Floppa Footwear: A Review of Quality, Comfort, and Durability in 2023

Floppa Footwear Company It is impossible for me to adequately express how dissatisfied I am with this product brand. After suffering from foot pain for a considerable amount of time, I decided to visit Floppa Footwear. My primary care physician diagnosed me with flat feet when I was 6 years old, and ever since that time, I’ve been required to wear specially designed footwear.

Because of the unusual shape of my feet, I needed to have them built to order in order to wear them. Because of this, the designers concentrated mostly on the functionality rather than the aesthetics of the product. Because of that, people made fun of me in school, and it was the worst.

I have always held out hope that someone will develop a brand that can simultaneously improve the comfort of my feet and enhance their appearance. Despite the fact that I am a fully grown adult with a family at this point, my daughter Jessica struggles with the same issue that I do. As she prepares to enter the third grade, she is incessantly complaining about the appearance of the special shoes that we are required to purchase for her. According to my wife, there are certain girls at school who are cruel.

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When I found out that there was a new shoe company that is floppa Footwear specialized in making custom shoes that were not only functional but also looked good for a relatively affordable price (custom shoes typically cost anywhere from 90 to 300 dollars per pair, but this company was selling them for just above 85 dollars, which should have been my first warning sign), I decided to give them a try.

My wife and I were overjoyed with the news. After assuring our daughter that we would purchase her a new pair of shoes, we asked her to select the styles she favored so that we could purchase them. Because of her enthusiasm for transformers, we ended up entrusting her with the task of designing a pair of shoes that she could wear and that would also be comfortable for her. My wife and I are always of the opinion that our daughter looks absolutely stunning, but the most important thing is that she is at ease.

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Customer Review about Floppa Footwear

We placed the order on Floppa Footwear for these shoes about a month ago, and we didn’t get them until yesterday. I am utterly dismayed by the outcome. To begin with, they are not the correct size for the job. During the process of making the shoes, they required us to input her precise foot dimensions as well as any health conditions she may have.

At the very least, we were anticipating that the shoes would be available in her size. However, what did not come as a surprise was the arrival at our doorstep of a single pair of red tennis shoes sized for adults. They are of high quality, however, we did not order what we thought we were going to get. My daughter has been anticipating these for a long time and is beyond ecstatic about this development.


We have made numerous attempts to locate the telephone number associated with their organization, but we have been unable. It appears that the website has been taken offline as well. Please, for the love of God, exercise extreme caution, and keep an eye out for anything that seems too wonderful to be true.

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