Finxflo Crypto Founder, James Gillingham, accused of fraud and abuse

James Gillingham is the founder and former CEO of Finxflo, a crypto business that has been called a scam in several reviews.

Some customers have pointed out that James Gillingham has a sketchy past, while others have pointed out that Finxflo crypto seems sketchy.

Finxflo is a Singapore-based Bitcoin company.

Their address is 168 Robinson Road, #12-01, Singapore 068912. The number to reach Finxflo is also +65-315-74301.

The company says it is a place where crypto buyers can get all the liquidity they need in one place. It says that it brings together prices from different exchanges and gives “unparalleled” security and liquidity.

Based on what I’ve read about Finxflo and James Gillingham, I don’t believe these statements.

Fraud charges have been made against James Gillingham

I was looking at Finxflo when I came across a forum talk about James Gillingham. Then, to get away from the police, he left Britain and is now trying to sell himself as an expert on cryptocurrency.

The user says that James has set up a website that claims to be a price aggregator for cryptocurrencies where early buyers can make money from arbitrage.

Finxflo is the only thing that makes sense. It is advised that individuals refrain from engaging with James Gillingham as he is currently being sought by the City of London Police in relation to multiple fraud cases.

He also says that James was named as a suspect in more than one fraud case on a BBC Crimewatch show. The user says that James used the names Charles Hollingsworth and Charles Bardswell to hide who he was.

The user also says that James Gillingham was the head of business for FX World Managed Account Ltd. It was a Ponzi scam that promised fixed monthly returns of 5%. But it went out of business and the CEO was arrested.

The user says that James left the UK before the business went out of business. He says that people shouldn’t put their money into Finxflo because they might never get it back. Also, he says that people shouldn’t deal with someone who is “on the run and a chronic liar.”

Later, James called him a blackmailer, but the user said that James is definitely in a picture from an event that FX World sponsored.

Without a doubt, these are some very serious accusations. But there’s more.

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James has heard a lot of bad things about the people who work at Finxflo Crypto. I’ve written them down below, but first, let me tell you more about James Gillingham:

About James Gillingham

Finxflo is owned by James Gillingham. He bought the domain in 2020 and has run the business since then. He will own the name until February 2023, according to the paperwork. Between 2020 and 2022, he even made a coin called FXF for Finxflo. Even though it’s not much, it helps him reach more people in the cryptocurrency business.

Also, he says he is a business consultant who helps startups make, grow, and carry out global business plans. He is no longer the CEO of Finxflo Crypto. Instead, he has joined the Board of Directors.

James Gillingham was the CEO of Alpha Stone Capital and a Managing Partner at Choice Investments for 3 years before he started Finxflo.

Also, James Gillingham says he worked at International Asset Management and JageroFX. His record looks pretty good on paper.

Still, the reviews suggest that he may not be as skilled as he says he is.

What’s Finxflo:

Finxflo says that it is a safe and regulated site for traders of cryptocurrencies. It also says that its CeFi and DeFi standards are the best in the world. The FXF coin is also run by the company. But not many people have put money into it.

Finxflo crypto coin might not be doing well because it has a bad online review. It’s marked as a bad choice by platforms because it doesn’t list any features and doesn’t have a proper report.

Employee Reviews on James Gillingham and Finxflo:

An Ex-Employee Talks About James Gillingham’s Abusive and Fraudulent Behavior

In this section, the writer talks about some problems with Finxflo crypto.

He says that the company tells you lies from the beginning. The reviewer had applied for a job here during the pandemic, and they told him they would let him work from home.

At the time, government rules said that at least half of the employees should work from home.

But when the reviewer asked to work from home one day, they said they didn’t have a “WFH policy.” James Gillingham needed to talk to everyone in the office, or so it seems.

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Later, the reviewer found out that James had told HR to let him know if a worker from home took unpaid time off.

The reviewer also says that the top management at Finxflo treats its workers with a lot of disrespect.

For example, James Gillingham used a worker who had trouble hearing as an example of how diverse Finxflo crypto is.

But James’s servant didn’t think twice about insulting the deaf worker, even though he couldn’t hear her. Also, she would roll her eyes when he couldn’t do everything she told him to do.

The reviewer says that James’s stooge would also often swear at the disabled worker.

