Exposing Frontier Group UBS : Unreliable and Greedy

Anchorage is the location of The Frontier Group UBS, a company that provides financial consulting services. Tammy Renee Head and Patsy Burton are the two women who make up the leadership of the Frontier Group UBS.

The Frontier Group UBS asserts that it has been honored with a large number of honors and awards. On the other hand, The Frontier Group UBS may divert your attention away from the truth regarding this consultancy.

You, as an investor, need to be informed of the benefits and drawbacks associated with working with a financial advisory business. The following piece of writing sheds light on some of the concerns that have been cleverly concealed and are currently present in the Frontier Group UBS. It would assist you to decide whether or not you should work with them by providing you with further information, such as the following:

About the Frontier Group – Anchorage, AK

The UBS Financial Services Inc. branch that serves the Anchorage, Alaska area is known as The Frontier Group UBS. The address of the company is 3000 A Street, Suite 100, Anchorage, Alaska 99503, United States. Their phone is 907-261-5964 if you need to reach them.

At this company, Tammy Renae Head serves in the role of Senior Vice President of Wealth Management. She holds several credentials, including CIMA, ChFC, CLU, and CRPS. Other prominent individuals working for this company include:

  • Patsy Burton is now serving as the First Vice President of Wealth Management.
  • First Vice President of Wealth Management at Ryan McHugh and Company
  • David Sayler, who serves in the role of Vice President for Wealth Management
  • Jeffrey Head is the Associate Director of the company.

They provide a wide range of financial services, such as retirement planning, planning for many generations, education finance, and many others. Although the company asserts that it is customer-oriented, its representatives will not accept responsibility for any choices you make as a result of the guidance they provide.

Without a doubt, the people at the helm of this organization have received a lot of praise. However, the Frontier Group is not without its problems, one of which is the history of its leader.

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Leadership with Questionable Past

It is in your best interest to look at any potential financial advisor on FINRA BrokerCheck before working with them. It is a database that contains all of the financial advisors and firms in the world, detailing their credentials, their previous jobs, and other essential information.

You may also find out from this database if a former client of an advisor had a disagreement with that advisor. On the profile of this company, I discovered an essential piece of information.

Concerns Regarding the Frontier Group at UBS

Even if one ignores the murky past of the company’s management, this financial advising firm has a lot of other issues to deal with.

The following is a list of the top red flags in the Frontier Group UBS, which range from exorbitant fees to an incentive for putting you at undue risk:

Several Class Action Lawsuits are Being Filed Against UBS

Patsy Burton and Tammy Head’s company is a branch of UBS, which is one of the most successful and well-known financial institutions in the world. However, as a result of UBS’s products and services, the company is being targeted in a number of class action lawsuits. The business is earning a reputation for being callous toward the needs and concerns of its customers.

UBS has reached an agreement to pay $135 million to settle a class action lawsuit regarding FX trading. In a similar manner, a new class action lawsuit was initiated in October for the purpose of disclosing inaccurate tax information to holders of taxable municipal bonds.

The Frontier Group UBS review

This company, which is a branch of UBS, adheres to the same terms and conditions as its parent company. They receive commissions on the sales of the financial products that this bank provides them to market.

Working with a company with such a self-centered culture should raise red flags for you. Instead of going with a large corporation, it might be smart to hire a small independent company.

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Making Money Through Commissions

The fact that the advisors at Frontier Group UBS are also broker-dealers is the first problem with this firm. This indicates that companies make money by “selling” investments and earning commissions on such sales.

In a perfect world, a financial advisor would provide you with recommendations for assets that are tailored to your goals and requirements. However, an advisor is considered to have a conflict of interest if they earn compensation from promoting particular investments.

The Frontier Group is a business, and like every other business, it needs to be profitable. However, the company’s customers shouldn’t have to pay for its financial success. When they have a financial interest in “selling” specific stocks, it is more difficult to put any weight on their recommendations.

