EmpireSwiss.com: Illegal Broker Stealing Traders’ Money

EmpireSwiss.com is an illegal broker that steals the money of unsuspecting traders. They also use fake DMCA takedowns to hide bad posts so they can look at them and fix them. As a trader, I strongly advise everyone to stay away from EmpireSwiss.com no matter what. If they have to use such cheap and disgusting ways to make a fake image, you can’t trust them with your money.

How EmpireSwiss.com tries to trick people?

This post will explain how the Empire Swiss scam works and why you shouldn’t open an account with this company. No financial body anywhere in the world keeps an eye on them. To put it more simply, they are not allowed to offer any kind of financial service in any place on Earth.

Brokers who don’t have licenses can’t properly work, so you can’t trust them. You should stay away from them because they could just as easily disappear from the internet and take your money.

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There is also no information about who owns or runs EmpireSwiss.com. This is a big red flag because it means that the real owners can’t be held responsible by the people who were scammed.

On online boards, I could only find bad things said about EmpireSwiss.com. People complained that they couldn’t get their money out and that the site was full of bugs.

EmpireSwiss.com generally calls people who might be a victim and tells them their investments will give them a big return. They only want the goal to put money on their platform. Once that happens, they keep selling more expensive things to the target until they get as much money as they can. They even make it look like the value is going up, but when the target tries to get their money, they get an error message.

Brokers who scam a lot of people often take their money and leave without a trace. Once they have your money, you can’t reach them by phone or email because the scams have cut off all lines of communication.

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I’ve lost a lot of money to these scammers, and I hope no one else falls for their horrible trick.

TrustPilot and SiteJabber Reviews That Aren’t Real

Scammers set up fake accounts on Trustpilot and Sitejabber to trick more people. They put up fake 5-star reviews on these sites and are using them in an obvious way.

They use these reviews to trick real people into giving them money. The people who get scammed don’t know that these reviews were written by the scammers themselves, so they fall for it.

Do not believe what Trustpilot and Sitejabber say about them.

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