GP&M Advisory Services: Deceptive Advertising Agency

Government contracts are highly sought after due to their perceived profitability and stability. As a result, many GP&M Advisory Services providers for both individuals and companies make it a priority to secure these contracts. Small, medium, and large business enterprises endeavor tirelessly to secure tenders and are willing to expend significant amounts of capital when individuals or other entities offer to enhance their likelihood of winning such tenders.

GP&M Advisory Services is a company that caters to entities and individuals with a significant interest in government contracts. The company guarantees to facilitate the procurement of tenders, including those that are not readily available to the public. The current investigation pertains to the inquiry of whether GP&M Advisory Services fulfills its commitment to facilitating companies to obtain government contracts.

Bill Hunter founded GP&M Advisory Services on April 15th, 2015.

The organization’s principal place of business is located in Largo, Florida. The organization may be classified as a firm specializing in government contract management and procurement.

GP&M Advisory Services asserts that if you require General Services Administration/Veterans Affairs (GSA/VA) Multiple Award Schedule contracts, System for Award Management/ Dynamic Small Business Search (SAM/DSBS) contracts, and other government contracts, you are encouraged to promptly reach out to them. The organization asserts that it is the sole private entity that provides such services while being certified, licensed, bonded, and insured. Further evaluation of evidence is necessary to support such assertions.

Distinctive programs & features provided by GP&M Advisory Services?

GP&M Advisory Services provides the Premier Government Readiness (PGR) Program, designed to equip organizations with the essential knowledge and competencies required to secure government contracts. In 2018, the organization made an official announcement regarding the receipt of a Private Small Business Development Grant. This funding has facilitated the implementation of the PGR Program by the entity.

The efficacy of the program in facilitating government contract vendors’ access to contracts via the Simplified Acquisition Process (SAP) is currently unknown. The grant was limited to a total of 200 small businesses. Business entities that were not selected for the grant are therefore required to pay for the program. The grant may be perceived as a valid aspect of the organization or a means to promote the program.

In addition, the company provides Premium Government Vendor Capabilities Statements services. A capability statement is a concise document that outlines the essential competencies of a business to prospective clients. A capability statement can be regarded as a professional document that showcases a company’s qualifications and competencies to attract potential clients.

GP&M Advisory Services asserts that it can assist clients in crafting high-quality government vendor capabilities statements, which could significantly increase the likelihood of securing government tenders. Government entities take into account several factors before awarding contracts, including the vendor’s reputation and previous contractual agreements, among other considerations. The assertion that a premium capabilities statement produced by GP&M Advisory Services will ensure a government contract vendor’s success may be potentially deceptive.

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A resume that is well-organized and thoughtfully presented can enhance the likelihood of securing employment, but it does not provide a guarantee of employment. Employers take into account additional factors such as interview performance and qualifications when selecting a candidate from a pool of applicants.

How do GP&M Advisory Services engage with their customers?

Organizations have the option to utilize diverse communication channels to engage with their clientele, such as social media platforms, phone calls, and emails, among other means. The communication channel is a vital component of customer service, as it has a significant impact on customer satisfaction and provides customers with a means to voice their grievances. The primary mode of communication utilized by GP&M Advisory Services to engage with its clientele is via telephone conversations.

GP&M Advisory Services contacts potential clients to ascertain their interest in current government contracts. The organization has implemented advanced technology, specifically Robocalling, as a means of communicating with its clientele. The implementation of robocalling enables the company to efficiently promote its services to a large number of customers simultaneously, thereby reducing expenses associated with the recruitment of customer service representatives.

The utilization of the Robot by the company enhances the potential for customer acquisition, as it can efficiently contact multiple customers simultaneously. While the company may derive benefits from Robocalling, the system has faced criticism from customers. In contrast to human-initiated calls, robocalling facilitates a unidirectional communication process whereby customers are solely informed about ongoing projects without the ability to express their opinions or ideas.

Furthermore, there have been customer complaints regarding the frequency of calls made by the system. The system randomly contacts potential customers, which may result in repeated calls to a specific target customer within a brief period. There have been reports from customers regarding the difficulty in opting out of the Robocalling system. As the system is automated, it cannot receive feedback from potential customers regarding their disinterest in the services offered. The company does not offer prospective customers the ability to opt out of calls either through their website or during the call.

Upon a client’s subscription to the company’s services, the company employs a range of customer service agents. The agents collaborate with clients to ensure efficient application for government contracts. Some of the most popular agents of the company are Leena, Nicole, Ashley, and Dana. Several clients have reported a positive experience while collaborating with the agents.

According to customer feedback, Dana Sanders has been described as exhibiting professionalism, responsiveness, and a warm demeanor. According to customer feedback, the individual in question demonstrates a strong commitment to facilitating a seamless and effective contract application process through diligent collaboration with clients.

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According to customer feedback, it has been reported that the staff is known to integrate customers as part of the team, which has been positively received. The customers have indicated that the company’s staff members are courteous and promptly address all customer inquiries and issues. The individual acknowledges the commitment of the personnel in ensuring that the vendors are granted access to government contracts.

Is it possible for GP&M Advisory Services to grant access to non-publicized contracts?

The company asserts that it is capable of furnishing vendors with undisclosed micro contracts, which is a particularly audacious assertion. While the company has not made any official claims on its website or social media platforms, it has been reported by several customers that they were persuaded to purchase the company’s services based on the belief that they would have access to such contracts. Various governmental departments utilize diverse channels to publicize their contracts.

