Eos Rejuvenation – Dr. Nima Shemirani Botches Surgeries

Eos Rejuvenation – Dr. Nima Shemirani Botches Surgeries
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If you’re looking for a rhinoplasty or any other facial surgery in Beverly Hills, you might come across the name of Eos Rejuvenation. It’s a plastic surgery clinic run by Dr. Nima Shemirarni, MD. 

The clinic has gained a lot of notoriety over the last few years thanks to multiple botched surgeries. In this review, I have gone through some of those procedures and shared how the patients feel.

Hence, before you consider hiring this Beverly Hills nose surgeon, it would be best to go through the following review:

About Eos Rejuvenation: Who is Dr. Nima Shemirani, MD?

Eos Rejuvenation is a plastic surgery clinic based in Beverly Hills, California. Their address is 8641 Wilshire Blvd #305, Beverly Hills, California 90211, US and the contact number is 310-772-2866. 

The clinic is run by Nima Shemirani, MD who claims to specialize in rhinoplasty, septoplasty, revision rhinoplasty and other facial procedures. 

Claiming to be the best rhinoplasty center in Beverly Hills, Eos Rejuvenation offers various cosmetic services including face lift, fat transfer, neck lift, lip augmentation, lip reduction and more. 

Apart from surgical services, Dr. Nima Shemirani also offers non-surgical cosmetic services such as botox, Juvederm, microneedling, thread-lifting and cheek augmentation. 

On paper, Eos Rejuvenation seems like a simple and attractive plastic surgery clinic. However, it has attracted a ton of complaints for botching procedures. Now that you know who Dr. Nima Shemirani is, look at some of the reviews people have posted on him online: 

Lip Filler Procedure at Eos Rejuvenation Left the Girl with a Large Bump and Disproportionate Results

This was an extremely painful review to read. The above reviewer had seen Dr. Shemirani to get lip fillers and he botched the procedure. On the day of her appointment, she had reached on time but had to wait because Nima was running late. 

The reviewer didn’t mind waiting. Then, she met with him and discussed what she wanted. They chatted for a bit and the reviewer said that Dr. Nima Shemirani is soft-spoken which seems cool. 

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He asked her about her skincare routine as she had acne. The reviewer highlighted that she has Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and polycystic ovarian syndrome. Also, she had just started getting hormonal treatment. In response, Dr. Shemirani said that he cares about more than her lips which seemed like a nice sales pitch. 

When the procedure started, the first needle didn’t hurt much at first. Then, it started hurting horribly and Dr. Shemirani noticed that. However, that’s not the worst part. 

When the Eos Rejuvenation’s surgeon injected the second needle, he put the filler underneath her lip. He was rushing the procedure and botched it. 

Afterwards, he only asked if it was hurting and then said, “Sorry, I’ll slow down.”

After completing the procedure, he showed her the results to which she couldn’t reply. The reviewer says that she thanked everyone in the clinic and went to her car to cry. 

You can imagine just how horrible the results must’ve been. 

Also, the worst part is that there’s filler under the right side of her bottom lip. This makes her lips look lopsided when she smiles as the bump becomes clearly visible when she smiles. 

When the reviewer’s parents saw her after the procedure they asked her if she had been in a fight. Furthermore, the reviewer says that her upper lip looks extremely disproportionate to her bottom lip. 

She adds that Dr. Nima Shemirani is quite soft-spoken. But he rushes procedures and she wouldn’t see him again even if someone pays her to. 

The reviewer’s self-esteem plummeted. She shares that she can still feel the filler in the lower portion of her mouth and above her upper lip. In both of her lips, the filler isn’t present properly because Dr. Shemirani injected it in the wrong place. 

Furthermore, when the reviewer messaged Eos Rejuvenation to share her concerns, they didn’t reply. The reviewer is an exotic dancer and says that this has really put a damper on her work. In her business, looks matter and disproportionate lips wouldn’t help. 

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In the end of her review, she adds that you should avoid going to Eos Rejuvenation for lip injections. She recommends avoiding this place. 


After the reviewer posted her complaint, a lot of things happened. She has shared several updates on the developments: 

After finding out about her complaint, Dr. Nima reached out to the reviewer and she shared the problems she has been having because of the botched procedure. He had her send a few pictures of the results to him. 

Then, he said that it was only swelling, nothing more. Also, Nima told her that it was her first lip injection so her body might be reacting a little differently. He assured her that there was nothing to worry about. 

