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Government contracts are highly sought after because people believe they provide greater opportunities for profit and stability. As a result, the bulk of GP&M Advisory Services for businesses and individuals work toward the goal of acquiring such contracts.

Small, middle, and large business entities are willing to part with sizeable amounts of money when individuals or other entities claim to boost their chances of winning such tenders. This is because these business entities work tirelessly, day and night, to win such tenders. GP&M Advisory Services is one of the businesses that court businesses and individuals with a voracious appetite for government contracts.

These businesses claim to help businesses win bids, some of which are closed to the general public. The focus of the ongoing investigation is on determining whether or not GP&M Advisory Services lives up to its promise of providing businesses with access to government contracts.

GP&M Advisory Services Overview

The 15th of April, 2015 marked the beginning of GP&M Advisory Services, which was created by Bill Hunter Largo, located in the state of Florida, and is home to the company’s headquarters. One could classify the organization as a government contract management and procurement firm.

According to the GP&M Advisory Services, you should not hesitate to get in touch with them if you are in need of General Services Administration/Veterans Affairs (GSA/VA) Multiple Award Schedule contracts, a System for Award Management/ Dynamic Small Business Search (SAM/DSBS) contracts, or any other type of government contract.

According to the company’s website, it also claims to be the only private entity that is fully certified, qualified, bonded, and insured to provide these services. However, further evidence needs to be analyzed before such claims may be accepted as true.

What are the unique programs or features offered by the GP&M Advisory Services?

The Premier Government Readiness (PGR) Program is made available by GP&M Advisory Services. The goal of this program is to provide businesses with the information and expertise required to successfully compete for government contracts. The company made the announcement in 2018 that it had been awarded a Private Small Business Development Grant, which would make it possible for the organization to provide the PGR Program.

Unanswered questions remain regarding the efficacy of the program in terms of providing government contract vendors with access to contracts through the Simplified Acquisition Process (SAP). The award was only offered to a maximum of two hundred small enterprises. Those commercial enterprises who were not chosen to get the grant would, as a result, be expected to contribute financially to the initiative. Therefore, one way to look at the grant is as a real element of the organization, while another is as a marketing strategy for the program.

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In addition to that, the organization provides services for Premium Government Vendor Capabilities Statements. A capacity statement is a document that is only one page long and offers prospective clients information regarding the most important capabilities possessed by the company.

A capability statement may be compared to a résumé that a corporation uses to solicit business from potential clients. GP&M Advisory Services asserts that it is able to guide clients in the creation of premium government vendor capabilities statements, which, if successful, would make it virtually impossible for competing businesses to lose out on government contracts.

Before awarding contracts, governmental entities take into consideration a number of variables, some of which include previous contractual agreements and the vendor’s reputation, among other considerations. As a result, the assertion that a premium capabilities statement crafted by GP&M Advisory Services will ensure a vendor receives a government contract may be false.

It is possible to boost one’s chances of being hired by having a resume that is well-structured, but this does not necessarily guarantee that the individual will be hired. When choosing the winner from the pool of applicants, employers take into account a variety of variables in addition to qualifications and performance in interviews.

How Do the GP&M Advisory Services Interact with Customers?

Companies can talk to customers through different channels, such as social media, phone calls, and texts, among others. Communication is an important part of customer service because it affects how happy customers are and lets them say what they don’t like. Most of the time, GP&M Advisory Services talks to people over the phone.

The GP&M Advisory Services calls potential customers to see if they are interested in the government contracts at the time To talk to people, the company has started using better technology, mostly Robocalling. With robocalling, the company can pitch its services to a lot of customers at once, which saves money on hiring customer service workers.

Since the Robot can call many people at once, the company also has a better chance of getting more customers. Even though the company gains from Robocalling, customers have complained about the system. Robocalling isn’t like talking to a person on the phone because it only tells customers about ongoing projects and can’t listen to their ideas.

Also, buyers have said that the system calls them too often. The system calls potential customers at random, so it may call a specific target customer many times in a short amount of time. Customers have also said that the Robocalling method makes it hard to stop getting calls.

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Since the system is not human, a potential customer cannot tell the system that he or she is not interested in the services. On their website or during the call, the company does not give potential buyers a way to refuse the calls.

When a client signs up for the company’s services, they are helped by different customer service workers. The workers work with the customer to make sure their bids for government contracts are strong. Leena, Nicole, Ashley, and Dana are some of the most popular workers at the company.

A lot of people who have worked with the agencies have had good experiences. Customers who have worked with Dana Sanders say that she is friendly, polite, and quick to respond. Most customers say that she works hard with them to make sure the contract application process goes smoothly and is successful.

