Theranos Scam : Christian and Elizabeth Holmes Exposed (Report 2023)

Fraud was done by Christian Holmes IV and his daughter, Elizabeth Holmes. Elizabeth and Christian’s early lives were shown in a documentary series on Hulu.

Theranos Mastermind

Elizabeth Holmes was the brains behind Theranos, in case you didn’t know. This medical technology business made false claims that they had a way to run blood tests on patients with less blood. It brought in billions of dollars, but in the end, the truth came out.

On February 1, 1946, C. Holmes IV was born. He is 76 years old now. He went to a private High School and then to Wesleyan University to get his degree. It is thought that he is worth between $2 and $5 million.

The personal life of Christian Holmes

Christian Holmes IV is married to Noel Holmes, who is both of his parents’ children. When their girl was born, they were living in Washington, DC. Both of them worked on Capitol Hill at the time. Noel was a policy adviser, and Christian worked in different government departments.

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They moved from Washington, DC, to Houston, Texas, not long after that. In Texas, Christian became the vice president of Enron, a medical company that was busted for fraud.

Wikipedia: Christian Holmes IV

In December 2001, this building fell. The FBI said that the company went bankrupt soon after stealing money from its clients. Because the crime was so bad, the government had to form a special team called the Enron Task Force. This task group was made up of criminal investigators from the IRS, the FBI, and the DOJ.

This scam company lost a total of $164 million, which was used to pay back the people who lost money to it. 22 workers took part in the crime, and all of them were found guilty.

Christian Holmes is a senior advisor at The Boston Consulting Group, where he has worked since 2017.

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