Exposed: The International Scammer Phillip W. Knight of London and Toronto” : 2023

WARNING: Phillip W. Knight, Phillip Knight, Gordon R. Baker, QC, Innasmatt Lynx Top Hat Investments, Zurich, and Toronto

Anyone who is contemplating engaging in commercial activity with Phillip W. Knight of Canada should take note of the following WARNING.

An Overview of Phillip W. Knight’s Scam

Phillip W. Knight and Gordon R. Baker QC Attorney Trust Account ( was on the receiving end of a wire transfer of US$75,000 that was initiated around March 30, 2019. This transfer was a part of the transaction for supposedly securing a financial product that would become the equity piece for a funding facility that would finance our oil and gas project in the United States.

The sum of $75,000 USD was sent via a Trustee by the name of Gordon R. Baker QC (Queens Counsel), who was tasked with keeping the money safe pending the completion of the transaction. The transaction did not go through, all of the deadlines came and went, and our $75,000 in unclaimed funds have not been returned to us.

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Since 2019, when all of the deadlines outlined in the Agreement had passed and we became aware of a website (, Skype: harbourmaster13) and postings related to Phillip W Knight and his previous attorneys for conducting shady and unethical business transactions that victimized innocent people to the benefit of Phillip and his associates, but to the detriment of a large number of victims, we have been working to recover these funds.

Since Phillip W. Knight ceased answering and responding to our calls, we have maintained communication through his attorney, Gordon R. Baker QC, and prior to that, we maintained communication with Phillip W. Knight. Both Knight and Baker have repeatedly assured us that the US$75,000 will be refunded to us in the course of our conversations with them. In the event that someone is looking to locate Phillip W. Knight in order to serve him with legal documents, he can be found hiding out at 25 Southerland Drive in London, Ontario N6P1C2 (this address was confirmed in January 2023).

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This is the residence of his girlfriend, Allison. Why does she keep company with a liar who is also a sociopath and a loser like this man? Is she really at that point? Geez! Additionally, his mobile phone number is still (416) 716-7444. If you have any information that could be of assistance, please email [email protected]. Additionally, if you could submit your responses on this Gripeo page, that would be very appreciated.

Fraudulent Marketing and Sales Tactics Employed by Knight

In spite of the fact that he has been successful in business, Knight’s reputation has been damaged as a result of the dishonest commercial tactics he has employed. It has been alleged that he engaged in fraudulent behavior in a number of nations, including the United States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The following are some of the more egregious examples of his dishonest business practices:

Ponzi Scheme

In Canada, Knight is suspected of running a Ponzi scam, in which he allegedly lured naïve people into the scheme by promising them huge returns on their money. By luring potential backers with bogus assurances and pledges, he was able to coax them into investing significant sums of money in his plan. In actuality, he was utilizing the money from new investors to pay off the money from previous investors. Because of the failure of this strategy, many people saw their investments evaporate.

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False Corporations

Additionally, allegations have been made that Knight created phony businesses with the intention of fooling investors. To give the impression that it was a real company, he would find a business with a name that sounded official, develop a website for the company, and staff it with workers. On the other hand, the corporation was really a cover for his fraudulent operations; after he had defrauded a certain number of people, he would dissolve the business and vanish.

Investments in Thin Air

In addition to running Ponzi schemes and creating false businesses, Knight is also accused of encouraging victims who are unaware of the risks to invest in fraudulent financial products. He would use the promise of big profits to persuade potential investors to put their money into a certain stock or commodity. On the other hand, these investments did not exist, and after he had accumulated sufficient funds, he would vanish without a trace.

The fraudulent behavior that Knight engaged in throughout his business dealings has now caught up with him, and he is now being sued in multiple nations. His conviction for fraudulent activity in Canada resulted in a prison sentence for him. In addition to this, he was ordered to pay a fine and was prohibited from running a company in the UK. In the United States, the Securities and Exchange Commission has looked into allegations that Knight engaged in fraudulent behavior.

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