Globalix Review 2023: Reliable or Scam

It’s not a problem to try dealing, but it becomes a problem when you lose both your capital and your profits, or when you find out you’ve been scammed. So, before you decide to trade your money with Globalix, it’s important to know what risks you’ll be taking. In this review, we’ll tell you how we feel about the site and let you decide for yourself what’s best.

Globalix Review has a good name and is well-known. It also has a professional website with tempting deals that are sure to attract investors like you. But there are red flags about them that go beyond how the platform looks. For example, they say they work with top-tier banks in Europe and promise to help you get a huge return on your investment.

This review tells the truth about our experience with Globalix.

About Globalix

Globalix Review is a well-known offshore broker that makes a lot of promises. It has a professional platform design and lots of tempting offers to help users trade their money and make money. The platform gives you access to assets, wrong information, and other data whose sources are not made public.

Globalix Review brags a lot about fake things that don’t exist, and they don’t back up their claims with proof on purpose to make us believe them.

For example, Globalix Review said that it had workers whose training and experience were not made public. Since they are not recognized by any EU body, it is also hard to know what information they have about their registration and partnerships with top banks in Europe. Everything about Globalix seems fake, and there is no promise that it will make you money.

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The website doesn’t show proof of real trading, and most of the “professionalism” they claim to have to help traders isn’t convincing. Globalix isn’t a licensed trading site, and they don’t have the right to invest with public money just because they make good deals. No real seller would give in to something like that, so you shouldn’t either.

How does Globalix work? works under the guise of being compatible with 50 foreign exchange pairs on other trades that have nothing to do with crypto assets. But this isn’t enough to ensure that you’ll make money. Their way of doing things seems strange in a lot of ways. For example, Globalix is based in the Marshall Islands, which are known for not having any legal rules or recognition from the government of the Marshall Islands.

Globalix Review

Even though Globalix Review doesn’t have a license for any financial control, they require your information when you sign up. This isn’t quite right. If you give your information to a site that isn’t reliable and where you don’t have an identity, scammers can use your information to do illegal things.

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Globalix has a test account and a website that is easy to use so that new traders can trade with ease. This exchange platform’s website offers MT4 trading, which, from what I’ve seen, is a good way to make money from trading. From a beginner’s point of view, Globalix Review looks fine, but we can see that they use 3pips, which is more than the average for the company. Putting your hard-earned money into a site with no rules could be risky. Since a few months ago, Globalix Review doesn’t know of any successful trades that have been made on its site. And being a victim will be dangerous.

Not only that, but Globalix Review also has a lot of trading choices that don’t make sense and will take your money. Also, the smallest amount you can put into is $250, which is too much to try out or change. Since Globaliz isn’t regulated by a reputable body like the FCA or CySEC, which pay clients back if they lose money or are scammed, Globalix Review isn’t safe to use. FCA and CySEC will give each person up to 85,000 pounds or 20,000 euros in compensation. Since they are not regulated by anyone, traders have no promise that they will get their money back.

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Why you should stay away from Globalix?

This brokerage tool has gotten a lot of bad reviews on Facebook, Instagram, and other sites. In the few months they’ve been open, they’ve gotten a lot of bad reviews. For example, Globalix Review was banned in Spain by its regulator, CNMV, in 2019. This was on top of the fact that it didn’t have a license to trade from the EU regulator.

Globalix doesn’t have any legal backing to work as a crypto trader or offer any trading services. They are not allowed to give financial advice or get money from the government. The government that Globalix Review is registered with does not have rules about forex dealing.

How to Deposit and Withdraw from Globalix?

Even though they are clear, Globalix review has a lot of fees that are not very good and don’t promote trading. For example, you can use a wire transfer, an e-wallet, or Mastercard, among other credit cards, to deposit on the site. From what I can tell from the site, it is easy to put money into the account, but it will be hard to get it back. The company doesn’t look like it’s real, and if you don’t use your account for 45 days, you have to pay an extra $100.

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Not only that, but each exit costs 3,4% of the transaction fee, and if you use their auto-trading software, you must have participated in more than 20 trades or pay an extra $100. Globalix charges for almost everything to keep people from pulling out their money, which is not a good sign for a real business. This makes it easy to put money in, but it makes it hard to get money out quickly. Even worse, Globalix will charge you if you want to find out why your transaction is taking so long. All of these are red flags for investments that are legal and make money.


After studying and analyzing the Globalix media platforms, services, terms of operation, and withdrawal process, we would advise any potential investors to stay away from them until they can do what they need to do and file with legitimate agencies.

Scammers are everywhere, and they all look like they are real. So, investors should look past the emotional calls and trade with real trading platforms that are brave enough to sign up with trusted and reliable agencies.

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