EuroPhoria Med Spa Exposed – Customers Speak Out

EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa is a med spa situated in Bakersfield, CA. While they assert themselves to be the ideal medspa, their clients appear to hold a different opinion.

Based on the feedback received, it appears that EuroPhoria tends to cancel appointments without prior notice, modify the pricing of procedures without warning, and enforce terms and conditions that are disadvantageous to the customer.

Numerous female clients have expressed dissatisfaction with the services provided by this particular medspa, citing wasted time and money as their primary grievances. In addition, there have been reports of unsatisfactory outcomes resulting from their procedures.

Therefore, it is advisable to peruse the subsequent reviews to gain insight into the experiences of others before entrusting them with the care of your precious face or body.

About EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa

EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa is a reputable med spa located in the beautiful city of Bakersfield, California. The individual’s contact details include their address at 9500 Brimhall Rd # 707, Bakersfield, CA 93312, US, and their phone number, which is 661-847-4772.

The medspa operates during the following hours: 8 AM to 8 PM on weekdays and 8 AM to 4:30 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. The establishment provides a diverse range of services, encompassing Ombre powder brows, waxing, nail treatments, brow treatments, body treatments, and body wraps. In addition to the aforementioned services, the establishment also provides a range of cosmetic treatments such as injectables, laser hair removal, and tattoo removal.

The Instagram account associated with this entity can be found under the handle @europhoria_medspa.

The EuroPhoria Medical and Personal Spa website appears to lack comprehensive details regarding the individuals responsible for managing the establishment.

The company asserts that they provide a personalized paradise experience to their customers. However, the diverse range of reviews about Europhoria Medical & Personal Spa presents a contrasting narrative.

Based on the feedback received, it appears that Medspa may not be prioritizing the needs of its clients, resulting in subpar customer service. Moreover, there exist numerous supplementary concerns about the proficiency of their service providers.

The medspa in question has received numerous complaints, a few of which are listed below:

The client was unable to receive the necessary treatment due to inadequate communication between the staff and management.

Joy expresses her enthusiasm for utilizing the Mother’s Day certificate package procured from Europhoria Medical & Personal Spa. All of her appointments were confirmed via text message and she duly acknowledged them.

In addition, the patient had proactively scheduled her appointment a month before the treatment day to ensure that all the necessary procedures could be accomplished within a single day. The husband opted to take a day off from work to look after their son, as the wife had planned to spend the entire day at the spa.

On the day of the scheduled appointment, the spa contacted the individual at 9:36 am to notify them that one of their treatments had been double booked. As a result, the individual would not be able to receive the treatment on the same day.

Joy expressed her dissatisfaction and informed the staff member that she would follow up with them later to communicate her decision. Upon overhearing the conversation, the woman’s spouse indicated that he would take it upon himself to speak with a manager.

Upon attempting to contact the spa, the individual was placed on hold for approximately 8 minutes before being informed that the manager was currently on their lunch break. After a brief interval of 5 minutes, Joy’s spouse received a call from the receptionist. She informed him that a reorganization has taken place, allowing Joy to receive all of her treatments on a single day.

According to Joy, the response was not to her liking. The patient pondered why the medical facility did not explore the option of rearranging their schedule before informing her of the cancellation of her treatment.

According to Joy’s feedback, the overall encounter seemed haphazard and hurried. The level of interaction she experienced did not meet the standards that were advertised. Upon witnessing their abhorrent conduct, Joy was overcome with emotion and tearfully implored her husband to cancel all of their scheduled appointments.

Upon requesting to speak with a manager, the individual was informed by the staff that the manager was currently occupied and unavailable for discussion. Despite this, the individual attempted to contact the manager once more.

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Subsequently, Joy was contacted by the management of EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa. It was conveyed to her that the reason for their outreach was due to a directive from the corporate, and not in response to the two messages she had left with the reception staff.

Subsequently, a dialogue was initiated with another manager which appeared to be somewhat productive.

In her concluding statement, Joy emphasizes that she does not identify as a “Euro Babe”. Upon conversing with a manager, it was communicated to Joy’s husband that her refund would be available for pickup at the reception area of EuroPhoria. The package would include a personalized handwritten letter along with several gift cards.

Upon her husband’s arrival, it was observed that the front desk staff was not adequately prepared. Suddenly, the young ladies began frantically searching for a manager who possessed an “envelope.” Eventually, an envelope was procured, funds were inserted and subsequently presented to Joy’s spouse.