Afterwards, the reviewer shared a few more updates. Dr. Nima Shemirani had invited her to his clinic to help with the swelling. But the reviewer lives 700 miles away and she couldn’t arrive the next day.

Furthermore, the reviewer says that there wasn’t any swelling. The lump and unevenness were still there 2 weeks after the procedure. She couldn’t even describe how much she regretted going to Eos Rejuvenation. 

The injections only extended her lip and aged her. At the 2 week mark, Nima asked her for a picture of the results and then never replied. The reviewer thought that he might see the terrible results and offer her a refund. But she was mistaken. Nothing of this sort happened. 

The reviewer doesn’t recommend Eos Rejuvenation. 

Dr. Nima Shemirani Botched the Surgery Leaving the Client with a Lumpy, Disfigured and Numb Chin

The initial review of this client was quite positive. According to the reviewer, Dr. Shemirani is a confident professional with a gentle demeanor. She shares that it took a while for her swelling to go down but she was happy with the service. 

Also, the reviewer had a few minor adjustments done and Dr. Shemirani didn’t refuse. She even called him talented at the end of her initial review. 

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However, her later updates paint a different picture. 

In her next update, she has shared images of her chin and jaw. She says that she hoped to heal better but she didn’t yield the results she expected. As you can see, the chin is completely botched and it may have left her permanent damage. 

She has shared a picture of her pre-op chin and jaw to show how Nima Shemirani Botched the procedure. Dr. Shemirani refused to revise the chin and said that she is the kind of patient who’s never happy. 

Afterwards, she shared an update 5 years later and her results haven’t improved. She went for a facial and the facialist asked her about her jaw and chin. Moreover, the facialist thought the lumpiness was because of the excessive filler and recommended a plastic surgeon. The reviewer doesn’t recommend Dr. Nima for any kind of surgical procedures. 

In her most recent update, she thanks Nima Shemirani, MD for messing up her face. Also, the procedure left her with numbness (nerve damage) in the chin. 

Like most of the Eos Rejuvenation reviews I have shared here, this one doesn’t recommend Dr. Shemirani. 

Avoid Eos Rejuvenation for Fillers and Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Lina visited Eos Rejuvenation because of the numerous positive reviews this place has. She shares that the easy access to parking and the friendliness of the people are the only positives here.

Just because the surgeon is friendly doesn’t mean he is skilled. She doesn’t understand how he injected her forehead because her eyebrows went down and she lost their natural arch. 

Furthermore, she has had botox before and this never happened. 

She also had non surgical rhinoplasty at this clinic. Here, he didn’t inject the nose correctly and didn’t fix the bump she wanted to get fixed. When she shared her concerns with Nima, he said it was only swelling. 

Even though a significant amount of time has passed nothing has changed. She thinks it would be better if Dr. Nima became a public speaker and left this profession. 

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Also, she will be seeing another doctor to fix Nima’s mistakes. 

Filler Didn’t Even Last a Month

eos rejuvenation reviews

Miranda had seen Dr. Shemirani to get fillers. It was her first time getting fillers but she had read enough on the procedure to feel comfortable. She trusted Dr. Nima because of the various positive reviews he has. But she was mistaken. 

He injected her with Voluma which should be a long-lasting filler. However, the two syringes she had didn’t even last for a month. She understands that there is some swelling. But the fillers vanished completely. 

When she consulted other surgeons about this they told her that the syringe must’ve contained something else. That’s because Voluma is quite thicker than other fillers and should have lifted the face noticeably. 

Furthermore, Eos Rejuvenation had promised her a different price when she was waiting in the reception. They changed the prices abruptly. The clinic had told her that there would be a discount on the second syringe. But she didn’t receive any as Dr. Nima changed the pricing suddenly. 

In conclusion, she doesn’t recommend Eos Rejuvenation and suggests spending your money elsewhere. 

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After going through the above reviews, it’s obvious that Eos Rejuvenation is a horrible clinic. Dr. Nima Shemirani has botched numerous plastic surgeries and non-surgical procedures. It would be unwise to trust him with your beauty. 

Hence, you should look elsewhere and find a different surgeon. Luckily, Beverly Hills has no shortage of plastic surgeons. 

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Eos Rejuvenation run by Dr. Nima Shemirani is an example of why the skills of a doctor matter more than their smile. Nima has received numerous complaints for botching procedures. Furthermore, he avoids taking any responsibility and never admits his fault.

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Eos Rejuvenation – Dr. Nima Shemirani Botches Surgeries
Eos Rejuvenation – Dr. Nima Shemirani Botches Surgeries
Reported Loss $12,000
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