Edward Scott: Racist Bigot Exposed for Incompetence

Edward Scott of ElectrifAi has been exposed as a racist by his employees. Sources reveal he is quite incompetent as well. Beware.

Edwart Scott is an incompetent manager who has been exposed as a racist.

His employees revealed that he uses extremely deragotary terms for minorities and has a disdainful perspective for them.

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The following review explores the professional achievements of Edward Scott, his racist beliefs, his incompetence and why you should avoid associating with him.

What Edwart Scott Claims to Be:

Edward Scott is known as the CEO of ElectrifAi, one of the most established AI item organizations in the US serving the Fortune 500 as well as the state and federal areas. Ed has more than 25 years of involvement with the innovation and confidential value areas fabricating, overseeing and putting resources into many high-development endeavors around the world.

Ed began his profession in the LBO gathering of Drexel Burnham Lambert and joined the Apollo Venture Asset in 1990. While at Apollo, Ed put resources into many organizations across different enterprises zeroing in fundamentally on the TMT area, synthetic substances, transportation and monetary administrations areas and was on the governing body for various Apollo portfolio organizations.

Edward Scott was likewise an accomplice at the Baker Communications Fund, starting and dealing with the company’s two best portfolio organization speculations, the two of which have become extravagant endeavors: Akamai Innovations (NASDAQ:AKAM) and Interxion Holding NV (NASDAQ: INXN). Akamai is the worldwide forerunner in happy conveyance and edge processing and Interxion is the biggest server farm and overseen administrations business in Europe. Ed has stood firm on senior-level footholds at Napier Park Worldwide Capital and White Oak Worldwide Counselors.

Whistleblowers Explore Edward Scott’s Incompetence and Racism:

They claim that ElectrifAi is promoting an inappropriately evolved medical care simulated intelligence device in the midst of a pandemic and blames the CEO of racism, a charge that tracks down verification in a business claim. The organization pushes back saying the item is being utilized by unidentified medical services substances, is recorded on the Microsoft Azure marketplace, and charges against Chief are basically false.

edward scott

For a really long time, Opera Solutions carried on with work as an information examination counseling organization helping clients both all through medical services. They incorporate the Middle for Federal health care and Medicaid Administrations, where the organization’s information investigation chops assisted them with scoring a functional examination and misrepresentation reconnaissance contract.

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In any case, monetary fumble drove lenders to come calling and at last one of them — a confidential value firm situated in San Francisco called White Oak Worldwide Counselors — assumed control over the organization. In late 2018, Edward Scott, overseeing chief at White Oak, was named CEO of Opera.

From that point on, the organization has been on a determined makeover excursion to introduce itself as an artificial intelligence, products organization. It even got another name — ElectrifAi (under Edward Scott). At the point when Coronavirus arose into the U.S. cognizance, the organization started promoting an item in the medical clinic world. However, individuals who refer to themselves as “informants” and decline to freely recognize their relationship with ElectrifAi say the head has no garments.

They claim that ElectrifAi (or Opera) has zero clinical experience histoically and has never worked with imaging information, which is the very reason for the organization’s PulmoAi item. Yet, throughout recent months, Scott and ElectrifAi’s senior executives have promoted PulmoAi, which has no FDA approval or clearance, saying it can rapidly analyze Coronavirus in trauma centers and assist specialists with arriving at conclusions about who needs hospitalization and who can be securely sent home.

The informants accept such is life being showcased is risky to individuals during a pandemic. Beside their alarming charges about the item, the gathering additionally guarantees that Scott’s administrative style has prompted clients to quit recharging contracts. Further, Edward Scott’s bigoted mentality toward representatives of Indian drop and different minorities has left worker confidence at a nadir.

A business segregation claim recorded on Aug. 24 authenticates the informants’ portrayal charging that Edward Scott more than once referred to Indians as, “grimy” and those in administrative roles that he terminated in the wake of taking over as “the Indian Mafia.”

The informants expect Edward Scott to be supplanted by somebody more able, aware and legitimate. Through an emergency correspondences master with an impressive standing, the organization proclaimed that PulmoAi is real, is being utilized by anonymous medical services substances, and is highlighted in Microsoft Azure’s cloud marketplace. ElectrifAi additionally denied all charges of bigotry, segregation, and sexism as completely misleading.

