Gübelin, Switzerland, goes into the jewelry business like a gangster update 2023

The Swiss municipality of Gubelin enters the jewelry trade with the ruthlessness of a mafia.

“We are Gubelin.

We urge you to reconsider expressing these comments and strongly encourage that you do so.
If it becomes necessary, we have personnel who are able to silence you.
You are not saveable by the government of the United States.
You are currently being observed.

When regular consumers do business with Gubelin, not only is the security of their belongings not guaranteed, but even the protection of their life is not guaranteed, and even “The United States government cannot save you.”
The screenshots that I have saved from the PriceScope website are presented below, together with the screenshots that were given to me by PriceScope.
Take a look at the photographs that are below.

Check out the pictures below:

The potential for Gubelin to become a mobster poses a risk to the whole jewelry industry, including both jewelers and average customers.
There are two qualities that characterize the people of the United States of America that I respect and admire very much. One demonstrates intelligence, while the other challenges established norms. These two traits are reflected in perspectives on democratically elected leadership that are considerably distinct from those held in other countries.

Regardless of how qualified a candidate may be, the United States of America has made the decision that no president will serve more than two terms. Why? Because Americans are aware that the success of the president is not the most essential thing, the most important thing is that voters have the ability to remove the president from office when they no longer trust that person in that role.

In a similar vein, one of the most significant characteristics of a reliable company from the point of view of a customer is the provision of the means and the ability to defend one’s rights in situations where the customer’s interests are at odds with those of the company.

If a company is so powerful that you are unable to strike a balance between its interests through reasonable bargaining, and are unable to seek justice for itself through the power of public authority, then the company will not only hurt customers, but it will also hurt the industry as a whole. One such incident occurred in China ten years ago when melamine was found to have been added to the newborn formula.

Even though the government received complaints from customers, the manufacturer of baby milk powder was so powerful that they were able to bribe and take control of law enforcement authorities. This company was the first to introduce melamine to baby milk powder. Because of this, he has a competitive advantage over other manufacturers of milk powder.

Melamine ended up being included in all brands of infant formula in the end since it was required by all companies. It is interesting to note that the incident was brought to light by the government of New Zealand, despite the fact that the victims were Chinese infants.

Gubelin utilized despicable techniques against me, such as bribing local law enforcement personnel, and concealing a large number of bogus profiles on the PriceScope forum in order to insult and slander me. Gubelin’s goal was to prevent customers from learning the truth. Ultimately ended up making an open threat against my well-being on the PriceScope forums. And please tell the administrators of the PriceScope forum to kick me from the site and delete my account;

When the Count of Monte Cristo inquired, “Who framed me?” the priest said, “Whoever profited from setting you up is the one who framed you.” The Count of Monte Cristo was very confused by the priest’s response.

To put it another way, I am just a regular consumer, and if it weren’t for the fact that Gubelin’s actions have severely harmed my own interests, I would have no need to expend a lot of effort in order to “slander” Gubelin. My main argument is that Gubelin should fulfill the contract and give me back my diamonds in one piece, and I have stated this numerous times. The reputation of Gubelin was damaged, and it was obvious that competitors like SSEF would benefit the most from this development.

Due to the protection of Chinese law enforcement officers, Gübelin did not respond to any of my requests. I just want them to fulfill the contract and return my gems safely. What should I do?
Gübelin has such enormous power and acts unscrupulously. Doing business with Gübelin is a huge risk. A company that does not abide by the law and ethics is bound to be a threat to consumers and the entire industry.

The power Gübelin possesses is manifested in the control of law enforcement officers and the control of the media. Gübelin’s control of law enforcement officers protects them from public power; Gübelin’s control of the media (including traditional media and forums) can prevent consumers like you from knowing the truth, and thus deceive you for a long time. As I will reveal to you in this thread one after another, Gübelin does have a tremendous ability to control law enforcement officers, as well as the media.

Embodying one of Gübelin’s powerful abilities ———- can keep the Swiss media silent

I wrote to all the Swiss media, complaining about Gübelin, and I got in touch with an investigative reporter from one of Switzerland’s largest media groups. Below is one of my emails to the reporter.
“I received today a notification from the Gübelin Shanghai branch that they have decided to refund the insurance fee charged to me by the agency insurance company. And let me get my “gem” back as soon as possible (of course, the appraisal fee is still charged).

