Greenfield Advisory Pte Ltd: Shady Ownership and a $700K Scam Unveiled

Greenfield Advisory Pte Ltd is a company that provides financial consulting services and is located in Singapore; you can find it if you search for such a company there.

It is a shadowy company whose chief executive officer makes bold assertions without providing any proof.

In addition, the organization has been accused of defrauding a customer to the tune of $700,00, according to a complaint that was lodged by the customer.

Here is a comprehensive assessment of this company, which you should read before entrusting them with your hard-earned money:

About Greenfield Advisory Pte Ltd – Office, Services, and Team

Financial advice is provided by Greenfield Advisory Pte Ltd, which has its headquarters in Singapore. Their business may be reached at the following address: 9 Temasek Boulevard, #30-03, Suntec Tower 2, Singapore 038989.

Their office can be reached at (621) 2077 using the provided phone number.

According to the information provided on the ‘About Us part of the company’s website, the business generates value for its shareholders by providing excellent service to its clients and producing exceptional results. On paper, this appears to be a positive development; yet, the feedback that it has received suggests that this is not the case.

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The following individuals are the brains behind Greenfield Advisory Pte Ltd:

Saumyendra Mehra (CEO)

Greenfield Advisory Pte Ltd’s Chief Executive Officer is Saumyendra Mehra. According to his bio on the company’s website, he works in conjunction with the research team to manage portfolio strategies both on an advisory and a discretionary basis. This allows him more creative freedom.

In addition, according to his bio, he has previously held positions at RBS Dubai and Deutsche Bank India. Nevertheless, there is no evidence to support these statements.

Saumyendra Mehra does not have a profile on LinkedIn that details his previous experience working for these companies. In addition, if you look up “Saumyendra Mehra” online together with the names of these businesses, you won’t discover any results that are relevant to what you’re looking for.

As a result, there is a great deal of reason to be skeptical about these assertions.

It is quite important for customers to be aware of the level of expertise that their financial advisors possess, thus this is another huge warning sign. How can you possibly trust the advice of Greenfield Advisory if you can’t even rely on the experience of the company’s CEO?

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Amritanshu Roy (COO)

Amritanshu Roy, the Chief Operating Officer of this financial planning company, is the next to speak. He is in charge of handling and organizing the opportunities available in the area.

In addition, his biography notes that he has a wealth of expertise working with both institutional and private customers.

On the other hand, in contrast to the CEO, Amritanshu Roy does have a profile on LinkedIn:

Sameep Kasbekar

Another member of the Greenfield Advisory Pte Ltd team has a LinkedIn page, and it can be seen here. Sameep asserts to have worked in the field of equities research analysis for more than seven years in a professional capacity.

He used to be employed by Emkay Global and holds a CFA designation.

Let’s have a look at what the individuals who have done business with this company have to say about it now that you know a little bit more about the folks who run it. The following is an example of a serious complaint that I discovered regarding Greenfield Advisory Pte Ltd:

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The reviewer who was just read about claims that Greenfield Advisory Pte Ltd and Saumyendra Mehra are both dishonest people.

They bring up the fact that the corporation asserts to manage billions of dollars and to act in a manner consistent with that of lawful and reasonable brokers. Nevertheless, the critic brings up the fact that the company is dishonest and lies.

According to their observations, the company does not engage in conversation with its patrons. In addition, Greenfield Advisory Pte Ltd engages in dishonest methods known as “bait and switch” and claims to be ignorant of these practices.

Sometimes they just disappear and don’t have any further interaction with the customers after that.

Moreover, the reviewer points out that the people here sign agreements but refuse to pay the agreed fees. Then, they disappear again. 

The reviewer highlights that Greenfield Advisory Pte Ltd owes them $700,000. They have called them multiple times and have even sent emails. However, the company doesn’t respond. 

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In the end, they call them a bunch of fraudsters and scammers.


Apart from the complaint I shared above, there isn’t any other client review on this company. Certainly, it’s alarming. 

Considering how secretive the CEO Saumyendra Mehra is and how serious this complaint is, I don’t think it would be a good idea to trust these people with your financial future. 

If you put your faith in the incorrect financial consulting business, you could end yourself losing millions of dollars. For instance, due to the financial losses, it generated for its customers, Oaks Group Morgan Stanley has been the subject of multiple cases involving multiple millions of dollars.

Therefore, you should avoid dealing with Greenfield Advisory Pte Ltd.

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