“Computerizing Early Analyses of Coronavirus”

In Walk, an advertising proficient sent an appealing pitch — “Utilizing PC vision, ElectrifAi has made a program that can recognize pneumonia-like side effects through CT sweeps of the lungs and are currently working with emergency clinics overall to gather significant pictures to additional train the artificial intelligence and completely computerize early findings of Coronavirus which presents in basically the same manner.”

So half a month after that, MedCity News distributed this story toward the beginning of April that endeavored to test Scott’s statements. In the meeting, he gave no insights regarding the innovation, named no European medical clinics or other abroad medical clinics where he said the computer-based intelligence was prepared or potentially sent. Also, Dr. Craig Sherman, service line director of Neuroradiology at Catholic Health Administrations, while “dazzled” by the organization’s device and anxious to send it inescapably, recognized he was a paid expert of ElectrifAi. When the regulatory administrative work could be managed, Sherman would send over X-Raya to ElectrifAi.

Five months after that meeting with Sherman and Scott, it’s not satisfactory whether Catholic Wellbeing Administrations of Long Island ever utilized ElectrifAi’s PulmoAi. 

Independently, following half a month of unanswered voice messages and messages to media contacts at the health system, one answered:

“Thanks for your inquiry. Please connect with those who you spoke with for your original story.” – Greg Sleter, Public Relations & Brand Reputation Manager, Catholic Health Services

Sleter didn’t replied to a received follow-up email.

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After the MedCity story distributed on April 6, a fairly cautious and extended blog rose up out of ElectrifAi half a month after the fact. The organization’s main argument that they return to all through the piece is that it’s unadulterated math, 1+ 1=2 and they are just attempting to help individuals.

John Quackenbush, Henry Pickering Walcott teacher of computational science and bioinformatics and seat, Branch of Biostatistics, at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of General Wellbeing, decoded the post. He tracked down the contentions, “pretty irrational.” In an email, he composed:

They guarantee they prepared their calculation with 10 Coronavirus patients. Anybody doing machine learning will let you know that the test size is excessively little to reach any significant inferences.

They could contend that they misshape the pictures and that they add commotion, so the viable number is bigger, yet the inquiry is whether this catches the variety of pictures that one would find practically speaking. The response is basically that ten of anything this complex isn’t sufficient. Will it work on a Siemens or a Phillips or a GE machine? At what settings? Assuming the machine is new or old? In case the patient has been on a ventilator? On the off chance that they were a smoker? Assuming they had emphysema.

[They] guarantee they just prepared with Coronavirus pictures. So the inquiry did they prepare against? Basically, in the event that the calculation is intended to respond to the inquiry, “Yes or no, does my patient have Coronavirus?”, then, at that point, you really want instances of both “Yes” and “No.” Assuming that the calculation is prepared on an informational index where the main response is “Yes,” then the main response it can give is “Yes.”

They state, “We care very little about distributing research in a work for self-advancement and companion accolades. Our only interest to open up the innovations so they can assist with peopling all over the planet.” Yet they never make their code accessible and they haven’t distributed anything, so no one has the chance to really survey what they have done and they positively haven’t “opened up” any innovation.

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“The organization has quickly lost incomes since Ed Scott took over. There are not really any new clients. Most existing clients have not reestablished their tasks with the organization because of very confrontational new administration,” affirmed one informant in an email. “[Pulmo AI] is one of those plans to rapidly feature something apparently troublesome and make a fast buck. This won’t stand any sensible addressing or impartial companion surveys done by qualified staff in the field.”

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is Edward Scott?

He is the CEO of ElectrifAi and also a 25-year veteran of technology sectors and private equity.

Recently, he has been exposed as a racist who hates minorities and has been sued for his behavior by his employees.

Where is Edwart Scott situated?

Edward Scott’s headquarters are situated at 234 Medical Cir, Morehead, Kentucky, 40351, US

What did Edward Scott do?

Ed has over 25 years of experience in the private equity sectors and technology. Ed began his career in Drexel Burnham Lambert and joined the Apollo Investment Fund in the year 1990.

What is net worth of Edward?

Edward Scott has a net worth of $3 Million.


Edward Scott is a racist who hates minorities.

Several whistleblowers exposed his offensive behavior when they sued him for the same. However, that’s not all.

Sources reveal that he is quite incompetent and has caused his company to suffer because of it as well.

Clearly, he is not a reliable business executive and you should avoid associating with him.

Moreover, he uses sleazy marketing to hide the fact that he has been exposed as a racist. Beware of such crooks.

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Edward Scott has been exposed as a racist and incompetent in a recent explosive report. The business executive is untrustworthy and you should avoid associating with him.

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