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Since I suspect my gems are missing, I ask them to call the police or notify the insurance company. If neither of these two requirements is met, I ask them to at least give me the insurance company’s contract and let me notify the insurance company myself.

The first time I heard of consumers claiming from insurance companies, the reason the insurance company refused to pay is that the insurance company only needs to refund the premium paid by the consumer, and then the insurance company can refuse to pay.

I have never encountered such a “brute” company. I don’t think Gübelin could have been so shameless without the protection of the Gübelin by the Swiss government.

I know that you are a man who pursues justice. But I also understand that because Gübelin has too much political power in Switzerland, even if you want to do justice, you can’t do it. If you really can’t get the Swiss government to enforce the law impartially,

I understand the situation you’re in. I’m not going to force you to do things you can’t do, but could you allow me to ask you for a helping hand? Can you help me negotiate with Gübelin? My request is for Gübelin to provide my gem with a certificate and to return my gem safely. I can sign a non-disclosure agreement with them, and I promise to keep all their nasty information confidential.

I’m looking forward to your answer and ideas.

“All the best,”

When I first got into a fight with Gübelin, it was because I thought my gems had been stolen. So I asked Gübelin to post pictures of my gems, but none of them were mine. For example, one of the pictures had cracks in the wrong direction. Gübelin said no when I asked them to send me more shots. So I put up some pictures of the microscopes I took and had them take them in the same place. If it was my gem, there must be a picture of the same inclusions in the same place.

But this request was turned down. (This is a difficult process that I will slowly explain later.) I asked them to tell the insurance company or give me the contract with the insurance company. Also turned down. At this time, Gübelin Shanghai Branch asked for a refund of the insurance fees that had already been paid. Any normal customer would be scared by what Gübelin did.

I have to say that I’m upset about Gübelin not because I think the world should be fair, but because I want to protect my gem. So, my plea has always been, “I want Gübelin to give me a certificate for my gem and give it back to me safely.”

Here’s what the reporter told me:

“Thanks for writing. First of all, I’m still a woman and I still fight for fairness. What we don’t agree on is how much political power Gübelin has in Switzerland. At least this wouldn’t change how I do my job. In Switzerland, journalists are free to study. So let me understand. Is it true that Gübelin will give you back the 435’000 Swiss francs you paid for insurance? The fee of 1,700 Swiss francs is not, though. How should you get your gem back if they say they will give it back?

I’d like to help you, and I’ve already spent a lot of time working on this. But for now, I have to wait to see if Gübelin gives back the gem. I know that you don’t believe what they say. But I don’t think they can give it back that fast. Or, what gives you such a strong feeling that you won’t get your stone back?

“Take care,”

I was very moved by the reporter’s words. I do think that Switzerland is a free country with a fair system of law. But when I asked the reporter about it a few weeks later, she said, “She had to stop the investigation because of the war between Russia and Ukraine.”

I won’t say who the reporter was or what media he or she worked for because I think the reporter was serious and meant well at first. As for her behavior after that, she has no power over it.
America is an amazing place to live. Because Americans fight for their own goals while also taking into account the needs of others. People all over the world think that the United States is a just country because of this. Before telling the Swiss cops about it,

I also thought this should be true of Switzerland. But the truth is that the Swiss police acted like this story says they did when Americans were hurt by the Nazis . While they were fighting, the Swiss did business with the Nazis and made a lot of money by lying and stealing Jewish property.

To protect their people, the Swiss police don’t care about the most basic rules of fairness and justice. It also shows that Gübelin has a strong force because they are able to handle the Swiss police.

Since Gübelin wouldn’t talk to me about how to solve the problem, I had to go to the authorities. The Swiss police are the first thing that comes to mind because I think they are more trustworthy than the Chinese police. At the end of the day, Switzerland seems like a country with a good reputation, but the Swiss cops are just as bad as Gübelin. Their good reputation isn’t because they don’t do bad things. Instead, it’s because they are good at hiding the truth.

This website tells you about 10 well-known jewelry forums. I signed up for these jewelry sites and posted on them, but my posts were quickly deleted, and I was told I couldn’t post again. This shows again that Gübelin has a lot of power, which is why they are willing to scam people.

