Gillian Yu – Morgan Stanley – Misleading Investors and Clients 2023

You might come across the name “Gillian Yu Morgan Stanley” if you are looking for managers in San Francisco. She works as a financial manager, and she says that she helps her clients come up with all-around plans.

Contrary to what she says, her work experience is full of disputes worth millions of dollars and sharing private information about her clients.

Her full name isn’t even Gillian Yu. She changed her name from Chi Ling Gillian Yu to Gillian Yu because she had gotten into a lot of fights and bad press under her old name.

So, before you put your financial security in her and her company’s hands, please read this review of Gillian Yu Morgan Stanley:

Who is Gillian Yu Morgan Stanley?

The financial planner Gillian Yu works for Morgan Stanley, which is based in San Francisco, California. Her office is at 555 California Street, 14th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104, US, and her phone number is 415-576-2167.

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She says that through specific plans and goals, she can help her clients build wealth that will last for generations. Some of the services she offers are lifestyle advice, financial management, wealth transfer, cash management, early-stage trust, and more.

Gillian says she has been working for over 20 years, but she doesn’t talk about a few important parts of her job. Here are some of the things she doesn’t want you and other potential clients to know:

Gillian Yu, also known as Chi Ling Gillian Yu, has a shady past ($20,000,000+ in disputes).

Chi Ling (Gillian) Yu is Gillian Yu’s full name. She brags that she worked at Credit Suisse Securities for 15 years, but she doesn’t say that she was fired from there

First Dispute:

The first client disagreement Gillian had was on May 16, 2008. In this case, the customer says that they agreed to invest in bond funds in October 2007, but they were never told what to do with the rest of their money, which was put into ARS (Auction Rate Securities) without any risk information. They said that the securities were no longer easy to sell.

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The client asked for $4,000,000 in damages, but the case was settled for $4,050,00. In response, Gillian Yu Morgan Stanely blames the volatile market of 2008 and says that the relationship manager was not a part of the agreement and wasn’t asked to add anything to it.

Second Dispute

Her second disagreement is from May 30, 2008. Here, the client says that in November and December 2007, they agreed to invest in “Commercial Paper” and gave orders to meet two criteria: safety and liquidity. But against the orders, their money was put into Auction Rate Securities, which are now hard to sell. The client said they felt like they were lied to.

This case was settled for $11,950,000 by Gillian’s company. She said the same thing to this argument as she did to the first.

Putting clients in too much danger

Working with Gillian Yu at Morgan Stanley is also not great because she charges fees based on how well you do. When your advisor charges you based on how well they do, they only get paid if they beat a certain standard.

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In order to beat a benchmark, they have to use high-risk tactics, which you should also do.

This kind of risk can be very bad for your portfolio, especially if you want long-term protection. If you are a client of Gillian Yu, you should look at your finances to make sure they aren’t using these risky methods.

Shady financial advisors often charge fees based on how well their clients do. Renee Hanson Ameriprise, for example, also charges this fee, which has put many of her customers in needless danger.

Can you believe Gillian Yu? No, that’s the answer

If a financial expert has to change her name to get clients, you can guess how much you can trust her. Gillian Yu has had many problems with customers in the past. Remember that clients rarely make claims and disputes against their financial advisors.

So, having three disagreements with clients is a very big deal. Gillian also lost her last job because she told a co-worker private information about one of her customers. This is not how a professional business advisor should act.

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It would be better to find a different financial adviser who really cares about his or her clients. You can try to avoid Gillian Yu Morgan Stanley at best.

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