Also, James Gillingham loves to show that he is a nice person. But if he doesn’t like something, he won’t think twice about yelling at the staff in front of the office.

The reviewer says that James would approve social media posts, but then after they were posted, he would find something wrong with them and call the workers who were responsible late at night to yell at them.

The reviewer also says that James makes the staff stay up late to fix small things that he could have fixed remotely.

“Makes his employees stay up late to fix his own mistakes”

The critic says that James Gillingham is a dictator who gets suspicious and fires anyone. Even if James’s assumptions are wrong, he would fire the worker right away if he felt even a little bit uncomfortable.

The reviewer says that two days after the MOM’s visit, Finxflo said they would move to a different office within the next two days.

On the day of the move, James got the whole team together to find out who would rather work from home.

Only the critic said that he does.

Then James Gillingham asked who had told MOM something bad. The critic brings up the fact that he hadn’t said anything bad.

James started making threats to the staff when no one came forward. He said he was friends with a top MOM employee who would tell him the name of the whistle-blower.

Even though the reviewer knew James was lying because it was against the law to say such things, James kept making the same claim.

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He said that he wanted everyone to come to work every day so that they could “work together better.”

Then he pulled the reviewer away and asked him if he had noticed anything wrong in the office. The reviewer said no.

But James didn’t seem to care about any of that.

He later showed him the whole new room and said different things about how he can work here “without distractions.”

The employee was fired because he wanted to work from home during the pandemic.

The reviewer got a text message telling him to go to one of the rooms in the new office. Then, Finxflo Crypto gave the reviewer a letter of dismissal, saying that he had not done a good job.

The reviewer says that firing someone without giving them any notice was not a proper move.

Also, the company said that they would hire an outside company to replace him, which didn’t make any financial sense.

Also, the person who wrote the review had only been there for two weeks. During this time, the person being reviewed went to work every day from 9 to 6 and did his job well.

He also says that the Finxflo crypto job post he had applied for was backed up on LinkedIn after he was fired. James Gillingham had lied to him about hiring an outside company.

Later, the writer used the Tripartite Alliance to go after Finxflo crypto. At first, the company didn’t want to pay him anything, but when the reviewer said he would go to court, they gave up.

Also, he points out that a coworker who started at Finxflo the same day he did left the company within a month. Why? James had yelled at him because he didn’t order an Apple TV fast enough.

In the “Advice to Management” part, the reviewer says that James Gillingham needs to start treating his employees like real people. Also, he shouldn’t get angry over the smallest things.

The reviewer said that he shouldn’t hire people if he can’t handle the most basic parts of running a business.

“James Gillingham doesn’t know anything about cryptography.”

In this review, the person says that the COO of Finxflo Crypto is the worst boss ever.

He says that the COO is not good at her job and doesn’t know what she’s doing. Before she became the COO, she was a photographer.

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He also says that James Gillingham doesn’t know anything about crypto. The company fired him because he has a “superstart complex.”

The writer also says that the executive committee acts like a bunch of kids.

“James is a big pervert, and the bosses keep promoting themselves.”

In this review of Finxflo, the person says that the worst thing about it is how it is run.

Also, the management is always working to promote itself. They want you to give them 110%, but they won’t pay you.

The writer also says that James is a very bad person. If James liked you, you would get a raise in pay and a promotion right away.

The writer says that the COO took care of her promotion. Also, within a year, the company got rid of its Chief Financial Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Group Chief Commercial Officer, and Chief Legal Officer.

Finxflo Crypto doesn’t pay salaries on time, and there are too many people in the C-suite.

The reviewer says there are too many C-suite roles in Finxflo. Since the company is still new, most of them are already done.

Also, he points out that Finxflo is one of the SEMs with the most EP holders who have less than 70 employees. He doesn’t understand how someone with so little experience and training could get to where they are.

He also says that the company doesn’t pay its employees on time. Even though many people have worked hard, they haven’t gained anything.


From the reviews and claims, it’s clear that James Gillingham is not a trustworthy person. His workers say that he doesn’t know much about cryptocurrency, but he is on the board of Finxflo. Several reviews also say that he is a pervert who supports people because he “likes” them.

In recent years, there have been a lot of shady and illegal businesses in the crypto industry. Yolllo is an MLM scam that takes advantage of women in Eastern Europe.

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