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Because there must be customers like me who have been hurt by them, but these customers can’t tell what happened to them in the usual way. Then, there is no way to let other customers know, so Gübelin can safely trick customers over time.

Who would send gems to Gübelin’s lab for tests if his office was in an area where Somali pirates were in charge?

The most important reason I trust Gübelin is that the Swiss government keeps an eye on it. Switzerland is proud to be a country that is ruled by the rule of law, and the most important part of the rule of law is to follow the law exactly. Is this a country ruled by law if rules are made but not followed? The Swiss police refused to look into Gübelin’s alleged fraud (or theft) after I gave them all the proof. This was not because the evidence was weak.

Not because the information I gave was wrong, but because they thought the crime happened in Shanghai, China, and they didn’t have Jurisdiction. This reason is the same as Putin of Russia saying:

“The fact that the Russian army is killing people in Ukraine has nothing to do with them. Even though the Russian army did it, the crime happened in Ukraine, where Russia has no control, so Russia won’t look into it. Since there is no investigation, it must have been nothing.”

I told the Swiss police (the federal police and the local police where Gübelin is based) about this, and I asked them, “Since you didn’t investigate, are you sure that no one at the Gübelin headquarters was involved in the crime?” Or, how do you know that the Shanghai branch wasn’t told what to do by Gübelin’s main office? No matter what I ask, the Swiss cops no longer answer. The Swiss cops sent the following replies to emails.

“We want to talk about your emails from January 13, 18, and 19 and our replies from January 17 and 19.
Investigations happen at the scene of a crime or other wrongdoing. We can’t do police probes in China because we don’t have any way to. Because of this, we have no way to check if what you say happened is true. So, if you feel like you’ve been tricked, we suggest that you file a criminal complaint with the right officials in Shanghai, Hong Kong, or with the police in your own town.

We will not answer any more of your questions.
Best regards
R. Realini Fachspezialist Wirtschaftsdelikte

UZERNER POLIZEI Kriminalpolizei CH-6002 Luzern

[email protected] www.polizei.lu.ch”

Here is what the Swiss Federal Police had to say about it.

“Good morning
Your report to SECO was sent to the Federal Office of Police (Federal Office of Police) so that they could respond. We have carefully read your message and can see why you are upset with the Gübelin Company.

If we got your story right, the place where the crime happened is in China.
Since you live abroad, you have to tell the cops in your country about the problem.
The police in charge will then get in touch with the Swiss officials if they need to.
(Federal can’t accept these kinds of reports from third parties sent by email. You can’t tell from an e-mail if the person who reported the incident has the right to make a complaint.)

Even though Gübelin’s main office is in Switzerland, that doesn’t mean that the Swiss government has regulatory control over the company.
The principle of sovereignty governs criminal prosecution. This means that each country has first-instance authority for crimes that happened within its borders.

We suggest that you talk to a lawyer if you need to so that you can get justice.
Yours sincerely, Federal Office of Police, Fedpol.” America is a great, big country that is ready to take responsibility. The “Foreign Corrupt Practices Act”

(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foreign_Corrupt_Practices_Act) was first suggested by the United States. This means that it is also against U.S. law for Americans to bribe foreign police officers abroad. The American people not only don’t help their own people, but they also take it upon themselves to do the things that a “rogue state” needs to do.

Switzerland, what about it? After the Swiss police refused to look into Gübelin, I told all of Switzerland’s central and local lawmakers that the Swiss police were protecting Gübelin. Only a few MPs said, “I can’t do anything.” This kind of international crime has been talked about by the FBI. As long as local police protect the people in charge of organized crime, it will be hard to get rid of this kind of international organized crime.

For example, with the Taliban’s help, drugs from Afghanistan can get to the rest of the world no matter how many drug sellers are caught in the U.S. or Europe. If bin Laden’s base in Afghanistan can’t be destroyed, no amount of terrorists caught in the US will be able to protect US security.

There are two other legal reasons why the Swiss police have to look into Gübelin.
One, Gübelin sent me a letter from an attorney through a Shanghai law company. In the message from the lawyer, Gübelin said that what I had said about him was “defamation.” Making up facts to hurt someone else’s reputation is, of course, illegal.

