Equa Global: Unveiling the Alias Game of Equa Inc and Shawn Owen

There are a lot of new businesses and startups popping up in the crypto industry. This year, a number of crypto-based businesses have sprung up out of nowhere. One of these companies is Equa Global.

Shawn Owen started it. His last company was fined by the SEC for telling clients lies. Now, Shawn is back with a new way for crypto fans to put their money.

In this study of Equa Global, we’ll look at the different claims this company makes. It will also describe the many warning signs about this “investment opportunity” and why it’s best to stay away from it.

What is Equa Global?

Equa Global claims to be a cap table management tool. The company has options for both private and public companies as well as startups. They also say that their solutions are based on blockchain and that they can be used to solve different equity issues. They are just claims, though. There are no tools or platforms.

The company joined the crypto market in 2019, so it is still pretty new. There is a lot of room for growth in the blockchain market. So, it has been getting the attention of businesspeople in all fields.

Due to the fast growth of the cryptocurrency market, many blockchain scams have begun. Mogul Productions is a company that does this. The company says it is a place where creators and fans can meet. The company Mogul Productions is also built on crypto. But users have to buy tokens to join the site and use it correctly. Outside of Mogul Productions, the ticket doesn’t do anything and costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Obviously, that’s a dangerous thing to do. Equa Global is a lot like that company. That’s why I started out by writing this review.

Shawn Owen is the main guy behind Equa Global. He was in charge of the infamous blockchain company Salt, which the SEC fined heavily. Shawn is the main reason why Equa Global looks like another crypto scam.

Equa Global tries to look like a real software-as-a-service (SaaS) business. But it’s a long-term plan.

The company spends a lot of money to market itself online. Their goal is to get as much money as possible from investors. “Invest in Equa” is the main call to action on their page.

No Real Information on the Website

The website of Equa Global has multiple pages with significant information. Unfortunately, the information present on those pages is irrelevant. Most pages on Equa’s website have nothing but definitions for blockchain terms and concepts. That’s it. There isn’t anything else.

The company doesn’t share much information about what it actually offers. For example, Equa Global claims to be a blockchain company. But its “Blockchain” page doesn’t have any real information about its platform or its features.

Equa global page

When you go to their page for Blockchain options, you get this. No information is available about their platform, how it works, or what benefits it has.

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The only things on the page are the meaning of cryptography and what blockchain is good for.

It’s poorly written.

90% of the company’s pages still have this problem. Only the “Price” page and the “Invest in Equa” page have any information about the company itself. Most of the others only explain what blockchain is.

You wouldn’t expect a Saas company to do something like this. Even more so when it’s a service for managing caps.

I think the pages are there to trick people who might want to spend. They put a lot of useless stuff on the page. But it looks “fuller” because of them. Shawn and his team have kept so many pages that only explain basic Bitcoin ideas because they want to look like “experts.”

Mostly Accepts Cryptocurrencies

I had already said that getting partners is the main goal of Equa Global. The company’s funding page has a very long landing page.

But Equa doesn’t give you many ways to invest in this business. USD is the only cash that can be used. The rest are things like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether, which are digital currencies.

Equa global scam

Why would a business that wants to get investments limit the ways it can get money?

It could be for any reason. But since Shawn used to run an investment scam, it’s likely that Equa only takes cryptocurrencies because it doesn’t want to leave a paper record.

When you buy with Bitcoin or any of the other cryptocurrencies Equa lists, you can’t get your money back. Also, it’s hard to keep track of papers when you use cryptocurrencies. The government recently sent a show-case warning to a cryptocurrency exchange called WazirX because it didn’t keep track of many transactions.

Don’t forget that cryptocurrencies are autonomous and not governed by any government. When you buy through crypto, you have a very small chance of getting your money back if the business fails.

This is a very big warning sign. And it makes me wonder what Shawn Owen was trying to do. Remember that his former company, SALT, also only accepted cryptocurrency and USD as investments. SALT scammed its clients out of $47 million in the end. In the next part of this Equa review, I go into more depth about that.

Why would a company only let buyers use cryptocurrencies or US dollars? Even more so when it wants to get investors?

There must be something wrong with this company.

Equa CEO’s $47 Million Scam

Equa says that its CEO and founder, Shawn Owen, has a lot of knowledge. Shawn Owen says that he is a pioneer and a person who has started many businesses. On Equa’s website, his bio says that he has worked in business management for more than 25 years. In his bio, he doesn’t say that his business operations knowledge has nothing to do with the corporate world, which is the truth. His experience running a business comes from his time as the General Manager of a restaurant.

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Equa boasts of having an experienced CEO and founder called Shawn Owen. Shawn Owen claims himself to be a trailblazer and serial entrepreneur. His bio on Equa’s website says that he has over 25 years of business operations experience. The truth he doesn’t tell in his bio is that his business operations experience isn’t related to the corporate world. His business operations experience comes from his background as a General Manager in a restaurant.

But that’s not the main reason Shawn’s leadership seems strange. In his background, it says that Shawn Owen was one of the first people to start SALT. It is a company that lends money based on crypto.

Secured Automated Lending Technology is what SALT is short for. The company started in 2016 and its initial coin offering (ICO) raised $47 million from investors. But it was just a trick. The SEC told the company to stop what it was doing and to give back $47 million to the owners.

image 7

The company made the news for the SEC order. SALT made many lucrative claims about its technology and its use of blockchain like Equa does. It lured investors into its trap by marketing its services aggressively on the internet and online forums.

