Gunawan Jusuf- Swindling and Money Structuring

It has been reported that Gunawan Jusuf, CEO of the Sugar Group Companies, stole from the company, laundered money, and spent it without permission. Toh Keng Siong, a former business associate, turned him in.
Toh Keng Siong, a Singaporean businessman, filed theft and money laundering allegations against Gunawan Jusuf after he transferred funds into PT Makindo, where Gunawan Jusuf served as the company’s principal director.

Hundreds of millions of dollars were put into time deposits between 1999 and 2002. Toh Keng Siong’s lawyer, Denny Kailimang, claims Gunawan used the loan money to buy a sugar mill at auction from the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA), which has failed to repay the debt.

The Questionable Past of Gunawan Jusuf

Ginawan Jusuf Company, often known as The Sugar Group, is an Indonesian firm that operates in the sugar industry. They also produce ethanol and bioethanol as byproducts. Furthermore, byproducts become an integral part of agricultural product manufacturing, leading to environmentally friendly production and energy.

He’s the current CEO of the Sugar Group, but he believes he wants to achieve more with his life. This book, titled “Blue Gold” by Gunawan Jusuf, discusses the importance of water as a resource and the need for collaborative, long-term care of Indonesia’s water supply.
The author, a graduate of Yogyakarta’s Gadjah Mada University in the Yogyakarta Special Region, claims that water is more valuable and significant than gold throughout his book, aptly titled “Blue Gold.”

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A case involving Gunawan that had been forgotten since 2004 resurfaced amid all this false optimism. Former business partner Toh Keng Siong accused Gunawan of embezzling his money, and he named Gunawan Jusuf as the perpetrator.

Claims of Fraud by Toh Keng Siong Against Gunawan Jusuf

Since his report did not constitute criminal activity, the police investigator (SP3) stopped looking into it on July 20, 2004. In truth, between 1999 and 2001, Toh Keng Siong put a total of US$126 million into Gunawan Jusuf’s company Makindo.
After Keng Siong refused to accept the dismissal of the case in 2008, he took the matter to the South Jakarta District Court by filing a complaint in advance of trial. Additionally, he prevailed in court, compelling the National Police to keep probing Gunawan Jusuf for fraud.

However, the National Police Legal Division appealed the South Jakarta District Court’s decision in favor of Toh Keng Siong five years later, in 2013.

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Gunawan and Toh Kong Siong had been buddies before the argument. Toh Kong Siong was born into Singaporean affluence.

The Case Resurfaced Five Years Later

A preliminary judgment made by the South Jakarta District Court was deemed null and void by the Supreme Court. The SP3 division of investigators at the National Police Headquarters was likewise bolstered by the Supreme Court. In other words, the National Police helped ensure that Gunawan Jusuf did not end up behind bars.
In August of 2018, Toh Keng Siong reported Gunawan Jusuf for alleged money laundering and fraud (TPPU). It was Gunawan who had to take cover. He initiated legal proceedings in the South Jakarta District Court. The goal is to have his status as a named witness dismissed or rendered meaningless.

The district court in South Jakarta has also consented to hear the pre-trial motion. The money laundering and fraud case involving Gunawan Jusuf has been brought back up for debate.

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Gunawan Jusuf’s Biography

Gunawan Jusuf serves as president and CEO of the Sugar Group Companies. The Sugar Group is a conglomerate of Indonesian businesses that promote themselves as commercial sugar farmers and processors.Originally from Indonesia, Gunawan now resides in the United States, where he studies at California State University, Long Beach.

In Sugar Group Companies’ extensive catalog, “Gulaku” ranks among the most prominent names. Sugar Group Companies CEO Gunawan Jusuf takes credit for guiding the growth of this and other brands.

In addition, Gunawan is a convicted felon who has been charged with money laundering and unauthorized use of funds.

Gunawan Jusuf Sugar Group: A Brief History

The Sugar Group is an Indonesian firm that says it produces and processes sugar for commercial distribution. Gunawan claims to be an expert in his field who has helped many Indonesian products breakthrough on a national and worldwide level.

The Sugar Group of Companies has extensive holdings in the Lampung Province of Indonesia. Jusuf is in charge of a network of twelve other offices around Indonesia. In the manufacturing and agricultural sectors in Indonesia, Jusuf has built several teams. Because of this, the company’s income and profits have skyrocketed.

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Sugar Group Companies is a major global player in the sugar industry. The company, which is run by Jusuf, is responsible for the entire manufacturing process, from cultivation and processing to packaging, advertising, and shipping.

After all, you won’t learn how he fraudulently uses other people’s money to grow his business and make a fortune anyplace.


Gunawan Jusuf is the Head of Sugar Group and President and CEO. The Sugar Group is an Indonesian conglomerate that operates in the sugar industry. Gunawan acts as though he is an environmentalist and water campaigner. But in truth, he’s a con man who cheated his business partner Toh Keng Siong out of a lot of money through scams like money laundering and embezzlement.

In addition to misleading Toh Keng Siong, Gunawan is misleading the public at large through fabricated press releases and interviews. The charges against Gunawan need to be resolved, and he needs to spend some time behind bars.

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