Joy pointed out that an apology was not even offered.

Upon Joy’s husband’s arrival, he promptly contacted the management, who assumed complete accountability for the situation. Joy has highlighted the inadequate communication practices at this medspa. The client experienced a sense of inconvenience rather than a feeling of being valued during her visit to the medspa.

According to Joy, it would be more beneficial for the proprietors to provide training to their employees rather than opting for live-streaming of treatments. The reviewer concludes her assessment by expressing her decision to refrain from revisiting Europhoria.

EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa has been accused of utilizing questionable business practices and charging exorbitant prices.

Steph became aware of EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa after coming across a few Instagram influencers who had mentioned it. She was the lucky recipient of a Christmas prize that granted her 12 derma sweeps. Notwithstanding, she expressed her opinion that she perceived minimal worth in them and would not be willing to shell out $150 per piece for their acquisition.

According to her, she published her review to highlight the dubious pricing policies of the medspa.

In December 2020, Steph underwent a Miradry treatment at $1500. According to the staff, a follow-up treatment would incur a fee of $1000 if the patient returns within a period of 6 months to a year.

According to her account, she observed a reduction in perspiration and subsequently recognized the necessity for additional intervention. Subsequently, in April 2021, she conceived and had to postpone her plans until she completed the breastfeeding phase.

Upon attempting to arrange her follow-up appointment, she was informed that a fee of $1500 would be required. The reason behind the reduced cost of the procedure to $1500 was due to a $500 discount offered to the individual.

The author recounts an additional occurrence in which she observed an atypical aspect of one of their spa package promotions. In 2020, Steph thoughtfully purchased one of these items as a gift for her beloved mother on the special occasion of Mother’s Day. Due to the onset of the pandemic, Medspa was compelled to temporarily suspend its operations for a few months.

Steph attempted to schedule an appointment with the medspa as her mother was soon to return after having moved out of town. As the packages were purchased more than a year ago, their current value is only 50% of the original cost for each service, which typically falls within the price range of $150.

Steph had invested $189 in the package, but unfortunately, her mother would have to incur additional expenses amounting to hundreds of dollars to avail of the gift. The user emphasizes that despite the mention of the condition in the fine print, it was not readily discernible due to the packaging being enveloped and adorned with a bow.

The individual expresses that they have discontinued their patronage of EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa and do not intend to return. Displayed below is the image of the package that she had purchased for her mother.

EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa has been observed to cancel appointments at the last minute.

Susan has expressed her dissatisfaction with the quality of customer service provided at this establishment. It has been observed that securing an appointment at this location is quite challenging, especially if one’s schedule is not flexible enough to accommodate mid-day availability. To secure an appointment, kindly note that it is recommended to schedule it at least a month ahead of time.

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In addition, it has been observed that Europhoria has been consistently canceling Susan’s appointments.

As she made her way to the medspa for her appointment, she encountered an unexpected delay due to traffic congestion. Susan made three attempts to contact Medspa before successfully reaching a representative, with her initial call being placed over an hour before her scheduled appointment.

Due to a shooting incident on the highway, the available alternatives were experiencing significant traffic congestion. Susan made an effort to display politeness by informing them of her delayed arrival due to the closure of HWY 99. Furthermore, she inquired whether it would be possible for them to still accommodate her.

After persistently attempting to make contact for an extended period, she eventually managed to connect with a representative. According to Susan’s statement, she had informed them at 5:52 that she would arrive in 20 minutes. The individual was informed that a grace period of 10 minutes would be allowed after their scheduled appointment, permitting them to arrive as late as 6:10. However, any delay beyond 6:12 would not be accommodated.

Susan clarified that her visit to the town was solely due to her not being a resident of Bakersfield. Furthermore, she conveyed to them her reluctance to undertake the long journey only to be refused entry.

Once more, the individual communicated to her that they would hold off until 6:10. Furthermore, it was not feasible for them to make arrangements for her even if she chose to wait until the other clients had been attended to.

With no other alternative available, Susan was compelled to retrace her steps and head back. According to the user, EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa has been known to cancel appointments with little notice and may decline to accommodate tardiness.

According to Susan, had her calls been answered during the first two attempts, she could have avoided being stranded in traffic for an hour?

