ERWAN SHAH BIN SOAHDI – APMM Cartel Mastermind (2023)

In Malaysia, there have been a lot of cheating cases in the past few years. We found out last year that Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi was in charge of ten government agencies that worked together as a gang. This happened long ago.

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency is now part of a new government project called “Cartel.” The Government Cartel Project is back for a second time.

Many people have tried to talk about this topic, but they have been stopped. Strangely, their websites and posts have disappeared from the internet.

People have brought up the fact that some APMM members lived very well. Their way of life makes it look like they work for a big company instead of the government.

The APMM cartel works the same way as any other group. People at different levels of the cartel have different tasks and benefits. The most money goes to those in charge.

When you see how rich they are, you might think they run big companies.

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There are several people in charge of this APMM gang. The first is Dato Abu Bakar Bin Idris, the Deputy Director General of Logistics:

Then, there is Captain Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi, who serves as the Chief Assistant Director of the Development Division:

How does the APMM Cartel Operate? – Role of Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi

Enick Hasnizan Bin Hassan, the CEO of Glide Marine SDN BHD is the proxy who connects other companies with Captain Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi and Rear Admiral Dato Abu Bakar.

Below are a few companies that have monopolized this market. They have obtained most of the contracts from MMEA either through direct awards or direct negotiations. 

It happened when Laksamana Bakar and Captain Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi were at APMM. That’s because the director of logistics and his subordinate, Captain Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi, the Deputy Director of Development had great power over who would get the contract. 


Hasnizan lobbied for these firms and paid bribes to Admiral Bakar and Captain Erwan along with the other members of the cartel. 

In return for the bribes, the MMEA officials granted multi-million contracts to the requested companies. 

Some of those companies are:

  • Glide Marine SDN BHD – 1300188-D
  • Triemach (M) SDN. BHD – 1311756-D
  • Glide Technology SDN BHD – 759475-T
  • Fulsail SDN BHD – 1116903-V
  • Nur Mutiara SDN BHD – 0815343-D
  • Matradis Venture SDN BHD – 1048067-V
  • DWR Services SDN BHD – 1147749-P
  • Ho Marine SDN BHD – 682983-K

What MACC Said on Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi’s APMM Cartel:

The Chief Commissioner of MACC, Datuk Seri Azam Baki, said that the current government’s system is good enough, but that it has been hurt by a group of careless people.

He pointed out that some members of the Evaluation Committee were helping companies put together their tender papers.

Also, some of these people took papers from other businesses. He said that some people in the government knew that the papers that were turned in were fake. But as soon as they accepted the bid, they took those papers out of the database.

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So, they got rid of all the paper evidence and made sure that no one found the mistakes.

Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi’s APMM gang has caused Malaysia a lot of harm, that is clear.

How the APMM Cartel has Damaged the Nation:

The head of the MACC said that he doesn’t like some government groups that only help certain parties. He said it’s clear that it’s bad for the people and the government of this country.

When these kinds of jobs are done by only one company, the government has to pay more for the materials. Also, if the companies chosen for the projects don’t finish them, the government has to fix the damage.

He also said that Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi’s APMM cartel has hurt skilled contractors’ chances of getting work.

The head of the MACC said that many contractors who are qualified and ready to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars are not found to be eligible.

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A monopoly like this can cause reputable contractors to lose a lot of money because they don’t get the jobs they should. The MACC had already nabbed seven people who were part of the project cartel.

It had won all 345 bids from different government ministries and departments for projects worth RM3.8 billion.

Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi and the people who work for him have been in charge of the APMM gang for a long time. It’s very important that the MACC looks into his illegal actions and stops them for good.

We hope that this study will be read by the MACC. Please tell other people about this review to warn them about this dangerous project gang.

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