Sam Ovens Exposed: Unmasking Misleading Ads, & Fake Reviews’s Sam Ovens manages international marketing aimed at a new generation of driven young men and women. For just a few thousand bucks, he promises to show them how to become millionaires and even deca-millionaires. Right? Or is the “few thousand dollars” his only motivation?

In short, he just cares about your money and will try to convince you to join his MLM-style affiliate program in exchange for a few thousand dollars.

The lengthy response is this review, the result of forty hours of work.

One possible question you may have is, “Is Sam Ovens a scam? alternatively, “Is It Worth It to Use”. I am available for any inquiries of this nature. After finishing this article, you will have a thorough understanding of Sam Ovens & In both positive and terrible ways.

Please read this review whether you are a die-hard Sam Ovens fan or you think I’m just a troll looking for some attention. What do you think Sam Ovens could shift after reading this?

If you’re in a rush, you may jump straight to the “How Sam Ovens Scam Operates: Manipulation, Sales Funnel, Cash Flow, and Partnerships” section, where I detail how the scam is run in its entirety.

Sam Ovens: Not Who You Think He Is

Sam’s history is a mixture of fact and fiction. It’s complete nonsense to claim to come from a “middle-class family” and use the tried-and-true garage entrepreneur schtick. and SnapInspect were both created by Sam Ovens. The pricey Consulting Accelerator program is what he mostly promotes. According to his website, his program has helped create 25 millionaires and 500 people who make six figures or more. These are bold assertions without any evidence of actual achievement, but such is life in the bogus guru industry.

Sam Ovens

Sam Ovens’ purported origin tale reads like a trope and is, to be frank, hard to believe. He claims to have come from a middle-class background where he was denied the chance to become wealthy. Sam claims he comes from a working-class background in New Zealand.

Sam Ovens claims the following for his professional background:

  • Working for Vodafone (which pays well)
  • He gave up his work, returned to his parent’s home (or “garage”), and began operating his business out of the house.
  • unsuccessfully launched several companies, including PromoteYourself and ToTheDesk.
  • SnapInspect was launched, and it was a huge hit.
  • Started making money by offering digital marketing services to companies.
  • Consulting Accelerator was released, resulting in a $20,000,000 profit.
  • We have just published Consulting Accelerator 2.0 and
  • This essentially answers the question of how Sam Ovens became wealthy.

The first part of this path is suspect since false gurus are notorious for embellishing their histories to promote the illusion that they were not born into wealth and instead earned their fortune through hard labor. While in practice, this is rarely the situation.

If people understood the truth about these so-called gurus, they wouldn’t waste their life savings on their programs.

A $65 million net worth is the number that appears in the highlighted snippet when you search for “Sam Ovens net worth” on Google. This is a fictitious number unless you’ve been completely duped by Sam’s propaganda ads and webinars.


It’s reasonable to wonder why Sam would embellish his wealth. The solution is rather simple. He models his scheme after the time-tested deception techniques of multi-level marketing. In multi-level marketing frauds, con artists deceive victims by exaggerating their financial achievements. Scam artists like Sam Ovens take advantage of the fact that most people consider financial success as a measure of happiness by exaggerating their wealth.

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Conflict of Interest, According to Reviews on

Sam’s major business is, and it’s a multimillion-dollar success.

They rate themselves 5 star claiming it's customer reviews.

Reviews and ratings from previous customers are quite useful in determining whether or not a product or service is worth considering. To encourage client feedback, businesses implement a variety of strategies, the most common of which is creating a profile on an independent review site.

However, this presents a serious problem for con artists like Sam Ovens, who prefer to have complete command over how their clients talk about them online. To counteract this, Sam’s team has begun compiling 4,000 fake reviews on their domain,

This is a catastrophic failure.

No reasonable person would expect a corporation to provide unbiased customer ratings on the same page as its flagship product, which is notorious for its poor cost-benefit ratio.

merely eleven out of 3,772 reviews on this page received merely one star. That’s an implausible sum given that research shows attendees of Sam Ovens’ webinar have complained that it’s a con.

When I looked at the reviews of more closely, I discovered several genuine testimonials on Trustpilot. But I can’t put much stock in these ratings because the website is so divisive. So, I’ve taken screenshots and submitted the following to permanently archive genuine reviews:

Sam Ovens Reviews and Complaints Replaced with Fake DMCA Takedown Notices

Sam Ovens says he doesn’t care about complaints, but he and his staff will file fake copyright strikes to remove any they find online. What a hypocrite.


Sam Ovens and his crew pay great attention to every detail of their web presence. There is nothing they won’t try to keep their victims from catching on to the scam. It’s all a part of the manipulation I’ll explain in greater detail below.

I used as a resource and came across some fascinating discussions.

These threads were removed from Reddit despite receiving thousands of views each, with the explanation being that they violated the site’s “copyright notice” policy.

