Exposed: Encik Ahmad Amryn Abd Malek – Corporate Blackmailer & Raider

Encik Ahmad Amryn Abd Malek is a Non-Executive Director at Serba Dinamik Holdings Berhad who is not in charge of running the company. In February 2022, he was given this job.

Until 2018, he served as a director for both Threesixty Technologies Sdn Bhd and Iretex Corporation Bhd.

On paper, he looks like a normal business leader, but in real life, that’s not the case at all.

People paid a lot of attention to his work at Ire-Tex Corp, but most of it was for the wrong reasons. Several news outlets wrote in detail about his tricks at Iretex, which caused the company to lose a lot of money.

Ahmad Amryn Abd Malek and 4 other company leaders got a lot of bad feedback from the company’s shareholders. Amryn and the other directors were accused by the shareholders of betraying them and fabricating evidence for hostile takeovers of the company.

The owners of Ire-Tex Corp Bhd were quiet for a while. But in March 2017, they told the five leaders, including Ahmad Amryn Abd Malek, that they had to leave. Since then, the directors have filed several police reports, removed the company secretary, and put two new people on the board. Worse still, they did all of this right before the EGM of the company.

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By doing that, they were being rude to the owners.

Chin Wui Choong and Mak Lin Kum, two other heads of Iretex and friends of Encik Ahmad Amryn Abd Malek, broke all the rules and made false accusations against a certain person.

Encik Ahmad Amryn Abd Malek Tried to Help a Criminal:

They got rid of two cases against Teh Eng Huat because he didn’t make the RM 6.2 million profit he promised and could have caused a RM 3 million breach of trust. Also, the directors made up a case against the company’s old suppliers to get the blame off of themselves.

All of this was done to protect the fired director Huat, whose actions cost the company RM 10 million. Remember that Encik Ahmad Amryn Abd Malek knew about these shady business practices, but he did nothing to stop the people who were doing them.

Eng Huat also traded inside information about a public company called MQ Technology Bhd.

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At the EGM on April 24, 2017, 91% of the owners agreed that Encik Ahmad Amryn Abd Malek and the other people should be fired. After that, Chin and Mak tried to cheat Iretex owners out of an injunction, but the court told them to keep things the same.

The role of the court:

But the two didn’t care. They kept filing questionable police reports and using BursaLink to post content that was bad for their reputations. They broke the official Secret Act and told people about accusations in the police report. It was a clear case for the judge.

The plaintiff, Encik Ahmad Amryn Abd Malek, Chin Wui Choong, Mak Lin Kum, and others were detained in May 2017 by the Kuala Lumpur High Court Originating Summons No. WA-24NCC-170-05/2017 between Ire-Tex company Berhad and the defendants. The High Court kept them in jail for breaking into BursaLink and putting up defamatory content, as well as for misusing polis records.

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Here is a piece of the court order:

Encik Ahmad Amryn Abd Malek and Blackmailing Businesses:

Early in June 2017, the EGM notice for Ire-Tex Corp Bhd was sent out by the owners. But Encik Ahmad and the other leaders didn’t do anything about it. Also, to stay in power, they sued the owners without telling them in time.

Elite Cosmo Group Ltd, which owned the most shares of the company, wanted to hold the EGM to get rid of Encik Ahmad Amryn Abd Malek and his friends from the board and put in 2 new members.

Encik Ahmad and his friends tried to stop paying their bills to the company so that the owners and the company would lose money. Most shareholders thought they did it to threaten the business and steal from it. The fact that Ire-Tex Corp Bhd dropped its case against Teh Eng Huat showed that they were trying to hurt him.

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Encik Ahmad Amryn Abd Malek has taken part in corporate raids and hostile takeovers and is now a part of another big business. No one would be surprised if he tried to take advantage of the stakeholders with his shady business practices.

This report is meant to let other customers and investors know that this business executive is not a good person. Be very careful when dealing with this person.

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