It is mandatory for government departments to publicly advertise their contracts. Government agencies are advised to publicize contracts exceeding USD 25,000 on the System for Award Management (, formerly known as There is no cost associated with accessing the websites. It is improbable that the company possesses access to unadvertised contracts as the departments are obligated to publicize significant contracts.

The organization is knowledgeable about multiple websites and platforms utilized by government agencies to advertise their contracts. The organization can thus gain access to a greater number of contracts compared to an individual with limited expertise in navigating the extensive advertising platforms. The company’s distinctive expertise and experience may enable them to offer customers access to a multitude of contracts.

It is expected by customers that upon submission of their capabilities statements to the company, the company will undertake the task of filtering out contracts and subsequently matching customers with contracts that are relevant to their capabilities.

According to customer feedback, the company has been observed to send a considerable number of irrelevant contracts to customers via email, and subsequently, expects the customer to sift through and discard unwanted contracts. According to customer feedback, the company is reportedly sending a high volume of contracts daily, many of which are deemed irrelevant and not aligned with the customers’ specific areas of expertise and requirements.

If a client requires contracts for the procurement of stationery, they may receive a multitude of contracts for the procurement of various other commodities such as pharmaceuticals, detergents, and food, among others. Customers may become frustrated if the contract lists are not customized to meet their specific needs. Customers can be assured of accessing multiple contracts, however, it cannot be guaranteed that said contracts will pertain specifically to their relevant field.

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How Is GP&M Advisory Services Work Culture?

The culture of GP&M Advisory Services is exemplified by its treatment of its employees. Organizations that demonstrate respect towards their employees are more likely to establish positive relationships with other stakeholders, such as customers. Employees who experience frustration are more prone to displaying rudeness towards customers. As per confidential sources, it has been reported that the founder and proprietor of the company, Bill Hunter, is known to be amicable.

Bill demonstrates a professional demeanor towards his employees by treating them with respect and motivating them to increase their productivity. Bill has established favorable working conditions. The company offers occasional lunch provisions to its employees, as evidenced by certain undisclosed staff members. The company holds a strong belief in the quality of its services and therefore requires its employees to uphold and share this belief. While having faith in the company’s services can be a constructive attitude, employees are advised against making negative comments about the services, which can hinder opportunities for improvement.

One of the employees has raised a concern regarding the brevity or absence of breaks between shifts. Providing employees with breaks enables them to rejuvenate and mitigate work-related stress. The act of withholding breaks from employees or providing them with insufficient break time has been found to harm their productivity and elevate their stress levels. There were reports of employees expressing dissatisfaction regarding the presence of inaccurate information before their employment.

An employee has alleged that the company committed that customer service agents would solely handle prepared leads and refrain from soliciting new clients. Upon employment, the individual was tasked with presenting the company’s services to prospective clients who had been reached out to by the automated Robo system.

The system initiates random calls to customers, with the possibility of customers either responding or not. In the event of a customer’s return call, it is expected that the agents will present the company’s services, which typically fall within the USD 3,000 to 7,500 range. According to the statements made by the employee, the company engages in unethical behavior by providing false information to potential employees.

Can GP&M Advisory Services fulfill its commitments?

GP&M Advisory Services offers several key advantages. Initially, the organization pledges to assist enterprises in securing government contracts. As per a customer of the company, the organization did not fulfill its commitment owing to several factors. The company committed to assisting the client in accessing multiple federal contracts.

The company presented several contracts, but they did not align with the customer’s requirements and proficiency. The client has reported an issue with the bidding system, stating that it has been sending incorrect bids, resulting in difficulties in securing contracts. The client has presented evidence of a discrepancy in the bidding process, where the company’s promised deliverables did not align with the actual outcome. In contrast, a different client reported enrolling with the organization and obtaining their initial government contract within a six-month timeframe.

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According to the customer, Dana Sanders utilized her expertise and professionalism to assist the company in securing its inaugural contract.

Owing to varying perspectives among customers, certain customers may be awarded contracts while others may not.

Additionally, the company pledges to assist clients in developing sophisticated proposals and contractual documentation, which can greatly enhance their likelihood of securing government contracts. As per the feedback provided by a significant number of customers, the organization fulfills its commitments. The clientele has exhibited that the personnel of the organization, particularly Dana Sanders, collaborate closely with the patrons to produce documentation of exceptional professionalism and quality.

The staff possesses the necessary expertise and experience to ensure that the contract documents meet high standards, which is a commendable attribute of the company. Companies that lack expertise in preparing the requisite documentation for tender bidding in government contracts can avail themselves of our services for assistance.

Do GP&M Advisory Services offer refunds?

According to a customer, GP&M Advisory Services allegedly neglected to provide a refund following their dissatisfaction with the services rendered. The company has not disclosed any information regarding their refund policy, which may suggest that they do not provide refunds.


GP&M Advisory Services purports to assist vendors of government contracts in securing government contracts that are predominantly available to the general public. Based on the analysis conducted, it has been determined that the organization has access to a considerable number of government contracts. However, there is uncertainty regarding whether these contracts are publicly advertised or not.

One of the key strengths of the company is the availability of a diverse team of professionals who can assist clients in producing top-notch contract documentation. However, it has been reported by customers that the company frequently sends multiple contracts to their email addresses, which are often not relevant to their specific requests. Based on customer feedback, it appears that the company does not offer refunds. This evaluation is based on the sources that are currently available, and as such, it is subject to scrutiny.

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