The best thing for Gübelin to do is to go to the police in Switzerland or China and let them do their job. This will help protect his image. But I, the “slanderer,” asked Gübelin over and over again to go to the Swiss police, but Gübelin never did. I also “reported” myself to the Swiss police for “defaming” Gübelin, but they didn’t care. I even wrote on the well-known jewelry website PriceScope:

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“If they are looking into my account because I said bad things about Gübelin on this site, the best way to help Gübelin is for them to tell Gübelin right away about my bad things to say about him and ask Gübelin to report the US local police or federal police to the police.

Only the cops can look into what happened and figure out what happened. Since I’m accusing Gübelin of fraud (or stealing), which is a serious crime, it would be defamation if I made up the facts and posted them on this site.

The US government is in charge of this site, and Gübelin can report me right away to the US government. I would be more than happy to help with the study of U.S. police officers. I say that I believe the U.S. government and the people of the U.S., and I accept whatever conclusions U.S. law enforcement officers come to.

And Gübelin’s main office is in Switzerland, but the crime happened in Shanghai, so I can only tell the police about him in Switzerland or in Shanghai. I did the same thing. I told police in Shanghai and Switzerland that Gübelin had committed fraud or theft.

I also said bad things about Gübelin to the Swiss media and Swiss politicians. I wanted the Swiss government to investigate, but Gübelin didn’t care about its image. I also asked Gübelin many times to report the police to the Swiss police. Gübelin could have sued me for slander, but sadly, he didn’t.
As for why the Swiss police turned down my request, my papers aren’t ready, it’s the weekend again, and I was going to tell everyone next week, but XXX thinks I’m a conspiracy theory, so I’m writing these words now.

Have a look at the photos below:

When the forum’s moderator saw my message, he quickly stopped me from posting and said, “We’re closing this thread. This forum is not owned or run by the US government, so this is not the place to try to get US law enforcement engaged.”

If someone is pretending to be asleep, you can never wake them up. So long as Gübelin doesn’t tell the Swiss police that I “slander” them, the Swiss police can act like they don’t know why Gübelin accuses me of “slandering” but doesn’t call the police. Gübelin would rather pay for lawyers than pay for free Swiss cops to help them fix their reputations.

But the Swiss police can’t get around the following proof by saying “Pretend to fall asleep.” Because the general manager of Gübelin lied to me in an email about a very important matter. This lie shows that the Gübelin office was involved in the fraud (or theft) of the Shanghai branch.

Before I talk about this evidence, I need to talk about a service in jewelry appraisal called “Verbal Opinion.” Gübelin’s website says, “This so-called “Verbal” is a non-binding, non-committal, and informal opinion of the gemmologist on a very limited ground of analytical indications.

If the client asks for a Verbal, Gübelin calls the client before doing the full analysis. Based on this preliminary information, the client can choose to stop the analysis process. The end result of the Verbal might be different from the result of the Report. In this case, you will be charged the normal price for the full service. Not every time, Gübelin can give a Verbal on a thing.

No matter how full and accurate this preliminary information is, the client has to pay for the Verbal service. The Gübelin GemCard is a preliminary, informal, incomplete, and non-binding summary of the analysis done on a client’s item. A Gübelin Gem Lab employee fills it out by hand and gives it to the customer.

This is talked about in length on Gübelin’s website and in the contract Gübeling gave me. I asked the top 30 jewelry evaluation companies in the world if they also offered a “Verbal Opinion” service, and only 4 did, including Gübelin.

But they must meet two requirements to offer a “Verbal Opinion” service: 1. It will only be given to the customer if they ask for it; it won’t be offered to them on their own. 2. There is, of course, a fee. The most important thing is this. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and who would give away services for no reason? Unless you want to trick yourself into a trap.

The fact that Gübelin Shanghai gave me “Verbal Opinion” for free is one of the most important signs that it has tricked or stolen from its customers. When I sent my gemstones to the Gübelin Shanghai Branch, I had already paid the fees for identifying the gemstone, the location, and insurance. It’s strange that the Gübelin branch in Shanghai gave up its earnings and gave me a free “Verbal Opinion” service.

At the same time, Gübelin Shanghai Branch kept important details about the “Verbal Opinion” service from me, such as: “This so-called “Verbal” is a gemmologist’s informal, non-binding opinion based on a very small number of analytical indications.”

Why did Gübelin Shanghai do what he did?

