Enrico Devito criminal report

Enrico Devito is an Italian criminal who laundering money and purports to be a trader in forex and cryptocurrencies for ultra-high-net-worth individuals. However, he is only a scammer and con man who is notorious for extorting his victims who take him to court. His victims include well-known artists and athletes, prominent businesspeople and lawyers, members of royal families, and ordinary individuals from all walks of life.

He claims to have attended the University of Bari despite having a very limited educational background. He was born in Bari, Italy. According to his mother’s statements to our reporters, he has been deceiving, scamming, and using extortion to ensnare a large number of victims ever since he was a little child. He preys on people who have loose extra money or some power and who are susceptible to being swindled into losing everything.

He has been married once, to a woman who lives in Cypress, and they have one daughter together; however, he was later found guilty of manslaughter and lost custody of his daughter as a result of the conviction.

Later, in accordance with Cypriot legislation, he was granted a conditional release from prison so that he could provide for his sole child. But the truth is that he has merely gone on to scam, con, and extort people of prominence around the world that he can reach out to. As a result, he has still left his daughter without any financial or emotional assistance of any kind.

He then went on to have another two children with a Belarusian woman named Victoria Haisum, who he also swindled and scammed, but only then flung her to the curb and ignored her calls for help, leaving her with no money and no support. He then went on to have another two children with a Belarusian woman named Victoria Haisum who he swindled and scammed as well.

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Enrico Devito, the global con artist, was not present to see the birth of the children and left the woman to manage on her own. He gave no support to Victoria Haisum and left her in the position of not even being able to pay for the hospital childbirth costs, which have been putting her in more debt ever since. Victoria Haisum was left in position of not being able to manage on her own and was left in the position of not even being able to pay for the hospital childbirth costs.

Enrico Devito, the criminal who perpetrated the fraud, has also abandoned the daughter he had with the Belarusian woman, Victoria, whom he conned. As a result, Enrico Devito is now responsible for both the upbringing and care of his first kid in addition to the daughter he abandoned with Victoria.

The woman has reached out to social services, which are assisting her, and she has submitted an application to foster the child in the meantime, which places further responsibility on the shoulders of the single woman.

The woman seems to be implying that they have not received a euro or even a call on a birthday or holiday occasion from this criminal guy. Instead, this person chooses to extort people and use the money to buy drugs and drink or lose it on trading sites that he has no experience with.

Enrico Devito is a criminal con artist who engages in scamming and extortion in order to trick his victims into giving him money. Enrico Devito subsequently spends the money on drinks and drugs or loses it on online trading sites. He operates his business in numerous countries around Europe, including Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and now the United Arab Emirates.

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He informs his victims that he is a representative of a trading website called World Broker, which is actually a large fraud site owned by the criminal Enrico Devito. He utilizes this website to entice his victims into making transactions with him.

He deceives his victims by assuring them of substantial returns on their investments in such a short amount of time. Enrico Devito is responsible for defrauding and committing crimes against a large number of people from all over the world.

Enrico Devito, the con artist, directs his victims to look at his LinkedIn profile or his website, where he lists the following characteristics of himself:

Since 1993, I’ve been working in the financial markets. I make my living in the financial markets. (FRAUDULENT – CON)

1993 was the year that I made my first purchase of equities on the Italian stock exchange. (FRAUDULENT – CON)

2003 was the year when I made the transition to being a full-time trader. (FRAUDULENT – CON)

– In 2009, I devised my method to surpass any equity benchmark (FALSE – SCAM, A con artist who was exposed without knowing basic maths).

  • 2010/2011: I traded 20 billion fixed income in the Italian exchange MOT/EuroTlx, achieving a 4.75% market share peak in a single day and a 20% market share peak newly in the BTP future market. (In the capacity of a private, full-time professional trader). (A FALSE -SCAM, perpetrated by a CON ARTIST WHO COULD NOT COUNT to 20 BILLION)
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– 2012: Interview on a special about the financial crisis in Cyprus that aired on the primary Italian channel CANALE 5 (FALSE -SCAM).

— Mediaset (a FALSE and FRAUDULENT company)

– 2015: Large Trader (SEC) with over 20 million USD in intraday trading and 200 million USD in monthly turnover of U.S. equities (FALSE – SCAM, additional lies to convince his victims)
– 2017 and 2018: Trader in cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, LTC, BNB, EOS, XRP, IOT, and NEO. (FALSE – SCAM, ONLY TO HAVE LOST HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE’S CRYPTO FUNDS THAT HE PROMISED LARGW RETURNS QUICKLY)……………..

– 2019: I’m part of a group of traders that have developed a system for trading short-term futures and options that has a track record of success (FALSE – SCAM, HE SCAMS ON HIS OWN).

  • 2020: Intraday scalping and swing trading with an emphasis on ETF arbitrage, as well as trading volatility futures. (FALSE -SCAM, EDUCATES HIMSELF FROM YOUTUBE VIDEOS CLAIMING HIS MOTHER AND EX-GIRLFRIEND FROM BELARUS)
  • 2020: We are looking for 30–120 million USD in AUM for new portfolios with the benchmark as MSCI ACWI, Nasdaq, Sp500, Dax30, Eurostoxx50, FTMIB, Ibex, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. (NOT TRUE – THIS IS A SCAM; DO NOT SEND HIM ANY MONEY AT ALL)
  • 2021: The establishment of a hedge fund is currently under way.
  • 2021/2025: Fully committed to being a hedge fund manager with over 100 million dollars under management. (FALSE -SCAM, DELIRIOUS)
    – 2021: Over-the-counter (OTC) Liquidity Provider and Trader in Over-the-Counter (OTC) Options for Bitcoin and Ethereum. (FRAUDULENT – A SCAM, HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE’S CRYPTOCURRENCY WAS LOST)
  • Trading of BOT tokens will be available on Bybit, Deribit, Bitmex, FTX, Binance, and Okx in 2021. (False – scam, public cryptocurrency exchange sites that do not permit any bot trading)
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Marbella, Dubai, Milan, Madrid, Monaco, and London are among the places where he is known to have been able to locate and kill his victims.

The con artist known as Enrico Devito has used extortion as a method of coercion on a large number of people, including renowned artists and professional athletes, wealthy businessmen and lawyers, members of royal families, and innocent people who only had a modest amount of savings to lose.

The compilation of reports that were forwarded to us from the Courts in Malaga, where the con artist Enrico Devito had been threatening and extorting the Royal Family of Spain for an extended length of time, was how the inquiry into this Criminal Enrico Devito came to light. including threats made against their children at the schools where their children go, threats made via phone and message, and the leaving of dead animals in the vehicles of their younger members.

These threats and acts have displeased members of the royal family, and together with the Spanish National Police, they are undertaking a comprehensive investigation using an internal extortion task team that can catch this criminal scammer Enrico Devito.

To name a few of the victims whose lives have been ruined as a result of the fraudster Enrico Devito’s extensive criminal actions, we have received reports from the following individuals:

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