GLP Financial Group: A Review of Mismanagement, Lawsuits, and Complaints in 2023

Farmington, Michigan-based GLP Financial Group is a company that provides financial planning services. Their location can be found at 33305 Grand River Ave, Farmington Hills, Michigan 48336, in the United States. The company makes the claim that it can assist clients in putting themselves in a position to have a prosperous and secure future.

In addition, the company asserts that it is driven by a passion to assist its customers in achieving their monetary objectives through the application of its knowledge, experience, and expertise. In addition to providing services for wealth management and individual financial planning, they also provide services for corporate planning.

Alex Kocoves serves as the Chief Executive Officer of this company, while Matt DeSantos serves as President. This business is led by Heather Lyon, who serves as the Chief Operating Officer.

At first glance, they appear to be the same as any other financial firm; but, after conducting further investigation, we discovered the truth. The truth is that there are several lawsuits, dissatisfied employees, and a fabricated reputation.

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The name “GLP Financial Group” is not currently the subject of any legal action; however, the same cannot be said about Gerald L. Pollack & Associates Inc., the company that owns the “GLP Financial Group” trademark.

Here is proof of their trademark ownership:

Gerald L. Pollack & Associates Inc. vs. United States of America

This lawsuit was also filed in the Michigan Eastern District Court on June 4, 2015. It was terminated on May 13, 2016. The nature of the suit was 890 Other Statues – Other Statutory Actions. 

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GLP Financial Group Reviews You Must Read:

GLP Financial Group Never Explains Anything Properly, Suffers from Poor Communication

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Ryan reveals that his wife made use of the resources made available by this wealth management organization in order to prepare for her retirement. One of their salesmen has assured her that she may become a millionaire with their help, despite the fact that she works as an educator.

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She had already signed the document before Ryan could warn her about the risks of doing so. Ryan made an attempt to get in touch with the representative of the company, but she said she was out of the country at the time. She assured Ryan that she would give him a call when she got home, but she never followed through on her promise.

After some time had passed, Ryan contacted her via text message. Once more, she did not provide a response. After a month had passed, he messaged her and asked why she had not phoned him back. Her response was that she had, however, called him back. However, her assertions were not supported by any evidence.

When Ryan inquired about how she makes a living, she responded that she gets paid by the corporation. However, she never addressed the fact that GLP Financial Group receives a commission from other businesses that handle Ryan’s money.

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He emphasizes that the individuals working at GLP Financial Group never provide any explanation for anything. They have a rapid speaking rate.

According to his observations, this is not a reputable business.

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“They Scam You By Using Sleazy Sales Tactics”

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The reviewer who came before you claims that the employees at GLP Financial Group are complete jerks. They peddle indecent and reprehensible things like whole life insurance and annuities. In addition to this, they do not properly educate you on the worth of the things that they are selling to you.

He draws attention to the fact that Sean and Steve are two employees at this organization who are extremely nasty people. The reviewer was conned by those two individuals. The critic believes that although they are effective salespeople, they are not very professional.

He recommends that you pay no attention to this business if it tries to sell you something. In addition, the reviewer suggests that it would be in your best interest to go elsewhere for assistance in this matter.

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GLP Financial Group Employee Reviews: Abuse, Poor Environment & More

The customers aren’t the only people dissatisfied with this organization. Even the employees have shared their gripes on how this company operates. In the following section, I have shared some of the numerous complaints their employees have posted online:

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