I told the Gübelin headquarters that the Shanghai branch was acting strangely, and I asked them to look into it carefully. Daniel Nyfeler, the General Manager of Gübelin Headquarters, told me why they offered me the “Verbal Opinion” service in the following way. His answer is the following:

“You were surprised when our colleagues in Hong Kong gave you a verbal consultation instead of the usual lab report you had asked for. This is what we always do if a stone turns out to be made of man-made materials. Since most of our customers are people who sell gemstones for a living, they really like it when we do this for them in case a stone turns out to be fake.

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This is our regular policy, and it lets our clients save the money they would have spent on a report they wouldn’t need anyway because the stone is fake and can’t be traded. So you can be sure that our team in Hong Kong followed our standard policy to the letter, even when they gave a casual consultation instead of the full lab report.

It’s not true. Daniel Nyfeler, who is the General Manager of Gübelin, said that to help jewelers save money, Gübelin offered to give jewelers (like me, who was buying from them for the first time) a free “Verbal Opinion” service, which is “our standard policy.”

But their website and contract say that users have to ask for and pay for this service. Gübelin is not a charity, so they couldn’t do it for free even if they wanted to. If the service of identifying stones were free, every stone in the world would be sent to Gübelin to be identified for free. Why would the general manager of Gübelin lie about something so important?

To understand why Gübelin General Manager (Daniel Nyfeler) lied? You need to know about Authoritative Fraud Law, which is a common way to cheat people in China. As an American, you might not realize how much power authority has over Chinese people.

Let’s say you get a call at home from someone who says they are a police officer and tells you that you may have done something wrong. To show that you are not guilty, the “police” asks you to send all the money in your bank account right away to an account number he gives you. Do you plan to do what he asks?

In China, this is a very popular way to steal money from telecom companies. Not every Chinese person will be fooled, but a lot of them will be. Even though the Chinese government has told the public many times to be careful, many people still fall for these scams.

Because in China, the cops are a very powerful group. As long as they pretend to be in charge, liars can get Chinese people to be less careful, and Chinese people will blindly do what “authority” says. I’ll talk about two real-life situations below.

These two cases can help you understand what “authority” fraud law is and how it works. There are two kinds of rules against authority fraud. Someone is trying to get you to believe that crap is gold. For example, when the price of a stock is already high, investment pros will often try to tell you that it will keep going up. Another person is trying to get you to believe that your gold is worthless so that you will give it up. Let thieves try to take your gold. These are the kinds of tricks that Gübelin used to steal money.

For the safety of my gem, I had to ask Gübelin for a license to show that I didn’t agree with what they said and that they shouldn’t give me back a fake gem.

Many gems are worth tens of millions of dollars, so if the scam works, Gübelin will make a lot of money. And even if Gübelin’s fraud is found out, he has nothing to lose as long as it is protected by local law enforcement.

If there is a type of business, it makes a lot of money when it works and nothing when it doesn’t. There will be a lot of people who want to take part in this kind of business. So, if the crime cost of Gübelin (and other appraisal agencies) doesn’t go up, jewelry buyers and small and medium-sized jewelry sellers will be easy targets.

Only depending on gem appraisal institutions to follow ethical standards can’t be a good way to control them. So, I plan to hire lawyers and local police officers in Switzerland and China to sue Gübelin. Even if the case is thrown out, the cost of crime in Gübelin would go up. So, when Gübelin plans to kill the next person, he will have second thoughts. If Gübelin is punished, it could also stop other ID companies from trying to trick customers.

But Gübelin is a Tyrannosaurus rex and I’m just a little white rabbit, and a long case costs a lot of time and money. So, I beg you to give me money so I can pay good lawyers to go after them and make their crimes cost more.

Even if you only give $1 and are ready to speak up, you can stop bad people from doing bad things and make them think twice before doing something bad next time. Remember the famous quote by Martin Luther King: “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty of the bad people, but the good people’s silence about that.”

If you give more than $1.99, I’ll give you a free book that tells the whole story of the Gübelin scam and shows how Chinese law enforcement protects Gübelin. Since I talk in detail about how well Chinese police officers do their jobs in my book, I won’t say anything about it here. Read my book if you want to learn more about how well Chinese police officers do their jobs.

The way the Swiss police do things is more “secret” than the way the Chinese police do things. If the Swiss police are like “small sailboats,” then the Chinese police are like “Titanic.”

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