Elite Financial Mortgage’s Anthony Denardis Scam

New Mexico resident Anthony Denardis runs the mortgage lending company Elite Financial Mortgage. The organization has a history of stealing from and ignoring customers, earning a bad reputation among those who took advantage of their trusting nature.

I’ll go over the specific complaints that have been made about it recently:

About Elite Financial Mortgage, Inc.

Albuquerque, New Mexico is home to Elite Financial Mortgage. You may reach them at 505-855-5626 or visit them at 5850 Eubank Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111.

Credit-challenged consumers can take advantage of the company’s loan services for refinancing, home buying, and home equity. They have an NMLS ID of 1797084.

Both Anthony and Matt Denardis work for this company; Anthony is the chief executive officer and Matt is the chief loan officer. Kim Wensley, Peter Clark, and Ryan Vance are the other loan officers here at the firm.

However, customers have complained that Elite Financial Mortgage is anything but straightforward.

Reviews claim that they are one of the worst services available and routinely trick customers into paying more.

It’s also likely that the company’s upper management looks down on its employees. I saw a review that said this lender doesn’t provide its employees with basic amenities like healthcare.

There are complaints in the reviews that it is a fraud. You can learn about the company’s treatment of customers by reading the examples of complaints that follow.

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Mortgage Lending for the Elite Financial Group Irritated that the client was soliciting quotes from competitors

This reviewer found out about Elite Financial Mortgage via a loan broker called “Sri,” whose identity remains unclear. They offer the representative from EFM made the reviewer appear too good to be true.

The reviewer did their due diligence and requested quotes from multiple other service providers including Bank of America, only to find that Elite Financial was the only one offering such a generous deal.

After the reviewer informed the EFM representative that she would be accepting Chase’s offer instead, the EFM representative grew irate and sent a vitriolic email to the reviewer and Sri.

They’ll sue you for more money if you don’t pay up.

According to Steven, everyone who works here steals and lies. They don’t take any action to resolve the outstanding balances, and as a result, you get a court summons. Steven reveals that is how the supplementary charges are derived. He continues by saying that he wouldn’t have done business with them had he known this.

Theft Committed by Elite Financial Mortgage & Home Loans, Who Then Began Ignoring Their Customers’ Calls and Emails

Kristen warns that the majority of Elite Financial Mortgage’s good reviews are likely fake. Without warning, the corporation stole thousands of dollars from her account that were intended for a single payment.

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They seized the money and put it toward other accounts without informing her of the status of the original one. The business eventually began ignoring Kristen’s phone calls and emails.

Whenever she called, she was always put through to a rude and condescending employee. Because the FTC permits you to interact with your creditor when dealing with a debt relief company, the representative will create excuses and tell you that contacting one of your creditors will damage their discussions.

Kristen reveals that they used Global Client Solutions as their escrow service. When they made the transfer, however, only a fraction of the money showed up in the account.

Elite Financial Mortgage lied to her about the remaining balance being deposited in the other accounts when she inquired about it.

Due to insufficient cash in the escrow account, two payments to creditors were returned unpaid. Kristen found out the hard way that it was her fault Elite Financial.

She continues by saying that EFM employees are unapproachable because there is no executive leadership. If you have any reservations or inquiries, they ignore you and place the responsibility on you. When you dial your agent’s number, you’ll get their voicemail instead of a live person.

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Another EFM employee Kristen talks about is a woman named Donna who introduced herself to her as a Senior Negotiator. Donna was hostile to her, and she ignored Kristen’s calls and emails.

The client was tricked, their credit was ruined, and they have no idea how much money is in the trust account.

Melissa reveals that she carried a substantial credit card balance and was offered a loan that she mistook for a consolidation loan. Creditors have finally taken legal action after she made regular payments of $535 per month beginning in 2016.

She was warned by the corporation not to contact the creditors, and she was informed that if there was any new information, she would be notified. Her credit is in far worse shape now than it was before, and there seems to be no way to fix it. She also notes that access to her trust account login page has been disabled.

The client’s funds were taken without explanation, and they were made ineligible for further assistance.

A reviewer from Elite Financial Mortgage was contacted by a man named Peter who offered a solution to the reviewer’s credit card problem. The reviewer consented and made the first payment to Peter. Several of the reviewer’s credit card bills were unpaid because the company failed to deliver them the appropriate paperwork by mail or email.

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The reviewer’s phone service was terminated after they demanded a refund and stated they would no longer be paying. Nothing Elite Financial did help the reviewer’s credit score. After they asked for a refund, the corporation stopped communicating with them.


There is no doubt that Elite Financial Mortgage & Home Loans is a sleazy organization. There have been too many reports of the company not responding to customer concerns and so being a scam.

Finding a reliable lender might be difficult, but you can speed up the process by knowing which ones to avoid. Untrustworthy lenders are common, and one such company is Universal Capital Mortgage Corp.

Elite Financial Mortgage is a shady operation, as evidenced by the many complaints we’ve read about it online. So, look elsewhere for a New Mexico mortgage lender.

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