“Horrible Customer Service, Staff Only Cares About Taking Your Money”

According to Selina, the medspa in question is not recommended. According to her, Europhoria embodies the essence of unyielding capitalism and falls short of providing a soothing spa-like experience.

Selina observed that the establishment provides exceptional service to its loyal patrons while neglecting those who are not regulars. It is indeed unfortunate that the patient had to resort to assertiveness and attend appointments diligently to ensure the timely administration of her treatments.

The blatant disregard for customers’ time by the medspa was a source of great frustration for her. In the event of a car breakdown during transit to her next appointment, the service provider enforced a tardiness penalty of $100 and required the forfeiture of an additional procedure due to non-compliance with their 15-minute policy.

However, despite arriving promptly for her scheduled appointment, she was made to wait for 20 minutes as the staff appeared to be disregarding her presence. According to Selina, the staff at this establishment is solely focused on extracting money from customers.

Furthermore, it appears that the proprietor and leadership exhibit a lack of concern for their clientele. One of her primary concerns is that she has been a member of this establishment for a considerable period. The recent policy change implemented by the company, unrelated to membership usage, has resulted in the withholding of the user’s funds.

The individual’s Euros have been withheld under the pretext of a purported new policy. Based on her personal experience, Selina does not recommend EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa.

$1500 “Flawless” Procedure Left Lumps in Face and a Deformed Dimple

Susan has shared several updates regarding her review. The reviewer expressed that while the staff is pleasant, they found the treatments to be overly embellished. Her lifts were flawless and threatening. The individual experienced significant discomfort and unfortunately, the procedure was unsuccessful.

According to Susan, she invested a significant amount of $1500 in a procedure aimed at achieving a flawless jawline. Unfortunately, the outcome did not meet her expectations. Additionally, there are now noticeable lumps on her facial skin and a dimple on her cheek resulting from the aforementioned procedure. According to her statement, the sum of $1500 has been depleted without yielding any favorable outcomes.

Subsequently, she shared a follow-up message after her conversation with the office manager. The medspa’s sole suggestion was for the customer to visit their facility and invest an additional $1350 for another thread lift. According to her, the level of pain associated with the procedure is significant enough to render their offer devoid of any humor.

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Susan acknowledges that their “Flawless” procedures may not always yield perfect outcomes.

In the most recent update, Susan disclosed that she underwent a thread-lifting procedure. Initially, she contemplated withdrawing from the situation but ultimately proceeded with it. The discomfort experienced was true as previously described.

Susan has shared photographic evidence of the outcome of her procedure, which she believes to be unsatisfactory.

Lost a Long-Time Customer Because of Shady Terms and Conditions

Le has been a member of EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa since December 2019, but her feelings towards the establishment have changed and she now expresses a strong dislike for it as of February 2022. At one point in time, the individual in question was willing to go to great lengths to retain their membership at this particular medspa. However, it appears that their priorities have since shifted and they are no longer as invested in maintaining their affiliation with this establishment.

The establishment provides a diverse range of services, catering to a wide audience with varying preferences. However, the location possesses a multitude of imperfections.

One of the primary concerns she had with this establishment was the inability to derive pleasure from her membership. The individual expressed her desire to arrange a relaxing spa session with her female companions and conveniently charge the expenses to her account. Despite her willingness to pay for her friend’s services, she was informed that Euros were not an acceptable form of payment. Additionally, it was communicated to her that to provide them with a form of compensation, she would need to purchase a gift card.

According to Le, she is unable to make payment through her membership and must physically travel to the establishment so that her friend can purchase a gift card at a premium price to cover the cost of the service.

The customer expresses her concern regarding the ease of purchasing services from the business despite her willingness to do so. Le’s experience with this medspa was impacted by the interactions she had with the staff.

It has been reported that the attitude of the staff at this establishment can be unpredictable. Encountering numerous scheduling conflicts while availing of services can be a highly exasperating experience. In addition, it is important to anticipate receiving nonsensical comments in reply to your inquiries.

One of the major concerns expressed by the user regarding EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa pertains to their strict and prejudiced policies and agreements. She had arranged a spa appointment that included multiple services for her daughter. The medspa offers a complimentary glass of champagne to clients who arrive early for their scheduled spa appointment. However, none of those events transpired.

In addition, her daughter needed to change in and out of her attire for each appointment.

Le recounted an occasion where she had arranged for a 60-minute facial session followed by a 30-minute head, neck, and shoulders massage. The technician managed to fit both of these services within a 60-minute time frame.