The first thread detailed the con behind Sam’s Consulting Accelerator program. Four years ago, u/BSbizadvice declared itself to be an expert at exposing bogus gurus. Sam Ovens’ affiliate market trolls quickly took over this topic, flooding it with spam and voting up meaningless remarks.

In addition, these affiliates downvoted the post so that Reddit’s algorithms wouldn’t suggest it to anyone.

sam ovens' $2000 consulting accelerator course

The second thread will rock your world if you thought the first one was disturbing and unethical.

Reddit removes review in response to fake copyright notice

About two years have passed since u/bigsum posted this.

Reputation firms (typically based in Pakistan and India) will utilize fake DMCA as a tool. If they find an article, video, review, or thread that could damage their client’s reputation, they simply submit a DMCA strike on it. This occurs more frequently than you might think, and the scammers usually go away unscathed.

Fake DMCAs are neither a joke nor an accident; they are part of a larger criminal plot to silence dissenting voices and use the system for financial benefit.

The consumer simply wished to learn the consensus of Sam Ovens’ Consulting Accelerator. And a total of 31 commenters shared their ideas.

However, he and his colleagues decided to remove the post and all comments that were critical of Sam Ovens’s class so that the thread would be all pleasant and applauding.

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Maybe you’re wondering, “How on earth can he do this legally?”I have the solution to what you need to know.

Sam’s crew can submit a copyright strike against your post if it contains the word mark “Sam ovens” and have it removed.

Every time the name “Sam Ovens” was used in a comment on the post, Sam Ovens and his marketing team merely notified Reddit of a copyright infringement.

Copyright notice

I have video evidence showing Sam instructing his students on how to violate your client’s right to free expression online by infringing on copyright laws. He may be “consulting” in this way. His students pay him thousands to teach them how to swindle people by filing false DMCAs and exploiting the copyright system, and he can certainly accomplish that.

I’ve already described the mechanics; now let’s discuss why Sam engages in such conduct and whether or not it is authorized by law.

Removing Negative Feedback & Critical Analysis

This is the main benefit Sam expects to gain by registering his name as a trademark. He is well aware that the online courses he is peddling are terrible and offer no lasting value to their purchasers. He is aware that this will result in a flood of one-star reviews on the web, but he reasons that if this happens, everyone will see through the ruse. To get them removed from Google and YouTube, he files a false copyright strike.

By using this approach, he not only maintains a phony reputation for competence but also discourages anyone who falls for his swindle. The latter is crucial since Sam would rather not have the victim report him to the FTC and end up in a similar situation to that of Jason Bond Picks.

In my opinion, it would be preferable to address consumer concerns rather than simply ignore them, although I understand that doing so can be costly and time-consuming. Sam is a man who places a high premium on financial security. He would rather not waste it on naive twenty-somethings who bought his course in response to a chance internet ad.

Is It Wrong to File False DMCAs? When Will Sam Go to Jail?

If you make up copyright claims online, you will face legal consequences.

However, DMCA disputes seldom make it to court because lawsuits are costly and few people can afford to pursue legal action of this nature. This is a huge boon for con artists like Sam Ovens, who can amass a fortune and yet prey on middle-class kids.

The Sam Ovens Affiliate Program is a pyramid scheme.

Without disclosing their affiliation, SAM OVENS’s students become affiliate marketers and are asked to post highly biased reviews.

Sam makes astronomical returns on his online courses because he doesn’t invest in things like editors or video quality (unlike Slow Growth Academy). This allows him to provide unbelievable discounts, such as 50% or 30% off his courses.

Affiliate links, which can be found just about anywhere online, are the most common way to take advantage of these deals.

Some people might be surprised to learn that the majority of Sam’s affiliates are real people who have purchased a course from’s affiliate program.

Sam’s team has had a lot of success turning manipulated pupils into affiliates since they are already manipulated. To prevent backlash from students who have spent thousands of dollars on an online course that offers little to no value for the fee, the course’s creators offer them an affiliate arrangement.

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While many affiliates come from educational backgrounds similar to their own, that is not always the case.

Affiliate marketers are real people who create fake review websites like “My Sam Ovens Review dot Com” to trick consumers into clicking on their links.

To what extent do Sam Ovens affiliates profit?

There is a lot of variation. The simpler you can lie, the more money you will make.

There is a consistent theme of very biased articles on websites run by Sam Oven’s affiliates, all of which serve to paint Sam and his businesses in a negative light.

Sincere people like (hopefully) yourself and I will not benefit financially from being affiliates.

You’ll have to consistently embellish the courses’ value and superiority when selling them. Simply put, the real course is terrible. If you don’t believe me, I urge you to watch Coffeezilla’s movies about Sam, as they have testimonials that illustrate the reality of

Methodology of the Sam Ovens Scam:

This is a crucial part of the essay. specialists and insiders I spoke with gave me crucial details regarding the scam’s workings.

