Fox Hollow Developer Testifies Against Accused Real Estate Agent

Richard T. Wolper, who built the Fox Hollow neighborhood and is now CEO and Founder of Mark 25, was accused of causing water illness. The lawyer said that T. Wolper was never charged and that he was working with the community of Saratoga Springs, where a lack of water kept many buyers from getting building permits.

Wolper, who started Mark 25 and built Fox Hollow, was a witness at the trial of Kimberly Bowen, a real estate agent who was accused of five counts of communications fraud for not telling customers that the lots she was selling didn’t have water.

Bowen was a real estate agent who sold the land that Wolper was building on, on the west side of Utah Lake. She is also accused of not telling anyone that she was a co-owner of the company that sold Richard T. Wolper’s lots.

Kimberly Bowen on crime trial, Richard T. Wolper testifies

In city papers, Saratoga Springs officials also said that the City Council broke rules and a contract with Wolper by allowing the neighborhood to be laid out.

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One of the defendants in the action, Richard T. Wolper, claims that he complied with the law by disclosing any defects in the property to the buyer, despite the fact that the sales documents he signed made no such provision. He said that they complied with the law.

During Wolper’s defense attorney Chris Bown’s cross-examination, Wolper was often violent, and 3rd District Judge Randall Skanchy had to tell him over and over to answer questions and not give his opinion.

After he attacked Bown’s questions, Skanchy told Wolper not to care about him. A frustrated judge asked the lead prosecutor, Denise Dalton if she needed more time with her witness so that “I don’t have to issue orders of contempt.”

At another time, the judge told Wolper to talk to his lawyers so he could answer yes or no questions, and then he gave him a break.

Bowen says that Richard T. Wolper lied to them.

Wolper claimed that he informed Bowen and her staff that the lots lacked water because the booster station required to pump water to a holding tank had not been completed. Because there was no water, Saratoga Springs did not give out building licenses.

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“They all knew they weren’t ready yet,” Wolper said. “It came up more than once.”

In 2007 and 2008, Bowen was accused of not telling Fox Hollow lot owners that the lots did not have water and that they could not get building permits.

She and others said, though, that Wolper lied to them and that city official broke the rules by letting the developer plant the neighborhood and sell lots.

The story of Richard T. Wolper

Mark 25 Development and Group of Companies, SLC, was set up by T. Wolper in 2011. The company wanted to bring all of its twelve businesses under one name and put most of its attention on projects in Park City, Utah. Richard’s complex of apartments, called Black Rock Ridge, has 420 units worth $250 million.

Richard’s other project, Black Rock Luxury Condos, has all the features you’d expect from a top-tier hotel, like a restaurant with delicious food, a pool with views of the nearby mountains, and a place to work out. The Residences at Blackstone, another project by Richard, is sold out and has ski houses with 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms in Canyons Resort.

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False publicity for Richard T. Wolper

Richard T. Wolper started making fake news releases to hide his part in the Kimberly Bowen Fraud after he was said to have been involved in the Utah fraud.

There is nothing but fake inspiring language in these news stories, which are meant to make people feel better.

Mark 25 is owned by Richard T. Wolper.

Mark 25 Development and Group of Companies, SLC was set up by Richard T. Wolper. It was made to bring together his twelve businesses, and most of its work is in the Park City, Utah, area. Wolper has built three buildings with more than one unit.

With 420 units and an estimated value of $250 million, Black Rock Ridge has been one of the best-selling homes in the area for a while. It is right next to Park City Main Street and all of its shops and restaurants, and it has a view of the Wasatch Mountain Range and Deer Valley that can’t be beat.

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Last Words

Richard T. Wolper, who started Mark 25 and built Fox Hollow, was a witness at the trial of Kimberly Bowen, a real estate agent who was accused of five counts of communications fraud for not telling customers that the lots she was selling did not have water.

But the name of Fox Hollow developer Richard Wolper stayed throughout Kimberly Bowen’s sentence hearing. Wolper was to blame for the water problems, but he was never charged.

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