Earth 2: Yet Another Deceptive MLM Scheme

The website (Earth 2) facilitates the buying and selling of digital real estate for cash. Because of the developers’ intense advertising, many people have shown interest in this investment opportunity.

Here’s a synopsis for those who don’t have time to read the complete review:

  1. Earth 2 is a pyramid scheme that preys on recent college and university grads. Stay far away from that!
  2. The low entry point and the presence of affiliate marketers are largely responsible for Earth 2’s meteoric rise in popularity.
  3. Hundreds of social media stars, students, and TikTokers are spreading the word about Earth 2 ( and encouraging their followers to sign up with their unique affiliate link. Online investment and course scams, like Private Label Masters, are notorious for this.

In this Earth 2 review, I’ll show you how the site’s creators are ripping off thousands of users. Let’s get right down to business.

About Earth 2’s Founders

Shane Issac created Earth 2 in his spare time. He boasts an incredible twenty years of experience in product management, development, and management. However, not all of his assertions are supported by evidence.

His LinkedIn profile is his longest-running online presence, having gone live just a few months ago. Isn’t that a little bit shady? I performed some research into Isaac’s past and found some interesting things.

Shane Issac
Shane Issac

TipeME Holdings Pty Ltd was founded by Shane in 2018, yet the Earth 2 crew never once mentions this entity. This is probably done to protect personal information in case Shane Isaac disappears with the funds. This is a popular tactic used by con artists who run Ponzi schemes.

An encryption patent was been submitted by TipeMe Holdings Pty Ltd (ACN: 616210603) of 23 Agnes Street Birkdale, Queensland AU. Shelston Intellectual Property is responsible for filing the patent. An overview of the patent follows:

Some may find this information to be irrelevant, but it is vital for those who have already fallen for this hoax. If Shane runs off with the cash, this will be a good way to hunt him down. Just in case, jot down the AIC and the names of the companies.

In addition to Shane, the team includes Nathaniel Doldersum, the project’s primary game developer, and Dillion Seo, the co-founder of Oculus VR. In addition to Wolfgang Walk and the aforementioned, we can also mention Ralf C. Adam, Ferran Galvan, Steve Bennett, Samuel Dale, Stojce Slavkovski, Sebastiaan Fehr, and David Novakovic.

Lies in Ads (the Earth 2 Affiliate Program)

This may be the last report or review of Earth 2 ( that you ever read.


Because Earth 2 offers a lucrative affiliate program that rewards bloggers and influencers handsomely for bringing in new customers. Everyone who uses Earth 2 receives a referral code, which may be used to earn a 5% bonus. There is no logical or mathematical way for the corporation to generate this extra 5% of income without robbing other customers.

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As a result, a vast army of affiliates has been mobilized to flood the web with glowing reviews of Earth 2 and phony proof of their financial success. To understand this poisonous society, a real-world example is necessary.


The finest investment opportunity for 2021, according to the answers on this famous Quora topic about Earth 2. On the other hand, if you look attentively, you’ll see that they also include a referral code.

Twenty to fifty more Earth 2 affiliate links will have been posted by the time you read this. Which is evidence of the company’s successful manipulation of the general public. Even though the in-game currency has no value outside of the game, these “affiliates” seem unaware that they are not being paid in real money.

Executives at Earth 2 can use this to bury any negative press about their Ponzi scheme and continue stealing from their investors.

Matt Lorion’s Involvement

Matt Lorion
Matt Lorion

Lorion uploads videos to without any sense of decorum. People looking for an unbiased opinion on Earth 2 have been seen watching the films in large numbers. However, they will likely be told falsehoods instead of the truth by Matt, whose only interest is in having as many people as possible utilize his referral code.

If you’re on Earth 2, please don’t view his videos. Affiliate potential plays a major role, and lead generation is his primary goal with these videos.

Normally I don’t weigh in on situations like this, but what Mr. Lorion is doing is disgusting.


