GBV Charitable Trust Report 2023: Suspicious Ties & Questionable Reputation

On its website, GBV Charitable Trust says that they are a Kenyan non-profit group. They started doing business in 2015 in Buru Buru, Kenya. They help children, babies, and women who have been victims of serious Gender-Based Violence with emergency care and long-term care. The group also said that it was formed in Australia.

On paper, they look like they would be a good charity. But GBV Charitable Trust has ties that make people very suspicious, and it has lost its license to do business in Australia.

It has been going after PRC, a well-known charity, with a network of pedophiles, trolls, and crooked police officers.

This article shows how GBV Trust has been trying to hurt PRC’s reputation and why you should avoid them:

Project Rescue Children

Project Rescue Children (PRC) is a non-profit group with offices in Australia and The Gambia. The group’s main goal is to protect and help children who are victims of human trafficking, sexual abuse, child labor, child molestation, and other similar things.

PRC entered Kenya in 2019. Many people were happy about this decision because they thought that the non-profit group would work with local governments to solve problems in Busia, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Kakamega, Naivasha, and other places.

The goal of the PRC was to bring attention to the problem and help law enforcement agents by giving them the tools they needed. They also worked to help officials find and shame pedophiles safely and professionally.

Another goal of Project Rescue Children was to teach kids, parents, and caretakers how to recognize warning signs and what to do when there was a danger.

For example, PRC joined forces with an older couple in Nyakach, Kisumu County, after learning that they helped kids in the area even though they didn’t have much money. At the time, the couple hadn’t signed up for anything. They are now known as Ray of Hope.

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This led to an agreement to work together, which kicked off a full renovation of their home. Now, the PRC uses it as an executive office to help people in that area.

Role Of GBV Charitable Trust In Corruption

In Australia, PRC held a benefit and worked with BEINC, a marketing company in Brisbane, to get the word out. With that fundraising, PRC was able to get $128,000 in just three hours.

In 2021, the PRC and BEINC agreed to help them by working with other NGOs. BEINC asked a charity called GBV Charitable Trust, which no one knew much about, to work with PRC.

But when PRC looked into this trust, they found a lot of things that made them suspicious.

They found out that GBV Charitable Trust was not a listed charity in Australia. They were no longer listed with the Australian Charity Commission (ACNC).

More research showed that the GBV Charitable Trust had set up 5 companies in one day. This made people even more suspicious about what the real plan was.

After they lost their charity status in Australia, GBV Charitable Trust used the name of another charity, the Dr. Rose Foundation, to start a new charity in Kenya.

PRC found that they had set up the Dr. Rose Foundation in Australia to hide their shady actions and move money between Kenya and Australia.

Dr. Rose Foundation used to say on its website that it was a registered non-profit group and that donations made in Australia were tax-deductible. The PRC found that these claims were not true.

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So, BEINC told GBV Charitable Trust that they can’t take part in the second ‘Australia’s Largest Luncheon’ event in 2021.

When Genevieve De la Reux and GBV Charitable Trust started attacking PRC: Genevieve De la Reux is in charge of GBV Charitable Trust. She couldn’t go to the event because BEINC wouldn’t let her. This didn’t work out well for her because she didn’t get the credit.

Also, a big event like that could have helped her get a lot of money.

In response, she set up several online attacks against the PRC to hurt its image. She made fake accounts on social media and started working with several Australian pedophiles that PRC had already gone after.

She also used Cameron Houston, an Australian journalist with a bad reputation, to make her campaign seem more real. Cameron works at The Sydney Morning Herald, and many experienced writers have questioned his morals.

A probe showed that Cameron Houston had been trying for a long time to hurt the reputation of the PRC. Cameron had gone after the CEO of the PRC more than once in the last few years with bad journalism.

So, he didn’t think twice about joining the hate campaign and started working with GBV Charitable Trust, pedophiles, and trolls to post a story that was bad for PRC.

But when people found out about GBV Charitable Trust and told Cameron and everyone else how bad the story was, they changed it.

GBV Charitable Trust works with bad Kenyan police officers

Genevieve De la Reux and GBV Charitable Trust know several bad cops in the Kisumu police force. For example, Pahnuel Olango is married, but Genevieve Da Le Reux is also aware of their sexual connection.

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In the same way, the ACNC charity record says that Evelyn Ochieng is both a member of the board of GBV Charitable Trust and a police officer.

With their help, the suspicious trust began fighting the PRC.

In reaction, PRC sent a formal complaint to the police commander, Peter Katam, and the department that deals with corruption.

The bad Kenyan officers tried to stop the PRC’s “Ray of Hope” regional center from getting registered. For about 11 months, they wouldn’t let it get a CBO license.

The DCI-Kenya, whose office has a desk for GBV Charitable Trust and is an official partner of the trust, started a malicious investigation into PRC and its operations in Kenya.

DCI focused on their office in Nyakach, where they do their paperwork. Also, they looked into the PRC coordinator’s accounts and found nothing wrong.

GBV Charitable Trust had said that the study would find hidden money and assets, which was not true. The DCI didn’t find anything, though.

Then, they used false accusations from GBV Trust to say that PRC was using pictures of random children and putting them on a website with a river as a background to get attention.

But PRC showed that this claim was also not true. They showed that the children were part of their funding program and lived in their rescue center in Kisumu.

Later, they showed up unannounced at PRC’s office and made up a story that PRC hadn’t done much to fix things up. But everything was all right. Still, GBV Charitable Trust spread false information that PRC didn’t have a center in Kisumu.

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How GBV Charitable Trust Used Propaganda?

GBV Trust has been doing everything it can to make PRC and its work look bad. They made a program and a complaint to the Australian Embassy in Kenya, thinking that the Embassy would tell the ACNC about it.

The bad cops who worked for GBV Charitable Trust made up a story about how they saved a 9-year-old girl from being married off. Reports showed, though, that the girl is related to Mr. Olango.

Between 2020 and 2021, he lived with the girl’s family in a government house in Kisumu’s Milimani Estate, across from the Judiciary building.

Also, it’s in the same area as where those bad cops work, at the Police Headquarters building.

Cameron Houston wrote this slanderous piece in which he said that Hillary Mutyambai, who is the Inspector General of Police, is the one who started the investigations into PRC.

In his maliciously defamatory article, he used the names of government organizations like CID, DPP, NIS, and DCI to give it more weight.


It’s sad how GBV Charitable Trust has dealt with this whole thing. Kenyans need to find these bad guys who use cheating and kickbacks to get rid of people who are doing good things.

We can’t expect the situation to change unless people do something about it.

It would be sad to see a good organization like PRC fail because a bad organization and a bunch of bad cops didn’t want it to work.

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