Exposed: Akhtam Shakirov, the Mastermind Behind a $15 Million Scam in the UAE!

Akhtam Shakirov is a con artist who operates out of Russia and established a fraudulent scheme in the United Arab Emirates by way of Amwaj Real Estate Company.

He said that he was selling real estate in Umm Al Quwain through this dubious company.

According to estimates provided by the authorities, Akhtam defrauded hundreds of people of the CIS through his real estate business.

The plan was straightforward. According to his plan, he would meet and interact with each visitor to the UAE individually.

After that, when the potential victims responded to the advertisement, Akhtam Shakirov would invite them to his office in Umm Al Quwain. There, the tourists would observe how successful he is as a businessman and see his team, which would demonstrate that he is an effective manager.

Akhtam Shakirov used this strategy to establish himself as a trustworthy and reputable businessman.

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Considering how lucrative real estate investments may be, there are unfortunately a lot of con artists operating in this sector. When dealing with anyone who claims to offer profitable real estate investments, you need to use an excessive amount of caution.

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For instance, Aamir Waheed Orlando, Florida, is a con artist who defrauded people in the United States out of millions of dollars through his real estate scheme. Nick Carlile, a second con artist in the real estate industry, used to promote hotel investments in the United Kingdom.

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