A Broker of Insurance

An insurance broker is represented by the Frontier Group UBS. This indicates that the company makes money in the form of commissions from the sale of insurance products.

You need to be aware of financial consultants who also act as insurance brokers since they might propose pointless insurance products out of their own avarice. Uninformed customers can believe that their advisor is concerned about their ability to meet their financial obligations. In point of fact, though, the advisor would be cheating them out of their money.

12b-1 Conflict Regarding Fees

There are several financial advisory companies that advise clients to invest in mutual funds that impose 12b-1 fees. It’s a marketing fee, and most of the time the adviser ends up keeping all of it for themselves.

The 12b-1 charge adds more expense to the investment, but it does not provide any further benefits. An investigation by the SEC contrasted the rates of return achieved by mutual funds that are subject to the 12b-1 fee and those that are not. It discovered that there was no difference in their returns.

This company provides securities with 12b-1 fees, which would result in you spending more money than is strictly necessary.

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Charges Depending on Past Performance

Clients of financial advice firms that base their fees on the firm’s success are more likely to be exposed to unacceptably high levels of risk. This is due to the fact that they only receive the money if their performance exceeds or is equal to a particular benchmark.

Because of this, the company has an incentive to put their customers in needless danger without their knowledge in order to make a few extra dollars. According to the disclosures made by Frontier Group UBS, the fees it collects are based on performance.

Investment strategies with a high level of inherent risk are not appropriate for all investors. But if you collaborate with a company that bases its fees on performance, you drastically reduce the likelihood of successfully avoiding the use of such techniques.

Putting up Private Investments for Sale

This advising firm is owned and operated by UBS, a global financial services provider that offers a wide variety of in-house investment options and connected securities. It would be to the financial advisors at Patsy’s firm’s advantage to recommend UBS’s products to you, regardless of whether or not such products are suitable for you.

This is due to the fact that “selling” UBS’s products and affiliated securities would result in more commissions being generated for this company.

This can result in deception and advice regarding finances that is not appropriate. Recent events have resulted in a number of UBS advisors being required to make restitutions to clients in the number of hundreds of dollars for advising assets that were inappropriate for them.

The YES strategy was suggested to the clients of several UBS advisors, despite the fact that it did not meet the requirements of those clients.

The Frontier Group UBS review

Just recently, UBS had to pay $358,000 to one investor because of this.

Side-by-Side Management

Management on a side-by-side basis is carried out by The Frontier Group UBS. This indicates that the company is able to handle huge accounts in addition to smaller ones simultaneously.

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It creates an incentive for the company to prioritize the interests of large clients and hedge funds, which leads to adverse trade executions and disproportionate trading costs for retail accounts with a smaller customer base.

The practice of doing side-by-side management is a major warning sign since it impacts the quality of service provided by the advisor.

Buying and Selling Suggested Investments

Another significant issue with this consulting firm is that its advisors trade the investments they advise their clients to make in the same markets in which they do so themselves. The phrase “eating your own cooking” comes to mind, but in reality, doing so creates a lot of potential conflicts of interest.

Untrustworthy financial advisors frequently make use of their clients’ cash in order to artificially influence the returns on the assets they advise on and increase their earnings. A significant number of customers are ignorant of the kind of assets that their financial advisor trades for his or her own account.

This bargain can be taken advantage of in a variety of ways by a consultant. For instance, in order to manipulate the returns, they might trade certain securities before recommending them to you in order to do so.

Without your knowledge, your financial advisor would utilize your money to line his or her own pockets with the profits.

In the event that you voice any concerns, the advisor will only respond by stating, “You agreed to the terms yourself.”


When initially considered, UBS Frontier Group may appear to be a desirable alternative; nevertheless, this impression is quickly dispelled upon closer inspection of the available information. It has an accomplished staff, the branding of a well-known financial institution, and a number of awards and honors.

However, the company has terms and conditions that are not only self-serving but also contradictory, which puts you in a terrible position.

It would be in your best interest to steer clear of any interactions with the Frontier Group.

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