If you search for “earth 2 io” on Google, you’ll find this Medium post right at the top of the results page. The platform and its advantages are discussed at length, however, the platform’s terrible withdrawal method and shady practices are glossed over.

However, a closer read reveals that this piece is dishonest as well. The author, like every other affiliate, is aiming to generate as many leads as possible through his referral code, which he advertises a total of three times.

This guy stepped it up by making a whole Medium account just to share his referral link. He’s probably focusing exclusively on this work at the moment.


Trustpilot may get more negative reviews than any other platform. To artificially boost their star rating, many businesses submit phony 5-star “user” evaluations on this site. But it’s not happening on Earth 2. By doing this, they enable their members to engage in fraudulent 5-star reviews.

The sheer volume of five-star evaluations on Trustpilot for Earth 2 io is fascinating. However, here’s the catch: almost all of these testimonials include a referral code. I don’t think any further explanation is necessary.

You may be thinking one of two things right now: To either 1) “What a horrible scam!” or 2) “I should become an affiliate too, this is easy money!”

If (1) is what you’ve been thinking, then congratulations: you are a good and moral person. But if you are thinking (2), I have some discouraging news for you.

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Even Earth 2 Affiliates Have Fallen Victim to the Scam

The game currency is not a genuine currency with real exchange rates, so it cannot be used outside of the game. It’s merely virtual currency, like V-bucks, that can be spent online. This is analogous to the practice of purchasing virtual currency (gold coins, etc.) in video games.

Since Earth 2 is technically simply a game and not an official investment, the game’s virtual currency has no real value and the developers are under no obligation to pay you anything.

Isaac is a very clever bird.

Earth 2 does not pay its partners in real money, but rather in-game currency. Most consumers probably won’t give this much thought because, for every real dollar you spend, the game pays you one in-game dollar. But in reality, affiliates are making money in an imaginary currency from which they have no guarantee of ever being able to extract any of it.

There are currently significant withdrawal concerns on this platform, and they will only worsen with time.

This is for those of you who are part of Earth 2:

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Shane Isaac has made a fool of you. I mean no offense; I’m genuinely trying to assist you. This is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme leading to an Exit fraud. Avoid interacting with these con artists at all costs.

Honest Customer Reviews On Earth 2 (A MUST READ!)

All of these comments about are genuine.

Because the withdrawal process has been purposefully made difficult and time-consuming, users are unable to obtain their funds from the website or game.

However, unless you dig, you’ll probably never find such reviews. To generate clicks, affiliates are spamming these discussions with fake 5-star reviews and comments.

These people’s money is gone forever, and they can do nothing about it now.

The Terms of Service for have been written with the express purpose of warding off legal action and customer complaints.

You don’t have to repeat the errors that brought this much pain to these folks.

Please make a withdrawal request if you have already invested money on this website. However, you shouldn’t get your hopes up.

Deposits are Simple, but Withdrawals Are a Hassle

Purchasing real estate on Earth 2 is a breeze.

To make a payment with PayPal, simply use the “Buy Now” option. You may buy something from Earth 2 in less than a minute with only one click.

The money from the sale of one of your properties will now be deposited into your Earth 2 account. Yes, but only in your Earth 2 account (not your PayPal or regular bank account).

You must send an email to Earth 2, detailing why you need your money, and include your full name, account number, and other identifying information. They can decide whether or not to release your funds at this point. There isn’t a single legitimate business that operates that way. No one.

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If you have money in your Amazon Pay wallet from a while ago and you’d like to get it out, here’s an example. Does Amazon require you to send an email with your whole history of purchases? Rather, it is dealt with instantly.

The convoluted withdrawal procedure on Earth just confirmed my initial thoughts. It’s a major warning sign that they’re up to no good.

Deceptive Service Agreements

A company’s ethics and mission can be gleaned from its policies and offerings. Many dubious businesses hide their dubious conditions and services so you can’t learn their genuine objectives.

When I read their terms and conditions, my worst fears about Earth 2 were confirmed.

