Easy Street Capital: Lawsuit and Mistreatment of Clients 2023

The mortgage loans provided by Easy Street Capital are used to purchase investment properties. Customers say the company’s supposedly streamlined loan procedures are anything but.

This evaluation of Easy Street Capital is meant to help you see through the company’s lofty marketing claims. You can learn more about this firm and decide if you can trust them based on what their customers have to say about them.

About Easy Street Capital

Austin-based mortgage lender Easy Street Capital provides loans to borrowers. Austin, Texas 78701, USA: 201 W. 5th St., Suite 1100, Office 24. You can reach them at 512-271-0941 on business days between 9 AM and 6 PM. They launched in 2016, so they’re not quite new.

It bills itself as a hard money lender with investment property lending options. As a lender with complete latitude in terms of making loans, they say they can accommodate borrowers with a wide range of credit and income histories by financing their next investment property.

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It appears to be a rich opportunity, but there is a catch.

There are complaints that Easy Street Capital drags out procedures. Their critiques emphasize that the company’s rates are more than the market average and that the employees are exceedingly uncooperative.

At this point, the company says it handles every aspect of the loan process in-house, from payment application. They state that this helps them streamline the loan application process, which ultimately benefits the customer.

However, the feedback they’ve received casts serious doubt on their veracity.

You may find them on Instagram under the handle @easystreetcap. The most obvious motivation for posting glowing testimonials is to attract new business.

To divert attention away from their customers’ complaints, several businesses keep active social media profiles. The Few Institute, a plastic surgery practice in Chicago, is only one example of a facility with a long history of surgical mishaps. The surgeon there is quite conceited and never owns up to his mistakes. His huge social media presence, however, ensures that none of his prospective customers learn of this.

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Who is Stephen Hagerman?

Stephen Hagerman started Easy Street Capital and serves as its president. He claims to have bought and sold over $1 billion in Texas and California real estate. Back in 2016, he started Easy Street Capital. Stephen co-founded and ran Aslan Residential for 7 years before he started this financing company.

Stephen, the president, apparently doesn’t give a hoot about his customers. The fact that a lawsuit has been filed against his company is proof of this.

Luis Gonzalez is being sued by Easy Street Capital.

On April 13, 2021, Luis Gonzalez sued Easy Street Capital for damages to his property. The case is now open at the Norwalk Courthouse in Los Angeles County Superior Courts.

Since the case is still in the works, not much can be spoken about it at this time. They don’t want new customers to learn that a dissatisfied client has taken them to court.

To read more about the case, see the Easy Street Capital lawsuit.

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Horrible Service, Exorbitant Fees, Never-Ending Wait Times, and No Leeway for Modification

Earl emphasizes the difficulty of doing business with this company. Working with Easy Street’s account manager Kelly Smith, they bring up the firm’s exorbitant rates and lack of draw flexibility.

This is just one criticism among many that I’ve provided as an illustration. It’s a fantastic representation of what it’d be like to work for Stephen and his firm.

Stephen Hagerman is luring away employees

It appears that Stephen enjoys taking jobs away from others. It’s a brief review, but it states “They take your employees” this company. I take it that Stephen is not beyond using dishonest methods to advance his business.


There’s no mistaking the complexity of Easy Street Capital. A dissatisfied customer has filed a lawsuit against them, and they have received numerous unfavorable testimonials.

All of these warning signs indicate that you should probably stay away from this Texas mortgage provider. You put yourself in danger if you choose to work with a questionable lender, but this is easily prevented. One notorious lender operating a VA loan fraud is JFQ Lending.

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