Notice that Equa is doing something similar with its online PR. The company is paying multiple blogs and PR networks to promote it heavily so it can get investors. It’s obviously the brainchild of Shawn Owen. There’s no denying it.

SALT sold and offered salt tokens to its investors. The salt tokens were necessary to be eligible for getting loans when the company would start offering its service to the public. They were required to access specific areas of SALT Lending’s website too.

The Scam of SALT Lending

In its order, SEC pointed out that the buyers of SALT tokens had reasonable expectations to earn profits. The problem with SALT’s tokens is that the company offered them without any registration statement.

A registration statement is a prospectus that lists every detail about the company. It includes the company’s history, its mission statement, its goals, etc. A company must file the registration statement with the SEC while releasing a public offering.

SALT didn’t issue a registration statement. Moreover, the company changed the nature of its SALT tokens later when it realized it couldn’t offer the profitability it initially promised.

It violated the Securities law 1933. And SEC penalised them for the same. The SEC noticed how Shawn’s company was using online PR to fool investors. So, the SEC ordered them to issue a press release where they admitted their mistake.

Here is SEC’s order:

The reason behind SALT’s high popularity was Erik Voorhes. He is the co-founder of Shapeshift and is a prominent personality in the crypto world. After the SALT ICO, Erik and Shawn had removed their names from the company.

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They had already done the damage.

SALT’s Similarities with Equa Global

The SALT case is a lot like the Equa case. Both of these businesses are built on blockchain. Both of them depend a lot on online public relations to get backers.

Both SALT and Equa give their investors their own cryptocurrency. Both of them have something to do with Shawn Owen.

Erik Voorhes’s name helped SALT look like a good company. Equa uses the name Bryan Cupps to make itself seem reliable. For those who don’t know, Bryan is the CTO of Equa and has a number of US patents under his name.

The SEC looked into whether or not SALT was cheating its clients. It’s possible that Equa will need that in the future.

All of this shows that investing in Equa is not a good idea. A few years ago, the founder of the company started a crypto scam, and now he’s trying to do the same thing. At least, the facts point in that direction.

The Glorious Marketing Of Equa Global Blockchain: How They Are Luring & Misleading Investor

Equa has a lot to deal with. But you wouldn’t find anything written about them.

The same way that SALT Lending leaned a lot on online PR and paid articles to get investors, Equa does the same thing. Shawn Owen is spending a lot of money to advertise his business on the internet.

There are a lot of articles online that talk about how great Equa is and all of its perks. PR sites have all of these stories. In other words, the company pays them to say nice things about it.

When SALT Lending started up a few years ago, it used the same approach. The business was looking for partners. So it paid blogs and PR websites to talk about it.

Equa global scam

Alternatively, another article promotes Equa as an immutable governance platform. Equa is promoting itself to be everything in one package. It’s a blockchain-based platform for buying and selling digital assets. And it’s also a cap table management solution. Equa is also a token provider.

How can a company be so many things at once?

It just puts Equa under more suspicion. Shawn is also giving interviews on different platforms to mislead investors and convince them to invest in his company.

image 26

All of these ads are about making a false impression. Equa wants to look like a good place to put your money. It doesn’t want Shawn’s past to get out there. They especially don’t want investors to find out that Shawn’s last business had to give back $47 million.

These important facts are hidden by the PR pieces. So, if you googled Shawn Owen and his blockchain projects, you wouldn’t find anything about his earlier scam.

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No Equa Global Reviews Or Reddit Threads: Only Biased Opinions & Information Available

Equa Global is a nearly non-existent company. No one is talking about it. Very few people are interested in it.

But it has a significant presence on Reddit. When you google Equa Global Reddit, this is what you get:


But notice that all of the posts about Equa Global on Reddit come from the business itself. The posts don’t tell us anything useful about the company. They also don’t talk in interesting ways.

The only reason the posts are on Reddit is to trick investors and customers. The PR stories help Shawn defend himself, and the Reddit posts make it seem like people are talking about the company.

Few people are interested in these kinds of things. But the people in charge of Equa think they can trick people into thinking it’s a successful business.

So, they are making posts on Reddit that aren’t useful.

No Equa Global Reviews Exist on the Internet

equa global fake claims

Equa says that they have a lot of members. Where are they, though?
But there is no proof that those 2500 or more users are real. Equa already has thousands of users, so there should be at least one or two reviews online.

After all, it’s a Saas option. And it works with a wide range of businesses and organizations, from small ones to big ones.

But you won’t find any reviews of Equa Global on the web. Instead, you would find reviews for different products and businesses that use the Equa name.

equa global review

There are no reviews of Equa Global on the Internet.
After reading this post, Shawn Owen and his team might add Equa Global reviews to different sites. Keep your eyes open for them.

Paid PR pieces have already cost the company a lot of money. So, they wouldn’t think twice about buying fake reviews to make another false impression on the internet.

Equa Global Review Verdict: Elaborate Scam

This company has numerous issues. Its founder has a sketchy past. And it’s resorting to very shady and misleading marketing tactics to attract investors.

The last venture its founder launched had scammed its investors. So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if Equa Global does the same.

All the evidence suggests that it would be best to avoid Equa Global. There are plenty of crypto opportunities in this market. This one isn’t suitable for anyone.

Avoid this investment

Equa Global’s founder and CEO is misleading investors and consumers to sign up on his new platform. His last venture ended up paying $47 million because of the SEC. Equa is similar to that one. Hence, you should avoid getting involved with it at all costs.

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