Reviews, Complaints, and Scam Alerts about

Sam Ovens’s reviews tend to be extremely positive because they are included in the sales process. Sam needs to offer you an illusion since no one will buy his pointless program(s) if he meets the same fate as Tim Sykes.

We uncovered some fascinating information as a group, so let’s jump right in:

The Enticing Commercials

Advertising is the first step in what turns out to be a very manipulative sales process. There are often three to five commercials, all of which follow the same format. This advertising concept was popularized by none other than Tai Lopez, and Sam Ovens was quick to jump on the bandwagon.

In the year it was released, the viral image of Sam in a blue suit at a rented corporate office quickly went viral and became a meme. Of course, not everything is a picnic.

While those with a keen eye for deception may laugh off these ads as harmless folly, there is a sizeable segment of the population that believes the claims they make.

These individuals typically feel dissatisfied with their chosen profession or simply lack the motivation to put in the necessary effort at a “boring 9 to 5”.

Even if you normally ignore commercials, the advertising is designed to stick in your mind. They are profoundly provocative, albeit patronizingly so. If you’re not raking in $X while you sleep, the ad will label you a failure.

After being exposed to the advertisement at least 11 times, victims often click on it.

If they click the ad, it will direct them to the landing page.

Landing Page that Convinces and Connects

Here is where all the action is. For phony “gurus” like Sam Ovens and Rahul Mannan, the landing page is a major investment.

The goal of the landing page is to convince the visitor that this program is just what they’ve been looking for to right the ship of their life. This is the sole purpose of the landing page.

Simply put, the copywriter is trying to take advantage of the fact that the person who clicked on Sam’s ad is likely to be emotionally susceptible.

Common inquiries found on the landing pages of these phony gurus include “Wanna learn how I made $10,000 in 3 hours?” and other variations on this theme.”. This is only a hook to get the potential victim interested enough to keep scrolling down to see the bogus reviews and buy the product.

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Fabricated Testimonials and Five-Star Ratings

Usually, before making a big purchase, people have some sort of internal dialogue that goes something like, “This is stupid, I shouldn’t spend my rent money on a stupid course.”

If they do their homework, they’ll be able to make a well-informed choice. As a result, they search for feedback from others who have purchased the product.

Who would intentionally lie in a review? Right?

The truth, unfortunately, is unpleasant.

If a victim does this, Sam’s affiliates or marketing team will flood their page with phony reviews. The genuine testimonials are buried so deeply that nobody ever sees them. Most people today fall for such schemes and lose thousands of dollars. However, the deception continues.

Email Upselling to Increase Sales

Once Sam’s team learns that a customer has purchased a course, they begin to lavish more care on the customer to maximize revenue.

They will keep going until they have completely drained their prey. They use deceptive copywriters to send out emails advertising other, more lucrative courses.

Some of these courses are so advanced that they are only marketed to idiots or fools, and are thus not even advertised on the website.

Sam makes millions of dollars annually by ruining the lives of young people, and this is how he does it.

Send the FTC an official complaint against Sam Ovens.

You may feel helpless in the face of this rich con man, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing the right thing.

Sam is destroying the lives of young people by giving them false hope and then robbing them for money, and he must be stopped immediately.

It’s easy to convince yourself that you’ve wasted your life savings on useless courses from But things need not be this way.

The FTC recently demonstrated that it takes victim concerns seriously. If we go to the FTC with our evidence against Sam, he will be arrested alongside the other con artists they have been busting left and right.

We may get our money back, plus interest.

We must file a formal complaint with the FTC; speaking with an attorney may also be beneficial, although I doubt it would be practical.


The Federal Trade Commission’s official fraud submission link can be found in the previous sentence.

If we do something, not even Sam’s evil marketing crew will be able to silence us.

The Final Verdict

Sam Ovens regularly exaggerates the success of his firm to build a phony reputation. He’s operating a fake copyright strike scheme, a refund scam, and a recruitment scam similar to MLM. is a dishonest company that has a clear conflict of interest in posting fake 5-star reviews on its website. In sum, Sam Ovens is a con man, and the FTC should move swiftly to shut down his business.

Authentic Consulting Accelerator and Consulting Accelerator 2.0 student reviews express disappointment with the courses’ shallow content. However, these comments are hidden from view since they scare off potential victims and undermine Sam’s deception. Ethically dubious tactics, such as false DMCA takedown notices, are used by Sam’s marketing to hide or remove negative customer evaluations.

What are your thoughts on the Sam Ovens hoax? Do you believe the FTC will wake up and arrest him, or do you think he will be allowed to drive around in his foreign automobiles?

Will Sam Ovens’ affiliates continue to post bogus reviews on various internet discussion forums, or will they come to terms with their lives?

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