Footballer Ayden Hector’s Career Derailed by Fake ID Arrest

In 2021, Ayden Hector was arrested for attempting to purchase alcohol using a fake ID. Washington State had suspended him from football for violating team rules four days before their arrest.

Police in Pullman took him into custody.

In February 2021, the police were alerted to a possible case of a fake ID at a grocery store in Pullman. During their investigation, they discovered Ayden Hector’s involvement in the crime.

Ayden stated that he was purchasing alcohol to celebrate the birthday of a friend. He was detained by the police and placed in the back of a patrol car. An officer issued citations and then released him.

In March, he was required to attend court due to being cited for displaying fraudulent identification and minor possession. At the time, it was unclear whether the suspension was indefinite because the school did not provide any information on the matter.

Due to the pandemic, the Cougars were unable to hold spring practices for a year. At the time Ayden Hector was charged, the team had not yet released a schedule for spring practice.

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Ayden Hector made an impressive start at the strong safety position. In a victorious game against Oregon State, he shared the team lead by recording 7 tackles. Despite not starting in the team’s subsequent game, the walk-on was able to make a positive impact.

Regrettably, his tendency to consume alcohol unlawfully impaired his decision-making abilities and hindered his professional football aspirations.

Ayden had an unexpected beginning at WSU. He joined the team during the spring practice after it had already begun.

Despite having committed to playing for Stanford, his admission was rescinded upon the discovery of his involvement as a witness in a 2018 investigation.

Where is Ayden Hector now?

Following his indefinite suspension, he decided to enter the transfer portal.

After climbing the ranks in the depth chart, he earned the title of Pac-12 Freshman of the Week for his impressive performance against Oregon. He intercepted a pass and recovered two fumbles during the game.

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He was one of the most highly sought-after in-state recruits during the 2020 cycle. Ayden achieved a 4-star ranking and was named the 15th-best cornerback prospect in the country.

At first, he had planned to enroll at Stanford. Unfortunately, his scholarship was revoked upon discovery that he had cooperated as a witness in a sexual assault case. In 2020, he finished his studies at Eastside Catholic High School. According to reports, he has recently become a member of Colorado State.

Ayden Hector’s Twitter username is @AydenHector2, and his Instagram handle is @aydenhector.


Alcoholism is a growing issue that poses significant challenges. However, Ayden Hector impeded his professional career by attempting to purchase alcohol illegally and utilizing a counterfeit ID.

He was previously implicated in a sexual assault case, but the charges were eventually dropped by prosecutors following an 8-month investigation.

It is hoped that Ayden will learn from his mistakes and take steps to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future. They have the potential to cause him significant trouble. Fred Golestani and David Sajasi are two well-known businessmen who are currently facing legal action due to their alleged involvement in illegal activities.

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