening injuries and illnesses through surgery.

“I love the challenge of diagnosis, the process of planning treatment and the joy of restoring my patients’ happy and healthy lives. I understand the challenge of surgery, the risks involved and the difficulties that can occur.

“Surgeons are human and mistakes can occur despite our best intentions and practices. Any adverse outcome is utterly heartbreaking. Every single day begins and ends for me with my patients’ wellbeing in mind and achieving the best outcome for them through diligence, precision and patience.

“I hope to return to practice where I can continue to serve the community.” he concluded.

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Dr. William Mooney: Kills Patients, Gets Banned For A Year
Dr. William Mooney: Kills Patients, Gets Banned For A Year
Reported Loss Of Lives
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