Their terms and conditions state that they don’t have any obligation to ensure the accuracy of the information provided.

That is to say, developers are free to mislead and cheat customers by artificially inflating the price of whatever piece of land they choose. The term “fraud” does not do it justice.

This implies the prices displayed on their site may be inaccurate. You might think you’re putting your money into one thing, but in reality, there’s no telling what you’ll be buying.

Isaac might post completely false information on the internet and still not be held legally responsible.

Deceptive Service Agreements
Deceptive Service Agreements

Not only that.

Their agreement also gives them the right to close the business without giving prior notice to their shareholders.

What does it mean?

This allows them to just depart at any time while keeping all the money they’ve invested for themselves. Legit companies cannot have provisions in their terms and conditions that expose investors to such high risks.

Even though you have a share in the company, they will not inform you of their plans to close it down. Last but not least, there’s a provision stating that Earth 2 might adjust the pricing offered on its site as it sees fit., as a market provider, is not permitted to engage in price manipulation. If the SEC discovers that this corporation has this provision in its terms and conditions, it can take immediate action against it.

Many customers sign up with a company like Earth 2 without first reading the fine print, therefore this is an important topic to discuss. Scammers are aware of this, so they set up elaborate traps like the one Shane has set in the terms and conditions.


Ponzi Scheme:

We now have ample evidence that Earth 2 io is a fraudulent operation, and the SEC’s instruction supports this conclusion.

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The SEC has compiled a list of warning signs of fraud.

Low to No Risk, High Return on Investment

If the investment comes with a lot of guarantees, there’s a red flag that it’s a Ponzi scheme. There is always the possibility of losing money when investing. A higher return can be expected from an investment with higher risk.

A 401(k) plan, for instance, exposes investors to much less danger but offers much lower returns than the stock market. On the other hand, stock trading is fraught with peril.

Therefore, investments that promise high returns with negligible risk are fraudulent. Why is the seller parting with such a fantastic investment if it is, in fact, so great? Wouldn’t they just hoard the information and enrich themselves?

This is a characteristic of Isaac’s alternate Earth. Indicative of a Ponzi scheme, he makes numerous exaggerated claims regarding its profits while guaranteeing that it carries little to no risk.

Unlisted Investments

The lack of registration is another red flag that the investment is part of a Ponzi scam. Stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), commodities, and other assets are examples of registered investments. What you find on the NASDAQ, the LSE, and other stock exchanges.

Investments that do not need to be registered with the government are known as “unregistered investments.” Interstellar real estate is being offered for sale on Earth 2 without legal registration.

The success of an unregistered investment cannot be guaranteed by law. Because it is not regulated by the SEC or FINRA, you are at the mercy of the vendor.

Unlicensed investing firms typically are fraudulent.

Fraud Sellers

The SEC warns that the absence of a financial services license is a major red flag. Lack of a valid license indicates noncompliance with the standards set out by the relevant authorities in any given field.

It also indicates that the company is below par for its sector. The SEC has issued a warning about dealing with unauthorized investment marketers.

Earth 2 is not authorized to render banking services. So there is another proof that they are a hoax.

Problems with Withdrawing Funds

There should be alarm bells if the service provider makes it difficult to receive payments or complete withdrawals. They make it hard to withdraw money by adding unnecessary hurdles or simply disregarding withdrawal requests.

It’s practically impossible to get your money out of Earth 2, as I mentioned before because the withdrawal process is so convoluted.

Take note of how these warning signs can be found in the terms and conditions offered by Earth 2 io. The SEC is the industry watchdog, therefore I think it’s safe to trust their judgment on this.



After looking into it, it’s clear that Earth 2 is a bad investment proposition that preys on young people. People are duped into depositing money through a system that mimics microtransactions. They are not a legal or recognized form of investment. Investors/players are severely limited in their ability to take legal action due to the terms of service, and most individuals are put off by the overly complicated withdrawal process.

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