Customers have also said that the staff treats them like team members, which is a good thing to say. Customers also showed that the company’s employees aren’t rude and answer all of their questions and concerns. They like how hard the staff works to make sure that the sellers can get government contracts.

Does the GP&M Advisory Services provide access to contracts not advertised to the public?

The company’s claim that it can give vendors micro contracts that don’t get promoted is one of its most audacious ones. Even though the company doesn’t say it on its website or social media, many customers have shown that they bought services from the company after being convinced that they could access contracts. Different parts of the government use different ways to get the word out about their contracts.

Departments of the government have to tell the public about their relationships. For instance, government departments should post contracts worth more than USD 25,000 on, which used to be called There is no charge to use the sites.

Since big contracts have to be advertised, it is unlikely that the company has access to contracts that haven’t been advertised. But the company knows that government departments post their contracts on a number of websites and platforms. So, the company can get more contracts than a regular person who doesn’t know much about how to use huge advertising sites.

Because of its unique skills and knowledge, the company can probably give customers access to a wide range of contracts.

Customers expect that after they give the company their strengths statements, the company will sort out the contracts that don’t apply to them and match them with contracts that do. But some customers have said that the company gives them a lot of irrelevant contracts by email and expects them to weed out the ones they don’t want.

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Customers say that the company sends them a lot of contracts every day, most of which have nothing to do with their skills or needs. For example, if a customer needs contracts to supply stationery, he or she gets hundreds of contracts to supply medicines, detergents, food, and other goods. Customers get frustrated when contract lists aren’t made to fit their wants. Customers can be sure that they will be able to see a lot of contracts, but they can’t be sure that the contracts will be in the right field.

How is the GP&M Advisory Services working environment?

The way GP&M Advisory Services treats its workers shows what kind of company it is. Companies that treat their workers well are more likely to have good relationships with customers and other stakeholders. When workers are upset, they are more likely to be rude to customers. Employees who didn’t want to be named said that the company’s founder and owner, Bill Hunter, is a nice person.

Bill treats his workers with respect and pushes them to work harder . Bill has set up a good place to work. Employees who didn’t want to be named showed that the company sometimes gives its workers lunch. The company also believes in its services, so it wants its employees to defend and believe in them. Even though believing in the company’s services can be a good thing, workers are told not to say anything bad about them, which makes it harder to make improvements.

One of the workers also said that there were either very short breaks between jobs or none at all. Breaks give people a chance to re-energize, which reduces stress at work. Employees are less productive and more stressed when they don’t get breaks or only get short ones. Employees also said they were given the wrong information before they were hired.

One of the workers said that the company had said that the customer service reps would only respond to ready leads and wouldn’t have to try to get new customers. But once the employee was hired, they had to sell the services to new customers who had been called by the Robo system. So, the system calls customers at random, and the customers can answer or not.

If a customer calls back, the workers are supposed to sell the company’s services, which cost an average of USD 3,000 to USD 7,500. From what the employee said, it sounds like the company gives false information to potential workers, which isn’t right.

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Does GP&M Advisory Services deliver on its promises?

The GP&M Advisory Services has many things that make it worth buying. First, the company says that it will help other businesses get contracts with the government. One of the company’s customers said that the company didn’t keep its word because of a number of things.

The company said it would help the client get a lot of government contracts. But the company gave out a lot of contracts that had nothing to do with the customer’s wants and skills. The client said that the system sent the wrong kinds of bids, which made it hard to get a contract. So, the customer showed that there was a difference between what the company said it would do and what it actually did.

On the other hand, another customer said that they signed up with the company and after six months, they got their first government deal. The customer said that Dana Sanders helped the company get its first deal by using her knowledge and professionalism.

 Due to the divergent customers’ views, some customers likely get the contracts while others don’t. 

Secondly, the company promises to help customers create professional and advanced proposals and contract documentation that would significantly increase the chances of winning government contracts. According to the majority of customers, the entity delivers on its promise. Customers have demonstrated that the company’s staff, especially Dana Sanders work closely with the customer to create highly professional and quality documentation.

The staff, therefore, has the claimed expertise and experience to ensure that the contract documents are of a high standard which is a positive attribute of the company. Government contract vendors with limited knowledge of creating the necessary documentation to bid for tenders would therefore benefit from the company’s services. 

Does the GP&M Advisory Services provide refunds?


GP&M Advisory Services claims to help government contract vendors win government contracts which are mostly accessible to the general public. The analysis has shown that the company has access to numerous government contracts but whether they are advertised or not is questionable.

The company’s main merit is that there are various staff members who can help customers create high-quality contract documentation. However, customers claim that the company sends numerous contracts to the customers’ emails which are often unrelated to customers’ requests. The company does not provide refunds as evidenced by customers’ remarks. This review is, however, based on available sources hence it is open to critique. 

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