Golden Brokers stole money from me

Golden brokers doing fake promises to their own clients. I invested in this website but I don’t know the intentions of the website. One of the brokers suggested me to investing in the scheme and took my $450.And when I asked for the return they started blocking my account. This company is not for trading purposes. Even the broker who committed to give me a 9% return on investment on my deposit never called me back. He made me open various unwanted trades which gave them a large amount of brokerage.

I started believing them and this unethical source and lost my all money. Doing trading is the better move but you should do proper research about the source before investing.

Please avoid these sources or else you have to bear heavy losses. The Golden Brokers didn’t see investors’ money as a liability they see them as a source of income. They will steal your money and you will get nothing at last.

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