Le has expressed her distress over her accumulated points worth over 4,000 Euros at this establishment, causing her to refrain from revisiting the premises.

If you reschedule an appointment, there may be a charge incurred and it has been noted that there is a perceived lack of sympathy on their part.

Upon awakening, Veronika experienced symptoms of congestion, accompanied by watery eyes and a runny nose. The individual contacted their chosen medspa to request a rescheduling of their appointment due to concerns regarding potential exposure to COVID-19. The medspa informed the customer that in the event of having no Euros (points) remaining, she would be required to pay the full amount of her service, which was priced at $200 or more, out of her pocket.

Veronika asserts that she made the appropriate decision by contacting the concerned authorities to reschedule her appointment, emphasizing that she did not intend to cancel it. In addition, there is a membership fee of $150 that she must pay. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the individual in question is currently unable to access the various amenities and services offered as part of their membership, including scuba diving, steam room usage, body wraps, and sauna sessions.

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Unfortunately, medspa did not provide any alternative options instead of these particular services. According to Veronika, individuals shouldn’t purchase the membership of this particular medspa.

The individual in question was granted a 48-hour window to circumvent the charges by rescheduling the appointment. Veronika emphasizes that the amount of time allotted for an unwell individual is insufficient.

The individual in question has provided a screenshot of the text message they sent to EuroPhoria as evidence of their communication with the establishment.

The injector failed to furnish the client with aftercare instructions, neglected to inquire about the required number of units, and exhibited a lack of concern.

Natalie recently availed of the services of EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa to receive Xeomin treatment. To address the appearance of facial wrinkles, she opted to seek the services of this establishment.

Natalie had a positive encounter with the front desk staff who exhibited kindness and attentiveness. Subsequently, the patient proceeded to the treatment room where the healthcare professional inquired about the specific regions of interest. Upon receiving instructions from Natalie, she proceeded to mark the designated areas with a pen and promptly administered the injections.

Natalie was taken aback by the fact that the provider did not inquire about the units and their level of discomfort. Upon completion of the service, Natalie was not provided with any post-treatment guidelines by the service provider. Subsequently, she provided her with a slip that she could present at the front desk for payment.

Natalie was taken aback. To obtain the necessary aftercare instructions, she approached the front desk staff. While the injector did fulfill their duty by answering her inquiries. Additionally, Natalie was compelled to search for the necessary steps to proceed as her provider neglected to furnish her with any guidance.

Natalie notes that it has been five days since she underwent the procedure. She is currently encountering symptoms that were previously unknown to her due to a lack of information provided to her. The customer expresses a high level of dissatisfaction with her recent encounter and does not endorse this particular medspa.

Forgot to Deduct The Deposit From the Total, Botched the Injections

Sarah’s experience with Medspa was unsatisfactory. The individual received Xeomin and Botox treatments at this location and did not encounter any issues with the front desk staff.

Unfortunately, the injection was not administered correctly, which proved to be the pivotal aspect of her appointment. According to Sarah, despite her extensive experience working with neurotoxins, she had never encountered such excruciating discomfort before.

The service provider neglected to offer ice and administered some forceful jabs. Furthermore, there was no other injector who possessed the same technique as she did. According to Sarah, she has undergone this procedure on several occasions, and it typically involves multiple small pokes.

It is difficult for her to fathom that the provider was a nurse, as it appeared that she lacked the necessary training for the role. In addition, it appears that the deduction of the deposit from the total amount was overlooked. The observation was made by Sarah and subsequently brought to attention.

She was informed that the deposit would be refunded within three days of her departure. Regrettably, the item was not returned to her. Sarah had to make a phone call to remind the concerned individuals to return the item to her possession. EuroPhoria is not a recommended option for neurotoxins, as the experience has been reported as the worst by some individuals.

Additional Reviews:


EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa has received negative feedback from consumers. The establishment has received numerous complaints regarding its unsatisfactory customer service and questionable terms and conditions. The act of relying on clients excessively can be perceived as a negative indication.

When considering a medspa, it is important to thoroughly research the establishment and its reputation. If a medspa has received numerous complaints, it may be cause for concern and warrant further investigation before deciding to trust their services. I would not.

Considering the aforementioned factors, it would be advisable to seek an alternative service provider in Bakersfield and refrain from patronizing this establishment.

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