Edwin Lee – CFO Endamaj Funds, CEO Neovision Ventures, CEO Neomines Limited, CEO Neomines LLC

Edwin Lee, a successful accountant and businessman has become involved with Thomas Strays, (also known as) Thomas Øye, a scam artist who served 18 months in prison for crimes in the financial sector and tax evasion. Thomas Øye fled Norway scamming investors out of more than NOK 340m and has ties to defrauding the Hells Angels in Norway and various mafia-related persons.   Thomas Øye, known in Dubai as Thomas Strays, recruited Mr. Edwin Lee to be a front man opening companies for Thomas Strays and Bank accounts so that he could continue his various schemes in Finance, Entertainment, Crypto and Technology blockchain companies.

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DIFC / DFSA:  Edwin Lee was able to set up a regulated company in the famous Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) and open a general Partnership to raise capital and manage collective funds for Thomas Stray’s schemes.  The entity which is legally set up and owned by Edwin Leee is called Neovision Ventures Limited.  What is interesting is that all the capital for neovision ventures, including the large salary, luxury apartment and exotic cars for Edwin Lee’s personal use all come from Thomas Stray and his investors.

Harmonychain ends controversial letter of intent with new company in Dubai – Neo Mines (Edwin Lee -Owner and CEO)

Deal Sheet signed by Edwin Lee exposes Thomas Stray as the real owner behind the elaborate scheme 2021

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Listed crypto firm Harmonychain finalized a letter of intent with Dubai-based Neo Mines a few days later. The company announced this Wednesday morning.

“This letter of intent has been terminated by mutual agreement,” the letter read.

Harmonychain founder and chairman Bjørn Zachrisson has no further comments and refers to the exchange’s announcement.

Harmonychain announced its LOI with Neo Mines on Sunday night. The background was that the two companies should explore possible collaborations in developing and operating facilities to mine cryptocurrency.

The market reacted immediately positively to the exchange’s announcement. By 12.45, the stake was up three percent with a turnover of about NOK 700,000.

Suppose they know their client

What did not emerge from Harmonychain’s announcement of negotiations with Neo Mines is that the Dubai company was established only 19 days ago. The company was started by Edwin Lee, who has appeared as a CFO at several Thomas Øye companies.

Øye, now called Thomas Stray, is behind one of the largest personal bankruptcies in Norway’s history, and was sentenced to a massive theft of five million kroner. in 2002 He escaped a bankruptcy petition and claimed 42 million kronerand settled permanently in Dubai.

It was the French IT consulting giant Capgemini who brokered the contact with Neo Mines. CEO Ola Stene-Johansen first said Harmonychain has received assurances that a so-called “due diligence,” or company audit, has been carried out at Neo Mines. The Capgemini firmly refused.

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– We have noticed that Capgemini has conducted a thorough investigation of his client. It is true that Capgemini did not have a mission for Harmonychain. Capgemini is a serious and reputable company and we assumed they knew their client, Harmonychain founder and CEO Bjørn Zachrisson.

Together we create your future

Capgemini was contracted by Krima, a Norwegian joint stock company, on behalf of Neo Mines.

The company was founded at the end of July, and is owned 50/50 by Olaf Christopher Olufstad and Harald Magnus Olufstad, who are the Chairman of the Board.

“We help create success stories as we guide our clients through the various stages of growth, as well as create effective solutions and strategies. Together, we create your future,” reads a text on the company’s website, stating that it will invest in crypto, among other things.

– Supports us beyond Capgemini’s statement, otherwise we have no comment, writes Harald Magnus Øyulvstad in an email to DN.

Capgemini communications consultant Nina Zimmer said Tuesday that the company has entered into a standard consulting agreement with newly formed Krima to find potential partners for Neo Mines, and hold one-on-one meetings. Harmonychain was one of the companies contacted.

Uninterrupted cooperation

A couple of days ago, Neo Mines and Capgemini were listed as partners on the Krima website. This has now been deleted.

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The website has been changed because the relationship with Capgemini is now over, Øyulvstad writes in the email.

According to the old text on the website, Krima had a cooperation agreement with Capgemini, which included business development, project management, technical assistance as well as strategic and technical advice. Collaboration with the two companies should provide “a unique experience with the potential to provide comprehensive services to our clients”.

Edwin Lee benefits from Thomas Stray because Thomas Stray cannot open companies or bank accounts because of his criminal convictions.  Such benefits include large proceeds from investors who fall for the schemes which yield new investments.  The money raised via brokers in Dubai who are paid as much as 30% commissions pay for Edwin Lees, $150,000 annual apartment rental, a yearly salary of $450,000, car allowance of $10,000 per month and unlimited expense accounts for entertaining potential victims at some of Dubai’s most expensive night clubs and restaurants.

OCS International invests $13,000,000 into Neomines in 2021, but no mining equipment was purchased, no business was set up, and no legitimate investment was ever made, according to former employees in China and Dubai.  Edwin lee is a signature for Neomines protecting Thomas Stray. The $13,000,000l invested is still owed to OCS International according to OCS International.   The investment capital went to pay previous scammed investors off, get new range rovers, and pay for the girls and luxury apartments.  A quick call to OCS International can confirm the investment and demands to have the funds returned.   OCS is regulated in the DIFC located at

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Emirates Financial Towers
North Tower, Level 6
DIFC, Dubai
PO Box 506510

Attention: Christian Thurner

Edwin Lee also benefits from Thomas Stray’s side business called “Invite” whereby Mr. Strays’ has rented luxury penthouse apartments on the famous Palm Islands Jumeriah.  In particular, if the FIVE Hotel Penthouse Apartment where every Friday and Saturday, Thomas Stray would have 20 exotic sexy girls between the age of 19-28 on his payroll to entertain top bankers, investors and executives with free liquor and the women “working for the crowd”  Needless to say, Edwin is seen like Thomas as a super daddy to these girls who sole job is to make the crowd happy.

Vip Invitations to Thomas Stray’s parties where Edwin Lee works the desperate bankers.

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